“Mummy…. What Is This?”

“Mummy…. What Is This?” said a tired, pale, snotty, sore throat, feverish and thoroughly miserable little five year old boy who was kept home from school today.
I looked at where he was pointing, his little face all frightened. It was a spot on his belly. I took his top off, and somehow, in the space of roughly… one and a half hours, he was covered in spots.
The Chicken Pox had made a visit to our house. The chicken pox is one of those annoying visitors. I had been anxiously waiting for it to come, I was even starting to get worried and paranoid when it dropped in on friends , but not us, and even cousins , but not us. I was worried the chicken pox didn’t want to visit. I also really didn’t want it to visit. Because seeing your children spotty, feverish, and miserable is not fun.
This is where I admit that I was a bad Mummy….. in hind sight I would have went for a different way of telling him.
“Aw… Lex honey…. Don’t be scared, but it looks like you have the chicken pox.”
Three little words…. Don’t be scared. So of course, that automatically meant he started crying his eyes out. (Lex really doesn’t cry all that often, I am being serious. Babies have those injections at two months, four months, six months…. and each time, the nurse would say…. now just because he didn’t scream last time, he will now, but he didn’t make a sound. They were astonished. Then when he had his injection at a year old. ‘Oh, this is the boy who never cried… he will now, he’s a year old, he will be aware if the pain…. nope, not so much as a flinch. Then again before he started school…. now they are children they get freaked out by the pain… no again….. My point being, he rarely cries!)
So anyway, I gave him a hug.
“You don’t need to cry, they will go away soon, they are not scary. Why are you crying?”
“Because you told me not to be scared , which means it’s something scary.”
So next comes my bad attempt at making him laugh.
“It really is nothing to worry about Lex. You will just look like a spotty monster for a little while.”
Cue more tears.
“Like a monster from Monsters Inc? I don’t want to look like Randall.”
“No… you won’t look like an actual monster, you will just look like you, with lots of spots.”
“Lots? How many is lots? I don’t want lots of spots!!”
“Well some people get only a few, because they don’t get it bad. And some people get covered because they get it worse so I can’t say how many you will get.”
“Some people get it bad? Aaaaa” *sniffle sniffle, blows nose, coughs, looks very sorry for himself*
So yes… I probably could have handled all that better. Leona knows a lot about chicken pox because she has seen people who have had them, Lex hasn’t, so it scared him a bit.
He got over the whole feeling scared after a few wobbles.
Wobbles such as me trying to reassure him (Digging a hole? Dig it deeper….)
“It’s great you haven’t got any on your face yet”
“You mean people get them ON THEIR FACE?!”
“Remember what Mummy said about not itching? We don’t want them to scar or cause you more pain.”

But, all joking and accidental scaring aside, he has been a star. I have not seen him itch once. Incredible. He hasn’t touched them at all and has shown amazing self restraint. Maybe he’s a human shield like Bella in the twilight books. Maybe. You never know….

And then of course we have had Leona. This has been a really fun part of the day.
“Mummy, I just had an itch on my ear.”
“Mum, quick , I see a spot on my hand.” < ‘No Leona, that is from the chocolate biscuit you just had.
“Mum, I just itched my belly.”
“Mum, I just felt itchy”
“Mum, I definitely have them, I just itched my toe.”
“Mum, what if I wake in the middle of the night and pop a blister spot?” << Not going to happen Leona , as you currently have none…
“Mum, I have one coming up on my mouth for sure.” < Food again.
“Mum, what if you run out of that lotion before I get them?” < I will buy more Leona.
“Mum, look at my shoulder, so I have one there?”

Tonight, I will power through the lack of sleep, calpol duty and all the snot,spots and coughing with chocolate. I will even accept donations 😉


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