The Only Thing Better Than Hairspray……


Is not much, actually.

So, once in a blue moon, my little (fairly average sized….)((maybe even biggish)) hometown of Ipswich gets a good, well known touring cast show at their theatre home, The Regent.

Walking to work everyday, I walk past the venue and have known for quite some time that Hairspray would be coming for a weeks stay. Being the theatre lover I am, I naturally wanted to see it, only….as the time got closer, and my working hours went up more and more in preparation for Black Friday sales and Christmas….. I didn’t book any tickets because in all honesty, I didn’t think I would get to a show. Oh….and because I’m a bit crap at things like booking in advance and like to leave things to chance.

So on Tuesday…. an unexpected and very generous offer came up. I won’t go into details as I wouldn’t want everyone to jump on the bandwagon……but I will say a huge from the bottom of my heart thank you to Jenny (hair and wigs) at Hairspray the UK tour. Because of you, me and my littles got to enjoy a very rare and fun night out.

I was definitely willing the hours to go quickly at work so I could pick my littles up and get to my second home. My second home being – theatre…any and all. Obviously.

People who have read this blog before or those who know me ….will know that if I could, I would take my littles to any show I can afford. The only problem with that is getting to London is an expensive trip for just me alone, let alone them, then when you add theatre tickets on top it is just too much, so needless to say they haven’t seen any shows in London yet. When an opportunity to go to a high quality show such as Hairspray in your own hometown comes along with no travel expenses….you grab it by the balls. It’s been a very ball filled week actually. Lots of grabbing of balls. That’s another story obviously……

My children may be smarter, prettier and cooler than me ….but they did pick one thing up from their Mother. The love of a good show. They were more excited than a couple of kids on Christmas Eve as we lined up to get our programmes. Two for a fiver is a bit of a bargain, and two kids…. love a good bit of Maths sometimes. That is about as much as I can do with the old Maths though, yet another thing I’m crap at.

I should probably point out before I get on to the show that when Leona was just 2 years old, she knew every single word to Hairspray the film. And I’m not just talking songs. I’m talking every single word. So much so, that when we went on holiday and we couldn’t watch the DVD every single day, twice a day…..she made her own entertainment by re-enacting every scene and song by herself. But as any parent will know, kids are quite quick to grow out of things and now she is at the grand old age of 9….she has only seen the film once or twice in the last few years. The same goes for her brother. They knew the film, but it definitely wasn’t fresh in their minds.

You actually would be hard pushed to find a better moment than seeing the joy on those kids faces every time the announcer man said “Ladies and gentleman, this evenings performance will be starting in five minutes…..” and so on. They were literally counting every second. Leona was also reading her programme thoroughly being the book worm she is, and was informing me of every single play and role every cast member had ever been in!!

From the moment the curtains pulled back and Freya Sutton started singing as Tracy Turnblad , me and the littles were hooked. Right from the start, Freya had us laughing. In just the first song…. Good Morning Baltimore – she injected warmth and character into the role of Tracy. It’s not often you get to love a character in a show in the opening number, but this was definitely the case in this show.

Right from the off, the whole production was vibrant, warm and happy. Leona was absolutely loving all the dresses and hairstyles. Lex thought that the ensemble dancers and back flippers were the best thing he had ever seen.

Hairspray of course, wouldn’t be Hairspray without a particular character. Edna Turnblad. Edna is played by the wonderful and hilarious Tony Maudsley. He had everyone in stitches and definitely got one of the biggest cheers of the night along with his on stage hubby Wilbur Turnblad played by the equally funny and charming Peter Duncan.

The Nicest Kids In Town started up with Jon Tsouras playing Corny Collins and everyone in their seats were jiggling and toe bopping. I mean…. I have a tendency to go to a show all on my own and sit there bopping, so I certainly wasn’t going to stay still for this one.

One of my favourite songs for many reasons was definitely “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now” …… If you have seen the film version of Hairspray then you will know that this song is only featured on the end credits. Why? I have no idea. No idea at all. Not only was it one of my favourites , it was by miles Leonas favourite song.

Tracy and Edna, Penny (Monique Young) and her Mum. and Amber Von Tussle (Lauren Stroud) and her Mum Velma Von Tussle played by the actually very talented Claire Sweeney (Seriously guys, she was proper funny as Velma…. I really didn’t take to Velma in the film but loved her in the stage show) …. all take to the stage begging their Mums to treat them like big girls. Self explanatory really. But for me, as a Mum to a nine year old going on sixteen year old little drama queen….the song really resonated. And Leona thought the song was perfect. Absolutely perfect. She told me that whenever she wants to do something from now on, she’s just going to sing that song to me. Good luck little one….still no chance!!!

If I were to sit here and mention everyone in the cast who we thought were brilliant….then I would be listing the whole cast. They were all incredible. But I do want to say how much Leona loved Lauren Stroud as Amber. Just like Velma, you weren’t really supposed to like her but did anyway because she was brilliant. And not only that….Leona screeched excitedly when she realised that Lauren had understudied for Glinda in Wicked (See, I told you she had read the programme from front to back….) so it was no wonder that of everyone on that stage, Lauren was definitely Leonas favourite. As the girl actually wants to be Glinda when she grows up….it was always going to be the case. Seriously……

“Leona, what do you want to do when you grow up?”
“I want to be Glinda in Wicked”
“Ah….so you want to be an actress.”
“No….I want to be Glinda.”


It doesn’t take a genius to work out who Lex’s favourite was. Step forward Link Larkin….played by the not so shabby to look at Ashley Gilmour. Listen people, I’m not going to lie….. I’m definitely a fan of Zac Efron who plays Link in the film….so I was probably going to be critical of anyone in the role. But I can say without a doubt that Ashley beat Zac. For talent and singing. For charm and comedy timing. He was brilliant. And that my friends, is high praise indeed.

Also, my seven year old little lad has taken a liking to a pinky/red coloured suit that Link wore and has asked for one for Christmas. Righto….that won’t be hard at all. At all…………

The cast ploughed through brilliant song after brilliant song, and by the time Welcome To The 60’s came on, my grin was glued to my face. Couldn’t have stopped smiling if I had tried Seeing the kids faces light up with each new song and twist in the tale was priceless.

And let’s not forget the actual story they are telling. Back then a different era, an era that my kids thankfully have never known. A time where black people couldn’t dance with white people. So not only is the show fun and lively, it holds a strong and powerful message. Basically, Tracy taught my littles that if you want to change the world….well….you can.

Dex Lee played Seaweed, and Brenda Edwards played Motormouth Maybelle. Making up this sweet family was Karis Jack as Little Inez. What a talented little bunch these guys were. I’m sure I don’t even need to state this….but Brenda has some bloody awesome pipes on her!! When the show takes a more serious and perhaps ‘grown up’ with the issue involved route, and Motormouth Maybelle starts singing I Know Where I’ve Been…. it was incredible. The whole theatre pretty much didn’t breathe throughout the whole song. Brenda put us in a trance. Her voice was magnificent and those end notes….wow. My littles looked up at me as they clapped and all they said was …. “Wow.” I know littles, I know. Goosebump central. Of course, for Leona and Lex, living in a world like that is alien to them. They had many questions after the show. Why were times like that? Why would anyone be singled out for the colour of their skin? Why couldn’t they dance together? Questions that obviously, I don’t have the answers to myself. There was no why back then, just madness and racism.

My other favourite song in the show apart from Mama I’m A Big Girl Now was Without Love. It was always my favourite song in the film because it has lines like “Tracy I’m in love with you no matter what you weigh” …. It’s just a brilliant and cleverly written song. It didn’t disappoint.

When “You Can’t Stop The Beat” started up, Leona who had memorised the song list looked at me in horror.

“Oh no…. Mum….it’s the last song. Oh no!!”

That is exactly what I felt too. We didn’t want it to end. Ever. I could watch the show again and again. And isn’t it funny how one little sentence can change a kids whole life? I know it sounds dramatic …..but seriously…… listen to this…..

