Say what?

“What did you have to eat at the party today Lex?
“Chicken nuggets and chips,”
“Oh lovely, were they nice?”
“Not really. My chicken nuggets had fish in them.”
“Erm… are you sure they weren’t fish fingers?”
“No, they were CHICKEN nuggets with FISH in them.”
“I don’t think they were…. are you sure they weren’t fish nuggets?” 
“Who has even heard of a fish nugget? No. They were chicken, with fish in. Ask anyone.”
“Fair enough. Did you eat them?”
“Of course.”
“Oh well, that’s good then.”
“I also had beer.”
“I don’t think you did.”
“Yeah I did.”
“Orange juice beer. The orange juice had beer in.”
“Or maybe the beer had orange juice in?”
“No Mum, that is not how it works.”

He then rolls his eyes, and struts off to blow on very noisy whistle from the party bag. 

*disclaimer* I am 99% sure my five year old didn’t actually have beer. Or orange juice beer. Or beer orange juice. Just so you all know. 


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4 thoughts on “Say what?”

  1. Classic!
    We are still in the complete nonsense faze at nearly 3…
    Daughter: “Oh look butterflies. Just like the pharmacy!”
    Me: “Really are their butterflies at the pharmacy?”
    Daughter: “No Mummy.”
    Me: “Why did you say butterflies then?”
    Daughter: “Huh?”

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