I Spoke Too Soon

Just yesterday , my exact words were ….
“My son is the best, he’s not itching at all, I can’t believe how much control he has, he hasn’t even tried to scratch.”
Today, I have watched him trying to itch when he thinks I am not looking. They are obviously being a bugger today. Poor little boy is covered on his sides and back, but we only have four on the face so far. The most uncomfortable bit for him, is the number that are appearing underneath is hair. It’s making me annoyed for him. He has been itching those ones especially when he thinks I am not looking. 
This just proves, never get smug. Those little buggery spots will get even the best non itchers on the end. Just a second ago, as I type this up, he is doing a weird type of shuffle thing with his body. I think it is a way of itching, then again, it is Lex so he could just be dancing or doing something weird. 

And today, we had a little follow on fromthe willy’s and boobies post from the other day. Today, Lex was reading his book to me. 
“The mouse ran up the C – O – C – K” 
“Nearly honey, try sounding the word out again.”
“C- O-C-K …. Cock.”
“Ah so close. I think you are missing a letter out. Can you see the ‘L’?”
“Oh yeah. The mouse ran up the C- O- L – C- K. “
“Nope , not colck. Just look at the picture.”
“Clock, It’s a clock Mummy! The mouse ran up the CLOCK!”

There it is. 

And the latest update on Leona…..
“I just itched Mum.”
“My shoulder just had an itch Mummy.”
“I definitely have chicken pox now Mum”
“Did you just see that itch Mum.”
“I itched my nose Mum” 
“Mum, I need the lotion on, I just had an itch.”

It has only been 48 hours since constantly hearing these sentences. Only 48. 48 LONG hours. 😉

And another gem from Lex before I sign off. 

“It’s so unfair I have to take time off school because I have chicken pox.”
“Don’t worry, you will be back at school before you know it, you get to see all your friends again once you are all better.”
“No, I don’t want to see my friends, I want to show them my spots.”
“Oh…. I’m not sure your friends would want to see your spots Lex.”
“They would, we all love yukky things like spots and goo and brains and slime and snot and dog poop.”
“You and your friends like dog poop?”
“Yeah, because it’s disgusting. It’s so unfair you can’t have dogs at school.”
“Is everything unfair today Lex?”
“No. Only the fact I can’t show off my gross spots and the fact we can’t get any dog poop at school. Everything else is good.”

Glad to know son, glad to know. 


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