At the end of the You Can’t Stop The Beat…. Freya Sutton whose energy and talent never slowed down once as Tracy Turnblad looked at the crowd and said something like….. “Come on Ipswich, get up and dance!” ….. Those words will stick forever in the kids mind. I’m being serious. They jumped up and down excitedly…… screamed at me going “Oh my god Mum, she knows us, she said Ipswich….. we are Ipswich….. Oh my God!!!!! I can’t wait to tell my friends….they will never believe it!”

Magical right?

I know I said I wasn’t going to mention the whole cast even though I nearly have…lol…..but I do need to give two shout outs to two of the ensemble. First of all Adam Price as Mr Pinky…. he had my son in stitches, proper laughing out loud. So a winner in my book.

And the second, who I couldn’t take my eyes off….. Layton Williams. I’m a pretty huge fan of Bad Education because it’s hilarious…. and Layton plays Stephen for any of you Bad Ed fans. But never mind that…because he is one of the best dancers I have ever seen. He was very bendy Yes, bendy. Loved seeing him on stage, he had so much energy.

I proper enjoyed myself, but most of all…..the UK tour cast of Hairspray gave my kids a night they are always going to remember. They were singing the songs as they fell asleep, and they were singing the songs as soon as they woke up this morning. It really was an incredible night and I urge anyone to go and see it if it is paying your hometown a visit.

So…..the only thing better than Hairspray is…….not really anything that can beat it right now at this moment. Maybe Hugh Jackman. Maybe Hugh Jackman making me breakfast in bed. But ….other than that…..not much. Thanks all!!!


I do have another blog coming up later with some beauty faves. I’ve had it in my draft box for a while now because I keep adding favourites to the list being the cosmetics junkie I am, but I will get around to posting it!!


Memphis and a Jon Boydon-less Jersey Boys…..


I have been meaning to write this post for ages, but now I am glad I held off because I have more to write about now!! I’m going to start with my birthday. 11/09/2015…..which of course, I am sure you can all figure out, landed me in the JB house. Torture, I know.

I knew The Moffat wouldn’t be doing his Sandy Valli thing because of the fact he was enjoying his honeymoon. Of course, I would never expect him to cancel his honeymoon, fly home and perform for me because it’s my birthday. I did expect it. I’m gutted.

The fact is, he wouldn’t have been performing on my birthday anyways, as it was a Friday…..but as you all know by now…. I’m partial to a bit of Michael Watson. Fine by me. Not a hardship seeing his face on stage is it?

Anyway, I had to work on my birthday morning, and by the time I arrived in London town, I was actually quite stressed. But after seeing my bestie, stuffing myself with a massive birthday burger (with pulled pork, obviously) and a huge glass of wine, I was ready for my birthday Jersey Boys show. Let’s not talk about the fact I am now 29 and have seen Jersey Boys more times than a one direction fan has screamed when they have seen Harry Styles face.

You all know me by now, I’m a bit of a scatter brain and I’m really not a ‘proper organised’ theatre fan, so as I walked in to the JB house, I forgot to look at the cast board. Didn’t even glance. I guess it doesn’t matter who’s on stage anyway when the whole cast is fricking brilliant.

So it was a surprise when Matt Thorpe ran out on the balcony singing his ‘silhouettes’ …. A nice surprise. When I saw him months ago on his debut, he impressed me. His voice is absolutely incredible. He hits those high notes so easy. Since then, Matt has played Frankie quite a few more times and I was interested to see how far he had come. And wow, he blew me away. It’s that voice again, the way he hits those notes. I was smiling throughout the whole show. We also had a Chris Stoddart Bob Gaudio which I have seen three times now, and a nice little Matt Hunt Gyp. It was a cracking show. I would happily sit through a Sandy, Michael or Matt Frankie Valli. They are all incredible and I suppose it is credit to the show itself and the cast they have that I could watch any of them.

Also, I may have slightly demanded that Matt does his own album….. he actually said he’s working on something so waheyyyy, watch this space.

On the 19th of September, I made my way to London again, this time in celebration of the besties birthday. We were going to see the Memphis matinee (which I will talk about soon) and of course, my new saying has now become ‘When In London,….Jersey Boys’ ………… Because I don’t live in London, and the train fares are fricking steep (Been told I swear too much, so trying to change all my Fuckings to Frickings…. going fucking well so far isn’t it?)….. when I am in London, I like to make the most of my time there, and what better than seeing my favourite show. In a usual situation, I wouldn’t dream of going back so soon. I mean…. I only saw the show a week ago, I know what happens, it is quite unlikely there is going to be a plot twist ;-) But I figured it would be OK because Michael Watson was back on as Frankie V, Edd Post was back as Gaudio and for the first time EVER , in my whole Jersey Boys run….. I knew Jon Boydon was off. So in my eyes, it was really a completely different show. I still cringed a little bit that I was there again so soon. I am a proper fangirl and not shy about it, but twice in eight days when I don’t live in London seems a little obsessive….but you know, it happened.

I heard Michael had been ill the last few weeks, so it was great to see him back on stage. Also lovely seeing Edd back. Bloody hell he’s extraordinarily good looking isn’t he?

Let’s talk about my first ever ‘without’ Jon Boydon show shall we?? Listen guys, I adore Jon Boydon. I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to fluff it up with lying about how I was looking forward to the day I wouldn’t see him, because it’s not true. Tommy is my favourite character in the show, and I do credit that to the way Jon plays him. Basically, there aren’t really many more ways I can state the obvious, I am a Jon Boydon fan. And no guys, I am not being disrespectful to Ben Wheeler. Not at all. Me saying I like Jon does not equate to me dissing Ben like a few have claimed on twitter (seriously guys, calm it…. it’s OK to prefer someone in a role over someone else…..) …..the fact is, I really like Ben Wheeler. He is the dance captain of Jersey Boys and part of the furniture. We all go crazy over the main four, but people like Ben Wheeler, Matt Hunt, Joseph Peters,  and so on are the backbones of the show. They hold it all together. Without them, there wouldn’t be a show and I will state again that every member of that cast is bloody talented.

So what I am trying to say in a really bad way, is that I didn’t know what I would feel about seeing Ben Wheeler as Tommy. But luckily, it was incredible. Because much like the three Frankies…… Jon Boydon and Ben Wheeler play Tommy so differently that you can’t compare them. Ben was amazing guys. You were all right. I had no doubt that he would be, but yes, he was a perfect Tommy and SO different to Jon that it didn’t feel like anything was missing. To the way Ben delivers his lines, to the mannerisms of the character, it was a completely new twist (for me as someone who has seen Jons Tommy a gazillion times)….and it was really, really good. I can’t praise Ben enough. When I was trying to explain it to a friend, I ended up saying that Jon plays Tommy with a cocky arrogance. He does, there is no getting away from it. He is confident and sure of himself, and so insistent that he is in the right that you almost believe him. I also see Jons softer sides which is why I think the Tommy character became my favourite. (Before anyone says they aren’t characters, they are real people….I do know. I have said all this before on my blog. The Four Seasons were real, I get it, I am just talking in show terms.) But Ben played it like…. well, more of an annoying older brother. Where as Jon plays it with no doubt that he is the leader, Ben plays it with a bit of bossiness and I loved the way Ben played the scene in the second half where they are talking and they say they will buy Tommy out. Bens reactions were brilliant and he seemed genuinely shocked that Bob Gaudio would dare suggest such a thing. It really was a treat to watch.

While I am here, I may as well discuss a topic that people have noticed on my twitter and facebook. That topic being….. my fangirling over Gary Watson. As I have been slowly clocking up more and more shows, Gary has been becoming more and more great. I fucking (fricking) adore his Nick Massi and yes, it helps he’s gorgeous. So there, I hope that clears things up. I’m sure I didn’t need to explain, it just boils down to I like men, really, in a nutshell….that is it.

So bravo Jersey Boys, a couple of brilliant performances and a hugely talented cast. Best show in the West End…in case I haven’t said it before. (Sssshhhh, I know I have.)

