The Owls

Today, Lex had some owls visit his school.
“They were so cool Mum! Did you know they eat raw chicken?”
I really didn’t know they ate raw chicken no. But I let him have it. And then he said….
“Owls eat people breakfast. Like real people. Like coco pops and golden nuggets.”
I was skeptical of course. But then he had to be telling the truth as he said…
“And if Percy the Owl doesn’t have his coco pops at breakfast time , he gets angry. Which is why he was allowed to eat breakfast in the hall with us when we were eating our lunch.”
Ah. Must be true. In the same conversation, he went on to ask …
“How did aliens make the whole world in 7 days?”
Erm… I think they are telling that story wrong.


In other news – Leona Amy, I may have said a tiny bit about your whinging on this blog since you have been ill, but I love it really.
And I love you. I love you more than what I could ever express, and the fact that you are so poorly tears me up.
Which is why I am sitting here writing this blog post on my phone, watching you sleep.
You just look so sorry for yourself today. And you have every right to be down in the dumps. If I could take it away from you, I would in a heartbeat.
It was a relief hearing you snore so you can get better again, these chicken pox are really doing a number on you right now. Temperature,  no favourite dinner, not even mint choc chip ice-cream….
The worst bit is not even being able to give you hugs because you say your spots are too irritating. Well, you are more worried that I will pop the blisters and yeah, that is yukky so ….
Anyway, I love you.

Soppiness over, as you were!


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