Recap on my 2013

Everybody seems to be doing a year in review post today. So I am jumping on that bandwagon before I get drunk. And before it is 2014, which would then make this post pointless.

2013 was an awesome year for me filled with greatness. I probably can’t make it any simpler than that. So instead, let’s do a month by month review.


Not gonna lie, I can’t remember a thing about this month. So instead, here is a cute photo of my kids.



The same goes for this month. I think it was cold. Have another photo. This time of a cute monkey.



I passed an important test and was chuffed with myself . Somebody had to be proud of me so I took on that role. I also ventured on a new career path. I have no pictures of anything to do with this so…..



I soon realised that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and my new job was making me miserable every day. So I done something I never like to do. I quit. And went back to the stuff I knew I could do.
My first born turned 7 on the 25/04 and we went bowling . She actually beat me. Yes. True story.


April also brought me closer to Ali. We had been close since the day we started talking, but April made her one of my best friends. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


April also introduced me to a show that I thought was average.


Yeah right was it average. I mean…..


I got to see Sandy Moffats legs! No, wait…. I got to see Sandy Moffats talent. That sounds better. And he has both. Legs and talent. Yes he does. Also…. photo credit goes to…. maybe TheSmoffats, or Sandy Moffat, or Rock of Ages, not sure where the hell it is from but I stole it from TheSmoffats so ….. glad we are clear on that.


Nope, can’t remember a thing about this month either. Have another photo of the kids.



Who’s idea was it to do a year in review? I can’t remember what happened an hour ago. Let alone 6 months ago. I definitely saw Sandy Moffats legs again this month though. I know that.


This isn’t Sandy obviously. This is Ross Hunter. A Drew / green tight wearing legend.

I also got to relive my teenage years this month when I went to Newmarket races to see Five, Blue and Liberty X .
I fangirled.



If anyone could fill in July for me, I would be ever so grateful. I think stuff like this happened.



Oh dear, This post isn’t going to well.


This is what I scooped out of one side of my bra once after a golden shower from Dan. He gets ya good.


Speaking of Dan….


He totally photbombed me. I didn’t even ask him for this. Clearly.

September also brought me closer to this devil. Although this picture was taken at the ROAdie meetup so it shouldn’t really be here but anyways.


I also had my first After Show. On the same day I turned 27. It was a goodun.

And it was the month where my baby boy started big school. Not such a baby now.



October brought me this one…..


And this one….


And others I have no photo’s with. You know who you are.

We had the meetup where this happened on stage.


And it was Alexavier’s 5th birthday


And my big brother got married after being with his missus for 16 years.



November came too quick and gave us the end of Rock Of Ages and the end of Sandy in the leotard. Sad moment. I still mourn for the legs.


We had some emotional Hello’s and Goodbyes.

I also had my 2nd After Show. It was so funny my jaw ached for days.


I can remember bits of December because we are in December right now…..

I remember seeing Dan in Miracle On 34th Street.



I saw my son as a shepherd in the school play.


We had Christmas……




And now we are here. 31/12/2013 about to enter a new year.

If you would like to read an actual year in review, please check out fellow blogger Tanja’s lovely one.

You should all know by now I don’t do heartfelt 😉 Of course there have been many other things that happened this year, but as you are all mostly ROAdies, you won’t care about much else!

See you in 2014 guys. Let’s make it a good one!


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2 thoughts on “Recap on my 2013”

  1. Oh my, I just had the loudest laughing flash and the biggest grin on my stupid face when I read this. Priceless. And THE perfect way to end 2014 – in a good mood and the biggest smile due to a friend 🙂 Thanks for amazing 2 months and the best and most entertaining blog I have ever read. Keep in going, Laura, please!

    P.S. I’m now officially dead because you published my own 2013 blog on your 2013 blog. I am way more than honoured. THANK YOU. xxxxx

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