Now let’s talk about Memphis. As above with the whole Jon Boydon thing, I am pretty honest and I am just going to state that I actually didn’t have an interest in seeing Memphis. That sounds bad when saying it like that. I guess what I mean is, I have limited money and come to think of it, with work and the children and distance playing a factor, little time to see these shows. There were many on my list to see that would come before Memphis is probably a better way of putting it. I still really want to see Beautiful, so that is next on the list…. and I want to see Wicked again, also Kinky Boots looks awesome. So combined with all my JB shows which cost money, I have a lot I want to see and Memphis wasn’t near the top.

However , my friend loves it and has seen it a few times, and just as she didn’t hesitate to come watch Jersey Boys with me on day of Birth, I did the same for her re Memphis.

There is an ongoing debate in theatre land over whether ‘celebs or well known’ people should get starring roles in these shows. Truthfully? My opinion is that I think they have as much right to be there as everyone else IF they have the talent. And being that they are on a West End stage, it is likely they do have the talent. Take our beloved Rock Of Ages…. Shayne Ward as Stacee Jaxx. I never saw him in the role but the majority of the RoA fans did, and they loved him. He has a cracking voice.

I saw Nigel Harman in I Can’t Sing…… he’s a big name from TV but has worked bloody hard to establish himself as a stage actor and he was brilliant.

So that brings us to Matt Cardle in Memphis. I heard grumbles when he was cast. Some people weren’t happy. Killian Donnelly is a talented man and I guess he would be hard to replace in any circumstances. But what I would say to the grumblers is to go and watch Matt as Huey in Memphis, then come back to me and say that the ‘big names’ shouldn’t be cast. He fucking nailed it. It’s like that role had been made for him. His facial expressions, his voice, and the thing that surprised me the most….. his acting. I mean, I knew he could sing. I don’t watch X Factor, but I knew who he was. I would like to think anyone that wins X Factor could sing a little bit ;-) So I had no doubt his voice would be pretty good. (It was holy shit balls amazing. Those belting notes he did made me want to throw my underwear at him, just saying.) But he acted on that stage like he was born to do it. As I said, I don’t know much about him but I think he used to be a painter or something? Well his acting was incredible. He made me sad. He made me laugh. He made me adore him. He made me cringe. He was the perfect Huey and I hope he continues to wow the crowds for quite some time.

I saw Rachel John as the lead. Bloody hell. What a voice. Only comparable to when I saw Cynthia in I Can’t Sing. When you see talent like Rachels, you leave the theatre in a bit of a daze. She definitely has a voice that will stick in my memory for a very long time.

The Memphis story was fantastic and I would definitely see it again after initially not really even wanting to see it. And it was nice to see Carly, a former Rock Of Ages cast member on the stage again. Her dancing brought back how great she was in RoA.

So I’ve had a couple of awesome stagey weeks. Good news people, Sandy is back from his honeymoon holibobs and will be making crowds faint again every Tuesday evening and Saturday matinee. Make sure you see it before I book all the tickets ;-)

After Rock Of Ages……. Where Are They Now?


For the last two months, I have been hoping someone else would write a post like this, but due to most people having a more exciting life than me, it hasn’t happened. I wanted someone else to do this post mainly because my memory is absolutely awful and I might forget someone, but also because the things that come out of my mouth during these blog posts is mostly garbage and hard to follow. You have been warned.

Rock of Ages has been on my mind a lot recently. It is the show that started it all for me and gave me a huge love for theatre. And I happen to know that Rock of Ages reeled quite a few others in as well, I still say it was the use of a sparkly blue leotard that got most people hooked on the show, but others say it was the whole story in general. We will agree to disagree.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a little Where Are They Now post….. The cast have most definitely done the fans of the show proud in terms of what they have done since. This is where things/people/sense might get lost. I started going to the show in April 2013…… so therefore I missed the ‘original cast’ with Oliver Tompsett and such. I also missed the whole Shaftesbury theatre run and started at The Garrick, but I will be including the originals as they were the ones that started it all.

Oliver Tompsett


Oliver was the original Drew Boley, and from what I have heard, a bloody good one. I had numerous fans telling me that I had missed a hell of a show in not seeing him perform, and judging by my hours spent pouring over any and every Rock of Ages video on YouTube (Not really, as if I would do that, I have things to do people!!!) it seems that I really did miss quite a bit of talent.  For this role he was nominated for the Theatergoers Choice Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Before originating this role in the west end, Oliver played Fiyero in Wicked.
A number of things such as his voice, his rock star presence and the fact he isn’t too shabby to look at led to him being a well loved Drew.


Since leaving the role of Drew, Oli went on to play  Galileo in We Will Rock You. For this part he was nominated again for the Theatergoers Choice Award for Best Take Over in a Role. He stayed with We Will Rock You until the show closed, and had support from many fans he had wowed in Rock Of Ages.

Oli has continued acting in shows like White Christmas and runs various workshops which you can find out about by following his twitter page He also has a website at

Ross Hunter


Ross took over from Oli in the role of Drew Boley and speaking from experience, I can say he was fantastic. From what I could conclude from other fans of the show, they were wary on who would be taking over from Oli, but once they saw the strength in his voice and the talent he had, the wariness disappeared and he was soon accepted as not just ‘Ross who took over as Drew’ but ‘Ross who is Drew’ ……

Rock Of Ages-Recast-25-09-12-Shaftesbury-5503

It wasn’t just Ross’s cheeky grin, comic timing and huge voice that captivated the audience, it was his chemistry with Natalie Andreou (Sherrie). He definitely became a part of everyones heart, and when the final night came round, it was Ross’s teary eyes that had us all in tears.

After leaving RoA , Ross appeared as Robin Hood in a Christmas production and is the only man that has ever made green tights look pretty good.

Ross is currently in Book Of Mormon at The Prince Of Wales theatre in the West End. He is part of the ensemble. He is also an understudy for Elder Price covering sickness and holidays, fans have seen him in the role and been blown away. I am hoping to see him in this role one day soon.  You can book tickets for the show here.

Natalie Andreou


Natalie played Sherrie in Rock Of Ages. She took over from Amy Pemberton after she had to drop out due to sickness, so Natalie sort of originated the role for the West End and stayed until the curtain close.

As Sherrie, Natalie was sweet, talented and funny. (It was probably in their contracts that they all had to be funny, because they all were whether they were meant to be or not)….Particular stand out moments as Sherrie for me included More Than Words and High Enough. She shone on the stage and by the time the show ended, it felt like we were saying goodbye to a friend rather than a character.

A scene from Rock Of Ages @ Shaftesbury. Recast photographs(Taken 22-03-12)©Tristram Kenton 03/12(3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email:

Currently, Natalie is standby Elphie in Wicked, and if you haven’t seen her as Elphie yet, I am telling you that it is the best thing you will ever see on stage. Of course, my opinions are my own, but I very much like to inflict my opinions on other people so just take that statement as a fact. I was absolutely blown away by her Defying Gravity, and hopefully this girl will be on the stage for a very long time.


My daughter also pointed out that Natalie makes a really pretty witch, and I have to agree. Not everyone can look good with a green face. I don’t look terribly great with my actual face so fair play to Natalie.

Natalie has a bridal make-up website (as if she wasn’t talented enough, she wanted to throw in another skill) which you can check out here……

You can also follow her on twitter by clicking here She is pretty great in informing you of her Elphie dates, so keep your eyes peeled.

Simon Lipkin


As if you all didn’t know, Simon played Lonny in the West End run of Rock Ages. To say he had comic timing would be a bit of understatement. Simon has the talent to make you laugh until you cry, even if you are in a foul mood. He also had the ability to make a mullet look sexy. Actually, I’m not entirely sure if the mullet made him sexy or if it was the lunging he liked to do and the way he wore his nipple tassles. Probably all three, I know my list of requirements for a bloke these days definitely includes those three points.


Even on the very last show of RoA, Simon had us giggling despite the sad tears streaming down our faces. Since hanging up his mullet (which I bet he took home and gets out from time to time…. I mean, who wouldn’t?) Simon has popped up in quite a few things.

