And The Verdict Is….

Chicken Pox. That’s right folks, exactly two weeks to the day her brother got them, Leona decided she wanted in and magically started producing red spots around various parts of her body. Amazing. 

This morning was a weird one for me. Lex has been back at school and enjoyed seeing his friends again, and I knew that if Leona was going to come down with the pox, that it would be any day now. 

So they had breakfast, and they were chilling out before school. I made sure Lex was all sorted and had fluffy hair, you know, all the important things. Leona was sprawled out on the rug , adding to her homework. Yes, adding to it. That is the type of wonderful nerdy little thing she is and I adore her for it. 


Anyway, it was time to make sure Leona was all ready, and as she got changed into her school stuff, she pointed to her belly, much the same as Lex had done two weeks ago. 

There was a very faint, red spot. And an even smaller, faint one just above it. But I wasn’t sure. She felt well in herself, the spots were just so faint compared to Lex’s. Bad Mum moment – I decided she would go to school anyway. In my head, I couldn’t logically keep her off for two minuscule spots that were barely visible when she felt fine. In my defense, Lex had felt awful when he got the pox, raging temperatures for five days,, lethargic, no appetite, and the spots appeared almost straight away, so you can see why I was a bit dubious. 

Anyway, we raced up the hill on the way to school, it seemed like a fun thing to so and it happens most mornings, only Leona was a bit tired and couldn’t be bothered. This is when I started suspecting the two faint dots may actually be the pox. 

When we got into the playground, I saw Lex in to school, then turned to Leona. I was supposed to say “If you are feeling unwell, we can go home.” Only I didn’t need to because she looked very pale and a tiny spot had also appeared on her cheek. So back home we went. 

When we got home, I questioned my parenting skills again, she was fine, asking to play on her tablet , But by half 10ish she was tired , starting to feel hot and had a few more faint spots on her body. 

As the day has went on, she has had a few more spots appear, so we are now officially calling it the chicken pox. 

But after pretty much wishing for it the last few weeks , it was a different tale today. 

“I think it’s definitely the pox Leona. You finally got them.”
“But… but…. I don’t want them.”
“You will be OK honey, lots of huggles and rest. It won’t be scary.”
“But I’m gonna look like Lex did. Oh my god. “
“You might not get them as bad. You might get more. Who knows? But we can do things to take our minds off it , like bake some cakes or something. “
“But what if I infect the cakes with chicken pox?”
“Unlikely, but noted.”
“What if, yesterday when I was at school, I gave everyone the spots without knowing? You know like a fairy with a wand? Going round and sprinkling dust on everyone, except I sprinkled the whole school with spots which isn’t as nice as fairy dust.”
“That didn’t happen Leona. We were at the school just this morning. Everyone’s fine.”
“Well it’s not gonna happen yet is it? It takes two weeks. Two weeks from now, the whole school are gonna have chicken pox, all because of me. Well no, I refuse to take the blame. It’s Lex’s fault.”
“You’re not going to infect the school , and we can’t blame Lex. He caught it off one of his classmates. It’s just one of those things. It will be fine.”
“Yeah well, I’m still blaming Lex anyway.”

So yeah, Leona ain’t too happy about the chicken pox now she actually has them. Pretty sure we all saw that one coming! 

In other news, I have a bit of a motivational thing happening right now so if you hate optimism, please…. look away. 

I have been thinking about things lately, and I truly believe that if you want something, you can get it. If you are willing to work hard enough for it, it will come. Things don’t just fall in our laps. That would be nice (as long as whatever it is we want isn’t too heavy, we wouldn’t want broken legs.) But it just doesn’t happen like that. 

I have been focusing ALL my spare time and energy into writing the last few weeks. Fanfictions, personal things, my book I am working on. Yes, I am working on a book, and yes, I am determined to get it published. I came so close, and it’s not that ‘I don’t want to fall again’ , It’s more that ‘I won’t fall again’ . 

Of course I’m not the best writer in the world, but is anyone? The guy I was raving about yesterday, Chris Colfer = AKA Best selling author, made me laugh so much with a tweet the other day. It said something about how his editors wrote him a note for his next book saying ‘You don’t have to describe an egg as oval shaped, we get it’ . Ha!! I love how he has released these books and still gets notes like that! 

It’s a fine line between being OVERLY descriptive when writing or being bland and boring. 

If I am being honest, I am maybe on the bland and boring scale right now, but it doesn’t mean I won’t work my ARSE off to try and get somewhere. I dislocated my bloody finger just by writing the other day, and if that isn’t dedication, then what is?! 

And to get back to my favourite saying which my friends are SICK of, ‘Believe You Can and You Are Halfway There.’ 

And I believe I can. 


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One thought on “And The Verdict Is….”

  1. You should stop posting about your two angels, because that way I more and more want to finally meet them. This is torture! (no seriously, don’t stop, keep going).

    And the motivational thing gives me one more reason to look up to you. I wish I had the motivation and strength to do what you do, as I love writing to bits, too. And I hope one day I will find the same spot inside of me that allows me to get it going again, maybe also in publishing one day. Your motivation and skills are what makes me keep this hope, because I see on you that I can do it if I work hard. Thank you for once again opening up my eyes xxx

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