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So, just as Lex is starting to feel better despite breaking out in more spots today. Leona took one for the team. Bless her. 
Last night involved temps, more calpol, and a very sore throat. The best part was lack of sleep on all accounts . Those nights are always fun! 😉
I sent her to school Monday and Tuesday despite knowing that she was coming down with something, yesterday she nearly came home. The reason I sent her was A) Because she wanted to go and said she felt able …. and B) Because if we all know chicken pox like we think we do, she is likely to come down with it and I didn’t want her missing too much time off school. But you can’t send them to school when they are poorly like this , regardless of whether she may have to have more time off soon. 

Anyway… It seems to have become a bit of a theme now in these posts to do a word by word conversation from the littles, so here is the latest. 

Leona: It hurts when I swallow, it hurts when I eat, It hurts when I cough.”
Me: I know hun, you will feel better soon. It’s not nice having a sore throat.
Leona: But what if it is more than a sore throat?
Me: It’s just a sore throat. What else would it be?
Leona: What if it’s a poison berry in my throat making it hurt?
Me: Have you eaten ANY berries lately? (I know full well she hasn’t because we haven’t had any berries in the house for a while, just the usal bananas, oranges, apples, pineapple….)
Leona: No. But what if I swallowed one without knowing?
Me: Not possible
Leona: What if something fell into my mouth like a spider or a- a- hedgehog. They are prickly. That would make my throat hurt. 
Me: You would definitely know if you swallowed a hedgehog. 
Leona: But what about that song? There was an old woman who swallowed a fly and then a spider and then a cat and stuff. 
Me: That song was made up. It’s not real.
Leona: Yeah… well…. Dinosaurs are. They were real but nobody believed them. 

She struts off with her arms folded, knowing that she won that conversation 😉 

And another. 

Lex: Yona, are you gonna be brave as me when you get the chicken spots?
Leona: Yeah. And it’s the chicken POX 
Lex: I call it the chicken spots. Because they are spots.. What even are pox? I don’t have pox over me… I have spots. So they are the chicken spots. 
Leona: Well in that case, you should just call them spots because you don’t have chickens on you either . 

Lex looks very confused at this, shrugs, then walks away to get a DVD. 

Mum + Lex – 0 – 2 – Leona 


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