He started off going to I Can’t Sing where he played a dog. Yes. A dog. Barlow. And despite the disappointing early closure of the show, he was absolutely brilliant in it and as always, bonkers. You haven’t seen nothing til you’ve seen Simon sliding around on his knees with his hand up a dogs arse. (Please note: No real dogs were harmed in the run of I Can’t Sing) ….. Also, because I went to see Simon in I Can’t Sing, I got to meet Nigel Harman, and yes girls, he’s as hot in real life as he appears on TV. He is also a complete gent, very humble and sweet.

Then Simon went on to play Touchstone in As You Like It which I also had the pleasure of seeing. If you ever want to see what Shakespeare is like with added craziness, just cast Simon in a role and you are good to go.

Simon Lipkin headshot

Assassins also came along for Simon where he took on a role different to anything he had ever done before. As The Proprietor he made people crap their pants. I unfortunately didn’t get to see this one but I have been told by people who went to see it that he was out of this world good.

He recently finished a run in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change in which he played various roles. I was lucky enough to see a snippet of the show in The Theatre Café one morning, and it looked bloody hilarious. Friends who went to see the show said it was one of the best things they had ever seen, and as always…. Simon was on top funny form.

As well as all his stage appearences, Simon worked on the film Nativity 3 and on a DR Who episode that has yet to be aired, so keep watching for that one.

You can follow Simon on twitter here…..

Shayne Ward


Shayne played Stacee Jaxx in the original West End Cast. I am sure I don’t need to give a huge background on Shayne, X Factor…. good voice…. nice to look at….. success….. probably sums it up. Again, because he was the original cast, I didn’t get to see him on stage, but he did attend the theatre on the last night of RoA, so technically, even though we said no words to each other…. we are besties now.


Since leaving RoA , Shayne worked on a new album called Closer. I brought it and in fact, am listening to it right now as I type this up. Cracking voice. Shayne would probably be most notably famous for winning a role in Coronation Street. He will be playing the role of Aidan Connor. You can follow Shayne here

Tim Howar


Tim took over from Shayne as Stacee Jaxx, and this was who I saw in the role. (Along with a few others who will get mentions later…..) He played the role with hilarity and arrogance…. which in short, made for a brilliant Stacee Jaxx. He too, along with many others of the show had a brilliant voice and I always absolutely loved his Wanted – Dead Or Alive.

Since leaving, Tim has embarked on a tour with Mike and The Mechanics as the co-lead singer, and he is passionate about music and a talented songwriter.


You can follow Tim on twitter here –

Justin Lee Collins


Justin starred as Dennis Dupree in the original Rock Of Ages line up. From what I heard, he was charismatic and gelled really well with the rest of the cast, especially Shayne Ward. Also, let’s face it…. he really, really looks like a real life Dennis Dupree, so he was perfect for it.


In 2014, Justin returned to his own weekly show on Fubar radio. He was also cast in a British feature film called The Hatching alongside Andrew Lee Potts.You can follow him on twitter here

Daniel Fletcher


Daniel took over the role as Dennis at cast change. I have a teeny bit of a soft spot for Dan. The soft spot manifests itself as piss taking, but I still love him just the same. He became a firm favourite among fans , and loved the role so much that he signed up to play it in the first UK tour of Rock Of Ages. In fact, as I type this he is on a cruise ship somewhere sprinkling people with gold confetti as Dennis again. His relationship with Simons Lonny kept us all in stitches. He really is, in my eyes…. the ultimate Dennis.


Between all the various stints as Dennis, Dan also managed a run in Miracle On 34th Street which I was lucky enough to take my little girl to. It was so good seeing Dans talent in another role, and he along with many others from our beloved RoA, is easy on the eye ;-) He made me swoon a little bit during Miracle, but it’s just between us, yeah?

Follow our Dan on twitter right here….

Sandy Moffat

sandy moffat

Sandy also originated the West End role of Franz and stayed until the final show. (Watch and laugh as I try to write about Sandy from a completely serious point of view and not a crazy fangirl stance……) ((I will fail, apologies in advance….))

Because of his legs, and overall talent…. Sandy won himself a pretty huge bunch of fans. In fact, Beatle Mania was nothing compared to the reaction Sandy got when he used to walk out of The Garrick. he made everyone, swoon, smile and just generally fall in lust as camp German Franz. It was impossible not to want to take him home, introduce him to your parents, and keep him forever. Also, much like Simon Lipkin rocking the mullet, Sandy made the blonde floppy wig and double denim his own. If I say too much about the leotard and legs, it will cause every reader to faint, and it would be a shame to faint when you have made it this far into the post.


Naturally, being a bit of a Sandy fan, I did worry when Rock Of Ages closed about when I would get to see him on stage again. I had my fingers crossed that he would go on to something spectacular and he didn’t disappoint. When he announced he would be alternate Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys every Tuesday Night and Saturday Afternoon….. the whole world joined together in celebration. Lanterns were released, a huge fireworks display over the tower bridge captivated everyone and the queen gave him an honour for being so bloody sexy. (Please note: This might have only happened in my imagination, but I am definitely not fibbing about the alternate Frankie Valli part)


Keep up to date with all of Sandys Frankie V dates by visiting his website. where you can also drool or sensibly look at his gallery of pictures.

Follow Sandy on twitter here

And if you want to book tickets to Jersey Boys which I am pretty sure you will want to at some point, you can do that here……

Jodie Jacobs


Jodie was the lucky lady who got to play opposite Sandy Moffat as Regina. She also stayed for the whole run, and was much loved by the fans who went to the show. She had a brilliant voice and as I have said about many others throughout this post, delivered her funny moments to perfection. She also rocked a leotard pretty fiercely.

Jodie Jacobs (Regina/Candi) and Sandy Moffat (Franz) during the curtain call on Gala Night for Rock of Ages at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, England on 28th September 2011. (Credit should read: Dan Wooller/ Paid use only. No Syndication

Since Rock Of Ages, Jodie appeared in Carrie which although I didn’t get to see, heard nothing but good things about it. Currently starring in Legally Blonde, her talent is still shining bright on the stage. You can follow her on twitter here…..

Rachel McFarlane


Rachel played Justice throughout the shows entire run. She is credited as having one of the best voices in the West End, the way she could hold her notes was quite unbelievable.

To the fans delight, she signed up to play Justice in the touring production.
You can follow Rachel on twitter here….

Rohan Tickell


Rohan played Hertz during the run of Rock Of Ages. Him and Sandy made the best father and son team ever. They were absolutely brilliant together!! It was touch and go whether Rohan would make the final day of shows due to an injury, but he did make it and the fans all literally cheered him with delight as he made his way into the theatre…. much to his horror!

A scene from Rock Of Ages @ Shaftesbury Theatre (Opening 09-11) ©Tristram Kenton 09/11 (3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email:

Rohan is currently a teacher senior acting tutor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London. You can follow Rohan on twitter here…..

Dylan Turner


Dylan played Primo and is mostly remembered by me for the get up he wore on the last day. Because abs. And because six pack. Which is the same thing as because abs. But anyway……

I was lucky enough to see Dylan as Primo, Stacee Jaxx and Drew. I really enjoyed watching Dylan in every single part he played, he is very talented and versatile. You can follow Dylans twitter here

Currently, you can catch Dylan starring in Beautiful at the Aldwych theatre with a former Rock Of Ages cast member……

Ian Mcintosh


Ian is also starring in Beautiful as Barry Mann, after becoming a much loved staple of Rock Of Ages. During Rock Of Ages I got to see Ian as Primo and Drew.

After Ian left RoA, his star continued to rise as he landed a part in The Commitments as alternate Deco. The reviews he had for the part were truly amazing and he gained new fans every time he played the part. He seems to have carried on the impressive performances in Beautiful, and it is nice to see these two reunited again.


Catch Ian and Dylan by booking tickets here …

And follow the lovely Ian on twitter by clicking this link

Nathan Amzi


Rock Of Ages very own Mayor/Paul Gill and alternate Lonny had people laughing every single show. And it has been quite the journey for Nathan since leaving RoA.

