Let’s Talk About Books Baby

OK , so the title of this probably isn’t as exciting as the actual title of the song. But I don’t want to talk about sex right now.

So, today , I had nothing to do. Nothing. So I grabbed some vouchers I had been given as a Christmas present, and headed for town. Of course I went straight for the bookshop. Of course.

There are few things in life better than buying a book. Apart from you know…. world peace, cures for illnesses and stuff like that.

You just walk into a bookshop and breathe in right? Book smell. Wow, imagine if I ever met a man that smelt like book. I would be his. Anyway, I knew what I needed to get.

Chris Colfer is not only on my favourite TV show of all time, oh no. He is also a best selling Author. Now listen, I will happily admit that when I first heard he had a book out, I brought it because he is a Glee team member. I mean, I like books, and I like Glee, so I honestly wouldn’t have cared if it was shite. So, the first book I owned of his was The Land Of Stories – The Wishing Spell. I was super impressed. Seriously, the guy can write. Very vivid imagination, It’s a book about what happens beyond the FairyTales we all know and love. Great stuff like how the whole Sleeping Beauty Kingdom are constantly tired after the curse, and how Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood were in a love triangle with Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. Brilliant! I read his book in a day and was SO happy when he announced a second book for the series. While waiting for this book, I ordered another one of his, Struck By Lightning – Also very good . It was made into a film that I haven’t seen yet.
So even though the second book, The Land Of Stories – The Enchantress Returns was released a few months ago, I got it today. I am already half way through and absolutely adore it. And just to top it off, he released the cover for his THIRD in the series – The Land Of Stories – A Grimm Warning. So anyway, this made me happy. I love Glee, I love books, I love Chris Colfer ….


And trust me, you all want to see my happy dance.

While at the bookshop, I decided to get a few others with the vouchers.

12 Years A Slave


I know, I am that geek that has to read the book before seeing the film. Also, I REALLY WANT SOMEBODY TO GIVE ME A LIBRARY JUST LIKE BEAST DID FOR BELLE. PLEASE?



Everyone is raving about it, so I thought I would give it a whirl.



The book after Divergent. They both look promising and I am looking forward to them.

Now comes the best one, the one with a story.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


So I saw this book and thought of erm…. Me. I take my book pile to the counter where an uber cool girl is serving. You could tell she’s intelligent ya know? Blonde hair, wacky glasses, just pure awesome if you will. She scans the books, and Fangirl was the last of the books to be scanned.
She holds it up.

“Ohmygod! You are going to LOVE this book! This book , is me… in a book.”

I start laughing. I have the really annoying ability to hold a conversation with brick walls/strangers/inanimate objects/people …. anything really. I can talk. I suppose it could be listed as one of my talents. My only talent. Anyways, I reply to the girl.

“I thought it sounded like me, so I had to get it! Although it is a bit worrying that I am 10 years older than the character in the book.”

Her mouth drops open.

“No way! You’re 27? Me too!! I thought I was the oldest fangirl out there!”

More laughter….

“Oh no, there is probably a whole load of us ….”

She laughs, then looks at me really seriously…..

“We don’t look 27.”

She really did have a point. So anyway… she starts bagging my books up. Then she looks at The Land Of Stories one.

“Wait…. The Land Of Stories? Let me guess, you’re a Gleek.”

This girl was so smart. I loved her.

“I sure am.”

Then she smiles at me.

“In that case, you are a fangirl of the same person as me. Hi fellow Darren Criss fan.”

Boom! There it is.

I wanted to marry her on the spot in a non lesbian way so we could talk about Darren Criss forever, but she had other customers so ….. bummer.

Point is, she was awesome, and it’s always great to make friends in a book shop. Today, there were no hot nerds in sight, just men between 70-90 .

Lex went back to school today. He was missed.

Leona still has no spots, but tomorrow marks exactly two weeks since Lex caught them so watch this space.


Other happenings from the day include – Dropping an umbrella on my head, cutting my finger open with same umbrella, and falling over in my kitchen. It’s been fun.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Books Baby”

  1. Chris Colfer’s mind is so magical. Where I thought that The Wishing Spell was a bit slow and predictable, there’s no denying how clever and thought out it was. The next book in that series, The Enchantress Returns, was a lot better, so if you haven’t read that yet, I suggest you do.
    Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant were soooo amazing. Such page turners and I’m not even a huge dystopian genre fan, but I loved these books.
    I’m on a waiting list for Fangirl and I can’t wait because as a fangirl myself and reading reviews from other fangirls, it looks like a good book. 😀

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      He really does have a magical mind doesn’t he? I just finished The Enchantress Returns yesterday, and it was brilliant. You are right, it was better than the first, but both were still good. Bring on the third now!
      I hope the wait isn’t too long for Fangirl, I’m about to dive into it tonight, looking forward to it! Have a great weekend! xxx

  2. First of all: YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE DIVERGENT/INSURGENT. I am completely all over it, it’s absolutely amazing.
    Second of all: this has to be my favourite blog post of you EVER. A blog about being in a bookshop. There’s practically nothing in this world that might be able to top this. Except for Leonardo DiCaprio standing on my doorstep.
    Third of all: I hate you, because you are able to make friends in a bookshop. If stuff like that would happen to me, I could die happily. Bookshops are a normal person’s heaven (some girls say real heaven is a shoe store – seriously?!), and I am happy I’m friends with someone who see that like I do. Sometimes I choose the right people to be in my life 🙂 xxx

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