Thursday Thoughts.

After a bit of an unsettled sleep last night, I finally clambered out of bed at 7am. 
I made a vast amount of coffee, fed the kids, bathed them (Last night I was lazy Mummy so they got their bath this morning instead), dressed them and dropped them off at school. 
Then I made a dash to the school office to say in spite of the rude text I received yesterday, I actually had paid out for Leona’s panto trip next week, I paid for it early December, and not only had I paid for it, I paid to HELP as well, so please could they find the nearly £15 I sent in ages ago and rectify the situation. 
When I got back home, I settled in to the fun stuff. Cleaning, paperwork and piles of washing. Just as I was about to put the second load in, I noticed I had ran out of washing tablets. So I made a dash to the local shop. 
Picture the scene. My hair was in what most people call a ‘Mum bun’ , I had no make up on , I had my old favourite cardigan on , it even has a small hole on the right sleeve…. I had leggings on and the cherry on the cake had to be the wellie boots. Not even nice ones. 
So there I was, in the shop with a few multipack bars of chocolate in my hands. I hadn’t really been looking where I was going, and as I came to the end of the aisle, I bumped into somebody. 
Shitting hell. 
Now I am not going to lie, I may have a slight … just slight fangirl thing going on with Darren Criss. It doesn’t help that I have been writing fanfiction about him lately , so yes, I suppose you could say that I wanted to see what happened next. But honestly, you had to be there to see it. 
As I looked up to say sorry, my cheeks immediately went bright red. It was like the English Darren Criss. 
And isn’t it just my luck to bump into the English Darren Criss on a day when I look my absolute worst. At my best, I wouldn’t get a chance…. it’s just the fact that I looked like absolute garbage made things a whole lot worse. 
So this guy, he was around the same height as DC , he had a smile like DC and his hair …. it was black like DC’s… but it wasn’t curly, nor was it like his character Blaine in Glee. It was between the two. He had huge eyes, and even they were not green like DC’s , they were a gorgeous blue. 
I went on a search of pictures for Darren (OK , I didn’t search… they have been on my laptop for months….) and I am including the picture I most think this guy at the shop looked like. 


It was like this, only no curls and blue eyes. The rest was almost exact, the smile… even the colour of his top. 

Yes girls, be jealous. Be very jealous that this was walking around my local shop. 

Anyway, as I said sorry, he said sorry, even though I have to admit, it was all me doing the erm…. bumping. 
I looked a state, my cheeks were red, I had just walked into a real good looking guy and then he reminds me of more embarrassing things. He looked at my hands. 

“You like chocolate.”

Fuck. Yes I do like chocolate. Why couldn’t I have been caught with apples or rice cakes or something? Instead of answering him in an actual normal human being type of way, you want to know what I responded with? 

“Yeah, and coffee.”

To his credit, he kept smiling. Maybe he thought I was insane and on a day trip. 

“Me too.”

Well how fucking awesome is that? A Darren Criss lookalike who likes coffee. It is all I look for in a man really. 

“Enjoy your chocolate, make sure you eat all of it at once.” He says with a smile as he walks off. (I am a chocoholic, but twelve bars is a bit excessive , even for me.) 

“Thanks.” I reply, with a goofy smile, my cheeks burning more and more as each second went past. I stood there for a minute in shock, and he paid for whatever he was getting. i have no idea what he brought, I am obviously not as observant as him. 

I went to the counter to pay for the chocolate, and as he walked out, he turned around and gave me a little wave. It was very cute. And then I got teased by the guy behind the counter who thought it was very funny how red my cheeks were. 

I walked home in a bit of a daze. Amazing how a little interaction with a sex God can perk you right up. 

Yes, I know what you are all thinking……. And you would all be right. 

I had to run back to the shop five minutes later because I forgot the washing tablets. 😉 What a ditz. 

So DC lookalike who likes coffee and recommends eating 12 chocolate bars in one go, if you are in to scruffy, tired looking red faced clumsy people who also likes coffee and follows your advice of eating insane amounts of chocolate, get in touch. You are obviously reading this…… 



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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts.”

  1. Oh my. I think I have to re-read it again. Classic. And hilarious. A day in the life of Laura. I really really do hope you will see him again soon, you would so deserve it. Crossing my fingers hard for you.

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