Not only has he had roles in shows including “In The Heights’ and ‘Urinetown’ , most notably he took part in BBC1’s massive show The Voice. After a standout audition, he got to be mentored by The Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson. He sadly didn’t make the finals, but has had success since appearing in the show. He is currently in rehearsals for ‘Dinner With Saddam’.


Follow Nathan here ….

Cordelia Farnworth


Cordi made the best understudy Sherrie, and I got to see her delightful performances twice. Well, three times if you count the tour. She is so sweet, a proper girl next door type on and off stage. She went on to play the main Sherrie in the Rock Of Ages tour. I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl crops up quite a lot on a stage in the future. You can follow Cordi here…..

Jamie Muscato


Jamie has had a varied career on stage since leaving Rock Of Ages. He has worked on the light princess, had a small part in TV drama Cilla, The House of Mirrors and Hearts, and he will be going on to Sweeney Todd the tour. His most spectacular and emotional performance came in Dogfight, which won him many rave reviews. Follow Jamie here ….

Tim Driessen


Tim has sky rocketed in the theatre world since appearing in RoA by stunning crowds as Frankie Valli in the Jersey Boys production in The Netherlands and also, the UK tour. I got to see his Stacee Jaxx once in RoA which was crazy funny. Also, he once posted a shirtless selfie on twitter which kind of made Sandy Moffat want to do the same thing ….. (No, seriously, he was like… second away from doing it, I’m sure) So that makes it a pretty good reason to follow Tim on twitter…..

Twinnie Lee Moore


Twinnie is now strutting her awesome stuff in Hollyoaks. Follow her here…..

Carly Mercedes Dyer

Carly Mercedes Dyer (Ensemble) attends the after party on Gala Night for Rock of Ages at Freemasons Hall, London, England on 28th September 2011. (Credit should read: Dan Wooller/ Paid use only. No Syndication

Carly is currently in the ensemble of Memphis.

Follow her here…..

Zizi Strallen


Zizi has been in many things including Cats and will be in a touring production of Mary Poppins this year. Follow her here

Selina Hamilton


Selina was in the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Also Dirty Dancing. Follow her twitter right here……

Amy Thornton

amy thornton

Amy is the choreographer on Matilda.

Twitter handle here…..

Scarlette Douglas


Since leaving Rock of Ages, Scarlette has appeared in plenty of shows such as the touring Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway, I Can’t Sing and even danced for England on Eurovision!! Her twitter is

So I think what we can conclude from that is that everyone who ever appeared in the West End Rock Of Ages is a bloody talented human. Apart from Dan Fletcher. He’s awful. (Awful as in proper good, obviously)
It turns out the internet doesn’t actually have answers for everything and I did have some helpful little nudges of show remembrance from Ali….so thanks for that….. *Told you I would credit you, Ha!!)

All images were taken from good old google, and I can’t be credited with one single picture. Not even the Sandy ones. As much as I would like to claim I am his private photographer, I sadly am not. The restraining order prevents me from taking photos. Damn it.

The Littles Take On London!! 15/08/2015 (And a teeny bit of JB….)


As you know, I don’t mind the odd trip to London now and again. Fine, I probably go to London too much, but it really is my getaway. I love it. So it is rather surprising then, that my littles only went to London for the first time ever this weekend!!

I have been wanting to take them for ages now. But it’s having the time, having the money, them being old enough to cope with all the travelling and walking and such. It’s quite a daunting task deciding to take them to London, because I would be on my own and it’s bad enough getting myself through the big city without injury (re:the time I got my wrist stuck in the ticket barriers or fell over as I got off an escalator….. oooops) let alone two littles.

Anyway, I’m going to cut a long story short….. it turned out that I wouldn’t have to go it alone. A family member volunteered to come and help me out with the adventure and we spent a few weeks planning. We decided to do Buckingham palace, the boat ride down the Thames, some parks, picnics and finish it all off with a dinner somewhere on Bond Street. All the touristy things. The kids were counting down the days. So was I. Then, on Friday, the evening before the big day….. I had a message from my boss. To put it simply, he messed up on the rotas and added me in a week ago to work on Saturday… I didn’t bother looking at the rotas to see I had been added in and it turned out that a 50/50 cock up on both our parts resulted in me having to work Saturday morning. Of course I stamped my feet and tried like hell to get out of it. I asked everyone at work if they could cover for me just this once (I have NEVER let work or anyone at work down before…. I will know not to be so easy in future) and I had no luck.

So I had to break it to the littles and family member that I had work from half eight til half twelve. We were all stressed and upset at not being able to go but then we came to a compromise. We decided that I would go and meet the littles in London after I finish work. That way, they wouldn’t be let down and could make a day of it, and I would still get to experience seeing their faces in London.

It was still a huge let down. Firstly, I am their Mum. I do everything with them. I hated the fact I wouldn’t get to see their first tube journey (which was a big deal as Leona isn’t great on transport but she did OK) , I wouldn’t get to see the palace with them or go on the boat ride. It was also a huge deal trusting somebody else with them in London. It’s me that takes them on all their trips, I am always with them for whatever they do. But instead, I had to trust that they would have fun and be looked after. (They did and they were….so yay for that!)

I spent the morning at work dealing with rude, snobby customers then rushed to get the train to London. I didn’t get in London til nearly three and by the time I had met the kiddies, they had ticked off pretty much everything on their to do list. I could see that they had an early start and were really starting to get tired, so we agreed to get a meal and then send them home. I was upset that I missed the whole day but sometimes, these things happen and the fact that the kids had the time of their lives and got to see the magic of London is what is important.

We went to Duke street just off Bond street which holds significant memories for me. When I was younger and had my hole in my heart, I was in a London hospital. After I had my surgery and was let out of hospital, we all went for a meal in Duke street. Then when I was pregnant with Leona, I also had to go to a London hospital. They wanted to see if the baby had the same condition as me via scan, so once I got the all clear from the scan, me and my sister who was with me at the time …. (going it alone even back then!!!) headed to Duke Street for a celebration meal. So that was our choice of place this time.

We went to a little Italian restaurant called The Spaghetti house. It was lush. And I’m not just talking about my waiter ;-) 11913304_793568957432370_539836929_n

We all absolutely stuffed ourselves, and I got an Italian Espresso which absolutely blew my brains out. Who needs wine when you can have a shot of that and be done?


We made our way back to Liverpool Street Station, and I got to see the Littles on the tube. Ha!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! Lex loved it, because he’s a proper man and stuff. But Leona….. oh goodness. The fear in her eyes. She hated everything about the tubes, from the escalators, to the heat, to the noise of the train. I have picture evidence. You can see the fear in her eyes despite the smile!! She’s such a good girl though, she didn’t complain once. She definitely sucks things up and gets on with it.


So I only really got to take pictures of them at the restaurant and the station. Still can’t believe I missed the majority of their day in London!!!

The family member who took the littles insisted that I stay on in London for a few hours. I didn’t get there until three so it would have been a complete waste of forty bloody quid to go back home at half five!!! I panicked for a moment about the kids going home without me but then I came to the sucky realisation that they had managed all day without me so they could get home just fine. They wanted to go home, they were tired. But they loved London. And I am so glad they got to experience it.


That last picture cracks me up so much!!! Leona had just told Lex that the train had left without them. What a stinker.

But after all that, what exactly is a girl like me to do in London all on her lonesome?? Yeah, you guessed it. I took myself off to the Jersey Boys house didn’t I?

I am bloody glad I did. Sandy Valli on a Saturday night. He was incredible. I know this is going to sound weird, because both Michael and Sandy play the part of Frankie Valli and obviously have to sound like/imitate him…..but you guys….. Sandy gave me chills during Walk Like A Man. You might remember me saying ages ago that when I was younger, I liked Frankie V and The Four Seasons, I listened to the CDs, I loved the music….Walk Like A Man is obviously one of the big three songs, and other than immensely enjoying it every time, It doesn’t affect me like my faves do such as My Eyes Adored You and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (all very eye related there…..)

