Spotty Update

Day 4 in the Big Brother house….
Wait, let me try that again.
Day 4 in the Chicken Pox house, and Lex is itching his spots despite pleas from his Mum not to do it. 
He is still getting tempuratures, sore throat and sniffles, and also, somebody has swapped him for a leopard … 
The battle to get lotion on him is fun, starts off great, but when it comes time for doing his armpits and sides, he loses his cool. Not in a bad way, he just giggles saying it’s too cold and runs away, but it gets tiring after the billionth time !

Update on Leona 

Leona “Should I be going to school today Mum?”
Me “Yes of course you should.”
Leona “But Lex has chicken pox.”
Me “Yes, Lex has them, you don’t.”
Leona “But what if I get them?”
Me “Then you get them.”
Leona “But what If I get them at school.”
Me “Then they will phone me and I will pick you up.”
Leona “But what if I itch at school?”
Me “Then you are probably just imagining things, only tell your teacher if spots start to appear.”
Leona “If I do get them, can I go to school anyway?”
Me  “No”
Leona “But I love school. Can you make sure you get all the work I would have to do from the teachers?”
Me “Yes Leona.”

Weird, nerdy, beautiful little child!

Oh , and I probably shouldn’t share this information on the interweb, but I have a talent for embarrassing myself so this is another conversation that went down while Leona was eating her breakfast. 

Leona “I had a dream about the panto we went to see last week.”
Me “Did you sweetie, that was a good panto wasn’t it?”
Leona “Yep, do you want to hear about my dream?”
Me “Of course Leona, do tell.”
Leona“I dreamt that everyone was scared of King Rat, just like in the real panto, and that he kept trying to hypnotise everyone to take them all to the sewers, but you didn’t need hypnotising to go with him because you said he was really hot and you wanted to marry him.”
Me “Oh….. really?”
Leona“Yes, and it was really embarrassing because all my friends were watching, trying not to be hypnotised and there you were , telling King Rat how handsome he is.”
Me “Right. Well, sorry for embarrassing you in dream land, but it was just a dream, don’t worry.”
Leona “Yeah but, you probably would marry King Rat even though he is mean and makes people live in sewers.”
Me “I probably wouldn’t Leona, King Rat doesn’t seem like a person I would want to marry.”
Leona “You want to marry all the boys from Glee. You even said if I marry Harry Styles, you will marry him instead.”
Me “What has that got to do with anything?!”
Leona “If I ever get a King Rat for a step Dad, I will not be happy.”

Then she shakes her head, walking off with attitude. Anyway, it’s not true, I thought Billy Bungalow was the hottest… 

So King Rat, if you are reading this, awfully sorry but…. I can’t marry you. Darren Criss , if you are reading, I’ll see what I can do…. 😉 


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