Bad Hair Day

Leona has been talking about ‘wacky hair day’ for ages now.

“We get to have our hair however we want for school! The wackier the better!”

“I could literally just get out of bed and not brush it”

I pointed out that’s not wacky, just dirty.

“I can spray my hair red or blue or silver.”

“I could cut one side really short and keep the other side long.”

Nope, that is not what it means at all Leona. But anyway…. we went for this.


You can’t really get just how wacky it is from the photo, but it is bad.

Poor little girl gets frizzy hair anyway thanks to catching my genes, but we decided to go extra frizz. Tiny plaited frizz. Then, just for good measure, we decided to put a very messy half bun right on top of her head which you can’t see in this picture. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we stuck five different coloured hair pieces in the bun which were flying out everywhere.

I will admit, I started to feel a bit bad for her on the way to school when we were looking at every one else and nobody actually seemed to have ‘wacky hair’ . I was thinking we may have overdone it, then I saw a boy from her class with bright red hair, and ears, and neck …. so there are probably worse. I will try to get another picture after school to show just how ‘wacky’ her hair really was.

Still no sign of chicken pox on Leona, much to her dismay.

But today we still have a very spotty boy, although a much happier spotty little boy.


In fact, he feels so good that he even declared

“Wow, if I feel this much better then I might even be ready to go back to school in three weeks or so.”

Sorry buddy, you will be going back much sooner than that!

He also has an appetite back which is brilliant. You know Lex is ill when he won’t eat even his favourite thing in the world, yoghurt. He had some breakfast this morning so he is getting back to himself which is awesome. He still looks cute with pussy blistery spots all over him and a permanently snotty nose, but he looks cuter without.

Meanwhile, I have a new favourite top.


Excuse the lack of make-up.

This is my granny top, and listen, if I am being really honest here, i think everyone should wear them. I can confirm that as I am now a twenty seven year old Mum of two…. I am at that stage where I really don’t give a crap what people think of the clothes I wear. And yes, maybe it looks a bit odd for a seventeen year old to wear granny blouses and thick knitted grey tights with spotty skirts, but now , I think it is awesome. So now I can say to my past teenage self…. ‘Don’t worry… you are actually bang on trend with your questionable fashion choices’ . When I say bang on trend, I mean bang on trend in my head, and really… that is all that matters.

And anyway, those who know me are certain that I am a 97 year old stuck in a 27 year old body, so my clothes represent me. And everyone has to be true to themselves. I don’t even like jeans. !!! I really don’t. I know it is considered the norm to wear them, and trust me, I have worn them tons… but now… I might just do away with them all. Because what looks cooler than lavender blouses and knitwear on your legs? Nothing, that is what.

Side note, Ali, don’t pass out in shock that I have my buttons done all the way up…. And there you were thinking my tops were all low cut 😛

If you are still awake after reading all of that, then I salute you , and I would send you a Blue Peter badge, except I probably wouldn’t because if I had one, I would keep it for myself.


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