But during this song on Saturday night, my jaw was almost on the floor as Sandy sang. Frankie V is known for his high notes obviously , but he also has a VERY distinctive voice. If I had closed my eyes during the verses of Walk like a man, I would have sworn it was the man himself. I seriously got shivers at how good Sandy sounded. The show just got better from there , and when everyone stood up during Who Loves You, it told its own story that the guys had given one of their best ever shows.

In case you are all wondering, I haven’t broken my Jon Boydon as Tommy streak yet. Every single time. He is a rock star.

I ended up sitting next to a couple of girls from Finland during the show. They were energetic and dancing, they loved every minute of the show. And next to them were a lovely couple who also enjoyed it and were chatty and friendly. Basically, the front few rows of the Piccadilly were bloody awesome.

I did stage door. Probably best I leave that part out of this blog though. *holds head in hands and cries with shame*


I know that I am a bit of a sad fangirl for the whole Jersey Boys thing, but please, if you haven’t seen it then you must!!! The show is just amazing, the songs are great, the boys are fit, the cast and crew are all just lovely and it is the best night out in the West End. Yes, I followed Sandy to the show, and I will follow him to whatever he does next (That sounds very sinister…. run Sandy!!) ….. But I will always go back to Jersey Boys no matter who is in it. It has properly made me love it. As if you didn’t know!!!

Anyway, that is about it for now. I have to get back to the very important task of listening to the Wicked soundtrack and doodling peanut heads.

I’m Not That Girl


Thanks to those of you who read my last blog post!! It had a really good response and I just couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that despite me not having posted a blog for months…. people were still hanging on and waiting. So thanks again. You crazy people.

Just a teeny quick paragraph to say that I braved it on my own and rushed to a Sandy Valli Jersey Boys last weekend and boy am I glad I did. I hadn’t seen Sandy for so long due to work and other issues …. so I had missed him on stage. I randomly ended up sitting right next to Caroline and her Mum, and it was nice to feel not so alone even though I was alone at the theatre!! Sandy was on fire. To see how much he has grown since he first took over as Frankie V is quite something. He gave me goose bumps and proudness all over. Last Saturdays Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was the best I have ever seen it performed in any Jersey Boys show ….and yes folks, he is still dreamy. (I mean…..that was always a given wasn’t it?) I yet again had Jon Boydon as my Tommy DeVito, not breaking his run yet. Chris Stoddart was Bob Gaudio for my second time seeing him and Gary Watson as Nick was fantastic as per usual. P.S …. I would genuinely steal Gary Watson and face jail time. He is just ….. Ugh. I adore him.


Anyway, yes…..Sandy was amazing and yesterday, if all of you heard weird cracks throughout the day…it was probably the sound of a million girls hearts breaking. Yes, yesterday Sandy Moffat officially ran off and got married. And not even to me. I know!! In fact, he didn’t run off. It was quite a planned thing. So congratulations to him and his new wife!! I hope they are very happy together. Love hearts and fairy tales all around.

Not sure if I mentioned before but I am obsessed with the Wicked soundtrack since being blown away by the West End production with the incredible Natalie Andreou playing Elphie. I have been listening to the songs non stop. Obviously you have all the big hitters such as Defying Gravity, Popular and One Short Day….but the whole show is full of very clever songs. Take ‘I’m Not That Girl’ for example. I love this song. The words in it really hit home to me every single time. I am pretty sure that all girls have maybe felt like this at some point in their lives. It is essentially about not being good enough. And I’m not just speaking in terms of being good enough for other people, more in being good enough for ourselves.

It is hard to love yourself sometimes. It is hard to even like yourself. But stories, songs, books, shows….they show us time and time again that it is only when we start accepting ourselves that other people will like us too. And it does happen like that in real life. At least in past experiences I have had anyway. There has to come a point where you stop moping, stop regretting, and stop freaking out about who you are and what you could do to improve yourself. There has to come a time where you are happy in your skin. The trouble is… in this day and age…. a huge amount of the world will say they are happy even if they aren’t.

And even though I am really writing this to encourage you all to love yourselves (I’m proper motivational ain’t I?) …. I am also saying it is OK to have a moment. A moment like Elphie in I’m Not That Girl. If we all walked around absolutely sure of ourselves it would be a pretty boring and predictable life wouldn’t it? Nowadays, people seem to think you are weak if you have a moment of ‘I’m not good enough’ …… even though those same people will have the same weak moments.

It’s OK to doubt yourself. It’s OK to be happy with yourself. But just live life and do both at some point.

Today I went to the beach with the littles. All I saw on this crowded beach were girls who were prettier than me, thinner than me, taller than me….probably smarter than me. While they sunned themselves in bikinis and swimming costumes, I ran after my two children in jeans and a bright yellow shirt and matching headband (because I’m quite cool like that…..) looking red faced from the heat and out of place. But then I scanned the crowd for a closer look and realised that after all that doubt….I fit in perfectly. There was the elderly gent walking along with his feet in the ocean, in a blazer and straw hat, just appreciating life. There was a lady of what would be considered a ‘bigger’ size strutting around in a bikini that was smaller than my shoelace. There were a group of teenage boys….five in all , taking the mick out of each other for varying reasons. But most of all…nobody was looking at me.

That is what we all get caught up in I think. Especially in those moments of doubt and weakness, we get caught up in paranoia. There is me freaking out, fully clothed in pretty bright choices, worrying like mad what that size eight blonde model in the bikini will think of me. But the truth of the matter is, she didn’t look up once. And what I hoped she would have seen is a happy family of three, Me and my two ever so gorgeous littles, enjoying the beach like everyone else.

I’m Not That Girl. I’m not a blonde tiny model. I’m not Hugh Jackmans wife. I’m not going to win any prizes for curing diseases. In fact, I’m not going to win any prizes for simple maths because I’m shit at it and my nine year old brings home work that I struggle with…….. I’m Not That Girl .

But I Am This Girl. And I think that right now….. being this girl is OK.

Even if it does mean I am the type of girl to take one lick of an ice-cream, trip over a stone and spill said ice-cream all down my boobs then get chased by a wasp while shouting and drawing attention to myself on a packed beach.

But like I said, I’ll take her for now.

Stagey Update! Jersey Boys and Wicked <3


I start off every post like this now, but sorry it has taken so long for the update! My laptop broke on me just around the same time as everything else broke on me, I just haven’t been able to get up and running since. But now I’m back. And I can just see you all breathing a sigh of relief. Or is it gasps of horror? *shrugs*…..anyway…….

Since I last updated there have been many things to blog about, all of which have completely went from my head now. I will start with my one true stagey love. Jersey Boys!!

I probably don’t need to state how many times I have been to Jersey Boys since I last blogged….. it’s enough anyway!. There is one major change in the Jersey Boys line up since my last post though. Mr Gary Watson. Of course there were a few other talented people who joined the show in March, but I want to talk about Gary.

The first time I saw him was probably about two weeks into his run as Nick Massi. He took over from the unbelievably too good to be true handsome Matt Nalton. I won’t lie, I missed Matt, I still do. Nobody else other than Nalton can be that tall and talented at banging their heads on tables. I would jump at the chance to see Matt on stage again, and I am certain that I will get to one of his shows in the future. But Matt moved on and so did Jersey Boys.

The first time I saw Gary, I was pleasantly surprised. I very much enjoyed him as Nick and thought for somebody who had only just started the role, he was pretty damn good (As all west end peoples are, they aren’t exactly un-talented….not sure if that’s a thing but I’m using it)…… then I saw Gary for a second and third and fourth time….. (I will stop there, I want to at least create the illusion I do things other than Jersey Boys…..)…((Probably not going well so far, Ha)

Each new time I saw Gary, I liked him more and more. The second time I saw him, he had me crying with laughter at one point. And the thing is, there is no way that you could ever compare what he does to what Matt Nalton did. Gary makes it his own role, as did Matt. And that is what makes it so special. Now, I can’t imagine going to see a Jersey Boys without Gary. He fast became one of my favourite west enders. I know this doesn’t count for much, because we go for the acting and the show…but if any of you ever stage door and haven’t met Gary yet, I suggest you give it a try and see if you can catch a quick hello. That man is absolutely and deliciously lovely. All he has to do is utter a few sentences and you want to take him home. Seriously. He’s brilliant.

