I really hate to break the news to Pharrell Williams, but I know one little girl who definitely can’t “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” – Because she really isn’t happy. 
So my blog title is ironic, i’m clever like that. 
Last night was miserable for her. Miserable. She was , to quote her favourite group One Direction ‘Up All Night’ , but it wasn’t in a good partying way to see the sun like the famous fivesome. Oh no. 
It was in a ‘I’m so sad, I’m so poorly, This has never happened to anyone in the world before but me’ Kind of way. 
All joking aside, Leona, is COVERED. I can’t stress enough just how covered she is compared to Lex. Every part of her body has been overtaken by the dreaded pox. Even tricky bits like the inside of ears and nose, and between the fingers. 
As I said a few blog posts ago, Lex is like Bella from Twilight, he seems to possess a human shield type of quality that protects him from feeling itchy and agitated . He was chilled, calm, and good as gold when he was ill, and credit where credit is due, he usually is. He has the ability to just sleep things off. It’s a good quality to have. 
Leona on the other hand, since the moment she was born , she has never thought it cool to sleep during the day. Even when ill. Oh no. Sleep is for other people. If she could have spoken at the age of two months, she would have told me that under no circumstances would she be sleeping.
But , she possesses her own cool magic powers. She has the ‘moaning’ superpower. No, for real, she is being as brave as she can possibly be. She really is covered , in fact, I would say it is definitely the worst case of chicken pox I have seen in real life so far. 

Lex tried to give her some reassuring words before he went to school this morning. 

“Yona, don’t worry. I think you will only get a couple of hundred more as the week goes on. Because you had so many to start with, there won’t be many more to come.”
“A couple of hundred? That’s LOADS! Mum, Lex said I’m going to get hundreds more spots, is it true???”

Then there was this…..

“Hey Yona, you will stop feeling so poorly soon. And when you stop feeling poorly, all that matters then is disgusting scabs and itchiness, oh and a couple of mine bled, so …. don’t worry.”
“Mum, how many scabs am I gonna get? Lex said they are gonna bleed. Muuuummmmm.”

Once Lex was at school, Leona thought about things and decided that he really was a good brother for being so nice. 

Anyway, here is hoping for a better night tonight!

Nearly half way through Fangirl and I absolutely love it. My next book once this one is done will be 12 Years A Slave , which is a bit of a step in the other direction, but it will be a very good, very horrific read. 

In other news, my laptop charger decided to break, so I will be without one until Wednesday. So until then, I am back to scribbling things down in notebooks, which is completely my favourite thing to do. 

For now, I am off to see if there is anywhere else I can put white gloop on Leona to ease her itching! 


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