In other Jersey Boys news, Michael Watson is still magical. No huge surprises there. Still most definitely a Michael fan girl. Edd Post always puts a smile on my face as you all know. And Jon Boydon is just lush. I go a bit gooey when I talk about Jon. Or look at Jon. Or listen to Jon. Or anything to do with Jon. Because he is one of the best people I have ever seen on stage and has never, ever had an off day. He has also been at every single Jersey Boys I have been to and you can all shout about how good other Tommys are, I get it…. but Jon is my Tommy. And that is all there is to it. You can have favourite movie actors, favourite people in a band, so I don’t get why it’s so frowned upon to state that you prefer a certain west end actor. It doesn’t mean that I think anyone else would be crap, it just means that I adore Jon and think he’s one talented man. Also, in super exciting news….his second album is getting ever nearer, I can’t wait. I nearly pee myself with excitement when his kickstarter updates come through. Fangirl crazy.

And what about the stud of the West End ….. Sandy Moffat. Well…. I’ve gotta be honest, he has been a little trickier to get to see. His regular schedule is Tuesday evenings and Saturday matinees. On the rare occasion I get a Saturday off, it is spent with the littles. Then Tuesdays I work til the evening so I wouldn’t get to the show on time. So it really only leaves when he covers Michaels holidays at the minute…… I have a few holidays coming up and you can bet your arse that I will be getting to a Sandy V show. But just putting it out there that although I haven’t been able to see Sandy as much as I would have liked lately, it by no means makes me less of a fan. I still think he is the best thing to ever grace the west end. All of him, not just his legs. Though his legs are an important part. But what really matters right now is that Sandy has been nominated for Understudy of the year!!! How amazing is that?! I am pretty sure that everyone who reads this blog will be a Sandy fan anyway but please vote for him if you haven’t already! He deserves it so much. He’s incredible. Just throwing the word fangirl out there one more time……fangirl. Cool.

In other stagey news, a few weeks ago I went to the best show I have ever seen. I saw Wicked. Some of you might look at me in confusion at that, because I have just spent a mammoth amount of time waffling on about Jersey Boys….but let me explain. Jersey Boys is my favourite show ever. It is my happy place. I could go a hundred times and not get bored. Wicked was different. Wicked was always the show I vowed I had to see. Wicked blew me away but I honestly don’t think It’s a show I could watch again and again. It would lose it’s magic. It is such a huge production that you are completely and utterly in awe. Jersey Boys will never lose the magic for me, even when Sandy goes :-( even when Michael goes :-( Even when Jon goes :-(…. I will still go back because I love the show. But when I watched Wicked, I felt like I had just been put through the ringer and that would get draining on a regular basis!!

I saw a show with Natalie Andreou playing Elphaba. I was left speechless. Pretty rare for me right?? As most of you will know, the gorgeous Natalie melted all our hearts when she played the lovable Sherrie in Rock Of Ages. I couldn’t wait to see her in something else but I honestly wasn’t prepared for the emotion that came over me as I watched her. When she first walked out in all her green glory, I felt proud. I thought ….’Aw, this is going to be a good show’….. I didn’t know how wrong I was. It was spectacular. Natalie has the most incredible voice. Of course I knew that with her playing Sherrie, but I didn’t know how special her voice was til I saw her in Wicked. This Wicked part of the blog is so gushing but I can’t help it. As I was saying to a friend earlier, every girl who plays Elphie is going to have an amazing voice, that’s a given….but I feel like every girl also goes down the Indina route of playing Elphie. And why not? There is nothing wrong with that. Indina Menzel is a star. Following in her footsteps is pretty damn awesome. But Natalie was just something else entirely. I can’t explain it really, but it was her mannerisms, it was the riffs in her voice. She was stunning. I mean….it’s hard enough to sing Defying Gravity in the first place right? But Natalie adds her own touch and little riffs and leaves me with my mouth wide open wondering how the hell she can riff and belt out those notes. I did tweet about it on the day, but I was not exaggerating when I said that by the interval I was a crying, shaking mess. I didn’t know what to with myself. I had to make a phone call home and I couldn’t speak. It was like I had just touched an electric fence….. or something. Probably not best to describe an incredible theatre experience as like being electrocuted but I don’t even know what to say about it!!! And that folks, is why I’m shit at blogging.

As the second act started up, I sat there pretty smug in my seat knowing that nothing could top the first act. Nothing could beat Natalies Defying Gravity. So yet again I was floored as Nat sang For Good with Savannah Stevenson and I blubbed like a baby. Then at the end when she took her bow, I was so proud that I was crying again. And I hate that term really, I hate saying that I’m proud. How can you be proud of someone you don’t know?! I took the piss out of myself that time at Jersey Boys when we were speaking to Matt Thorpes parents after his first ever Frankie performance. The words proud were said then and it made me cringe and laugh because we don’t know these people on a personal level for us to have the right to be proud. But that’s exactly what I felt about Natalie. Proud. Proud that she had went from a first class Sherrie (Sounds like a cocktail) to a world class Elphaba. I just kept thinking about how Broadway needs her. Or how anywhere needs her. They should just send Natalie to places so she can be all green and singy and it will instantly do good.

Anyway, she was great, I absolutely loved her and the show….but sitting through it multiple times is a big no from me. My heart wouldn’t be able to take it. Will I see it again? Of course. I can’t bloody wait!! I hope to see it two or three times more. But I need to recover from that one first!! Going to that show on a regular basis would finish me off! Emotionally and financially. Ha!!

Anyway…. I think for now that is about it. I’m sure I will be back with more garbage now the laptop is back in action.

I’m off to watch trashy TV. Love Island final!!!! Boom.

First Comes Love….Then Comes Marriage….


It’s been a while since I’ve updated!! I think the last post was made up of fit men and Jersey Boys…. Well, I don’t think. I know, Because that is the theme of most of the posts on this site. Also, since that post …I may or may not have seen Jersey Boys again once or twice. But for once…. I’m not here to say about how good and sexy all that stuff was, I’m here to talk about some other things.

I am here to give my opinion on which none of you will give a fuck on the worlds big issues. The world which we live in currently does indeed have issues. For the most part, I try to be a positive person. I really….REALLY…. try. It just doesn’t always work out that way.

Snap judgement. A snap judgement is a common thing. Do you guys ever look at someone and ‘think’ something about them when you know precisely zero facts about them? I have before. I have looked at people and made a judgement in my mind. And that makes me a shitty person because we shouldn’t be judging anyone. But the judging in my mind is where it stops. Because if I were to say it out loud….. that would make me an awful kind of human baked bean and nobody needs that. When snap judgements are spoken out loud, that is when people get hurt. It becomes dangerous.

The other day, as I stood behind the counter at Superdrug, looking out at the grey, rainy and miserable day….. a customer walked up to snap me out of my daydream about having a coffee with Hugh Jackman. (Fine, I was having mind sex with him, but that isn’t what is important here….. keep up people.) The customer was a lady who looked to be in her late sixties (I could of course, be totally wrong……), she was wearing an outfit like people wear for horse riding…. and she had an air of snootiness about her.

I put on my best smile that has broken a thousand hearts this year alone (Not really……) and packed away her items she had just purchased in a bag. She looked out at the dreary weather and sighed.

“Oh gosh, it’s such a mare to have this weather when you line dry. I line dry everything. I have no time for tumble dryers and the sorts. Line drying makes everything so much fresher you know.”

I nod politely while handing her the bag. She then thinks it appropriate to lean over the counter, invading my personal space and gave me a patronizing grin.

“Of course, you wouldn’t know about that would you. I expect your Mummy does it all for you.”

Yes, she used the word Mummy. I blinked in shock, wondering if I was hearing things. I managed to stumble out a ‘Huh?’ …. She rolled her eyes.

“Your Mummy. I expect she does all your washing so you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. You young girls of 16-18….you are always getting your Mummy to do these things for you.”

She laughed. An annoyingly loud and snotty laugh that made me want to shove her radox bubble bath where the sun don’t shine.

“Actually…. I’m older than I look.”

I could have said many things. I could have said that I have been doing my own washing since I was twelve. I could have said that on a daily basis I wash the clothes of the two children I’m bringing up. I could have said that her comment was uncalled for because for all she knew, my Mum might not be with us anymore. (She is, but I have a few friends who lost their Mums and I found her comment highly insensitive and insulting for many , many reasons.)  Instead, I just left it at that. There is no way I was about to divulge personal facts about my children to this snooty old bag.

She raised an eyebrow.

“How old?”

Now it was my turn for the smug grin, knowing that what I was about to say would shock her….. (Seriously people……. I’m an adult. Why do you all find that so hard to believe?! Don’t answer that. Rhetorical question…….)

“I’m 28.”

Her face was quite the picture.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m 28. TWENTY EIGHT. I’ve been doing my own washing for years love.”

I am positive the next five minutes was just her standing there going …..

“No you are not, you’re not 28. There is no way you are that age. I had you at 18 at the most. That is shocking. Wow.”  Repeat 25 times.

I just stood there, nodding politely again, praying for another customer so this woman could be on her way. But nobody came.

“Please tell me you have a husband?”

I looked at her blankly and muttered the old ‘Huh’ again. To which she rolled her eyes. Again.

“I said, please tell me you have a husband. You can’t make it to twenty eight and not be married.”

The look on her face told me that the thought of me being twenty eight with no marriage was almost as bad as when Madonna fell off the stage at the Brits. Only worse. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw another customer coming my way so stupidly…. I kind of nodded. More to get her out of the way so I didn’t lose my temper, not because I was agreeing with her. She then tutted loudly.

“You aren’t wearing a ring.”

I shrugged.

“Lost it.”

I muttered really quietly. I meant my patience. With her. But luckily she didn’t find that bit out as she walked away before I could potentially get myself sacked for letting rip at the woman.

Why the flying fuck does it matter to her if I’m married or not? Why does it matter that I have no husband at the grand old age of twenty eight?! In fact…. why would it matter to her if I had no husband at sixty eight? What business is it of hers??

The way she just presumed things about me was ridiculous. Why would anybody say such stupid things to a stranger?I mean…. when the lady first walked up to the counter, I made a snap judgement about her…in my mind. I thought she looked in her late sixties. I could have been wrong. She may be in her early forties. (I seriously doubt that though!!) I also thought she had an arrogant and snooty air about her. But….but but but…… I didn’t tell her those things. Because sometimes, you just don’t need to say everything you are thinking. If we all said what we initially thought of people, there would be many hurt people walking this planet.

There really is no need to be nasty to people. I will never understand why people do it. Back in my hairdressing days, I had a client with a huge visible lump on her head She knew it was there, I knew it…. everyone else could see it as well. Would there have been any need for me to point it out to her? Of course not!!! Because it’s not a done thing to do and most importantly because this woman was a gem. She cared about everyone and everything and had an infectious laugh. Plus, she never once came in and said to me…. ‘Ergh, you look hideous and snotty’ during one of my regular hayfever bouts or ‘What the hell are you wearing today? You look ridiculous.” So why would I say anything to her? Yes it is an entirely different situation….but my point is….. stop the judging and nastiness.
I’m not a saint. I don’t think anyone is. We all secretly think things about people we encounter. I mean…. I see gorgeous men in the street….but I don’t go up to them and say…. “Phwoarrr, you’re fit.” (Unless of course they are Sandy Moffat or Michael Watson and the likes…..) . So it works both ways. You just don’t need to say everything. Sometimes, words are better left unsaid.

So to the lady who thought I was too young and stupid to do my own washing and believes that unless you are married at a young age you are failing in life….. Tip for you – Button it. Thanks love.

On the same sort of subject…. this week, one of my littles had her hair chopped off.


The girl has been wanting ‘Taylor Swift’ hair for bloody ages now. She has always liked her hair shorter, on her shoulders. But recently, she has been growing it. All of the girls in her class have longer hair and it’s unusual to see a girl of her age with this hair style. Before Leona had the cut, we had a talk and she wanted to know why people thought that girls were beautiful with long hair. Why couldn’t girls have shorter hair and still be beautiful. Basically, the eight year old mind is questioning why we live in such a shallow world. I tried to explain that she didn’t need to try and fit in with the others. That as long as she’s a nice person and treats everyone with respect, it didn’t matter how the hell she had her hair. What matters is inside. I also explained to her that she was beautiful with long or short hair. I probably went a bit over the top when I said she would still be beautiful covered in snot and rotten eggs.

But isn’t a shame that a girl as young as eight was afraid of having her hair cut the way she prefers it? Isn’t that just horrible? It’s a sign of the times we live in. And it doesn’t get better. I wish I could wrap her up and tell her things get better. But ….. they don’t. I mean….. I’m not stupid. There will be a day when one or both of my kids come home because somebody has said something nasty to them. They still have to go through high school as yet and that is a cruel world to be in sometimes. At the time, you think it is just you being picked on , that the world is against you. You don’t realise until you are older that everyone was in the same boat. I bumped into a girl from school a while back. She was popular and had some wonderful high school years. But she had a nasty rumour made up about her one day that she had a hairy chest. That may sound laughable and kiddish now….but it obviously hurt her at the time. It is something everyone goes through at some point and I can’t shield the littles from everything.

At the moment, my kids are in a great position. They are both well liked, bright and kind. Their friends love them to pieces. And even though Leona was initially worried about going for shorter hair….. it turned out that her friends loved it and two of them said they want to have it done now. But when the day comes they do get hurt by cruel words, all I can do is insist the words aren’t true and make them face the world with courage and love in their hearts. Because that is all that matters.

I read an article the other day about the parents who got leg tattoos because their little girl had a large leg birthmark and they wanted her to feel like she fit in. There has been a huge divide in if it was the right thing for the parents to do. Some people think it was an exceptional show of love, others thought it was over the top and unnecessary.


My little man has a large birthmark on his back. It means that every time he goes swimming, or gets changed in P.E, or even crouches down to get something…. people can see it. It means that last summer, as he ran around in his swimming shorts at the local water sprinkler park, I had some parents stare in confusion and then look at me. It looks like a huge purple bruise on his lower back. I always describe it as an upside down square heart. It’s a surface birthmark and has been tested when he was a babe to make sure there were no underlying issues with it. It’s right in the middle of his back. So as a parent to a little with a noticeably large birthmark on his body….. I get what the parents did. If that is the way they wanted to make their little girl feel better then good on them. I have always spoke to Lex about his birthmark and told him it just makes him unique. His birthmark is a part of him just as Leonas smallness is a part of her ;-) I have told him to tell people it’s his special birthmark if he is asked about it, which he has been many times by his friends at school. The reaction he has from other children has always been brilliant. His friends think it is the coolest thing and want one for themselves!! It’s the adults that are always going to be difficult…..having them staring at you because they think it’s a bruise or that he has been harmed. The parents in the article mentioned that they have had whispering and stares thrown their way because it looks like their little girl has been burnt or hurt in some way. So I do completely get why they did what they did. If that is the way they want to make their daughter feel better about herself then who are we to judge? Lex knows that his birthmark makes him different and he embraces it. As he has told me many times….nobody else has got it. It’s his and his alone. And it makes him beautiful just like Leona and whatever length her hair happens to be.

When a world that is so full of wonderful things focuses so negatively on the shallow things, it makes me sad. It shouldn’t be that way. Stop all the judging, stop all the staring and stop all the nastiness. And if you are judging somebody….just keep it inside in case you are so far with the wrong idea you can’t even find your way back to right.

Let’s all just be nice to each other and spread some love.

Also…. on a completely unrelated note…. I met Boycie today!!! Yes… Boycie of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ fame. Random and so bloody cool. Day made!!