Blurred Lines

So, earlier on, I caught the kids singing Blurred Lines. Yes, really. It is a very popular song of a school lunch time apparently…. 
It amused me no end. 

Somehow, instead of singing 
“I know you want it.”

They were singing
“I know you’re pregnant….”

No , seriously, I have no clue. All other lines were hummed….. it went something like this. 

“Blah blah hum hum hum BLURRED LINES… I know you’re pregnant lalalala blahahaha BLURRED LINES….”

Very, very weird. 

Miss Leona had a rough Monday. She was super poorly. In fact, I have only ever seen her that poorly once in her whole life, so the fact that today she was singing was a huge step forward and made my heart happy, even if it was a weirdly inappropriate song about somebody being pregnant!

Today she has been lazing around in silk pajama’s , demanding peeled grapes. And who is her slave I hear you ask? Me of course. Obviously I don’t really view myself as her slave. Just her Mum/Grape peeler/Slave. 

The fact that the sparkle is back in her eyes today makes me want to high five Lord Voldermort. And I’m not even in the Harry Potter fandom . 

Speaking of Fandom, while Leona chilled out in her finery and slept a bit, I finished Fangirl. The finishing of this book should have meant me starting the other books I can’t wait to read. But instead, Fangirl inspired me to write. Write , write and write some more. Handwriting, typing, you name it, I’m doing it. I also want a typewriter. A really old fashioned typewriter, just so I can sit there , clunking buttons with fake glasses on the end of my nose, and sigh. Like… really dramatically sigh. Then tear out the paper, screw it up, chuck it towards the general direction of a bin that is already overflowing with screwed up paper, and start again. Then I will be a real writer. 

On second thoughts, I suppose I could just carry on typing on my laptop, with my real glasses, and not sigh. Because hopefully I will be producing stuff that does not require a dramatic sigh….

I totally went off track there, but what I meant to say was yes, Fangirl inspired me to write. Rainbow Rowell inspired me to write. And I am not sure that is such a good thing because before the book I was already writing an incredible amount. As soon as the kids are asleep I write. As soon as they are at school and I am not/working/out/houseworking/anything … I write. So the fact that now I am writing more …. well. I’m not sure where I can go with it. 

In the book, Cath takes a Fiction Writing course. Be still my beating heart. Yes, OK . I’m a nerd. I wish I was a nerd in the cool way. But I am just a nerd. Which is ironic, because most nerds are smart, and I certainly am not. #SmartIsSexy . Anyway, this Fiction Writing course, how I would love it. I have looked into it of course, many times, and it’s not possible. Not for me. No place near me does that kind of a course, and if they did, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. It doesn’t mean I will be giving up though. Not at all. 

The beautiful thing about being an author is that you can be from all walks of life. You don’t need a fancy college degree to sell a few books. It just depends on your imagination, your writing style, your passion…. and I am not saying I have any of those. But I feel it somewhere, wanting to come up. And that can only be a good thing. So anyway, thanks Fangirl, for making my fingers hurt even more than what they already did! 

Every time I read a good book, it somehow sends me running for my Nicholas Sparks stash. He is definitely a Go To author. He is one of my all time favourite authors. I have four other books that I need to start reading, but right now, I am reading Safe Haven, even though I have read it three times. I will be finished with it fairly quick, as I know it nearly by heart, the same goes for nearly all of his other books. But his books always take me to a happy place. 

I just realised how weird this post is…. my kids singing weird songs about pregnancy to inspiring authors. So I think I am going to end it there. But before I do, may I just say….. A FEW WEEKS TIL GLEE! *High fives Lord Voldemort again.*


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One thought on “Blurred Lines”

  1. Well thank you, because now, whenever I listen to “Blurred Lines”, I will listen closely to the words, trying to notice if it’s really saying “I know you’re pregnant” and the entire world was wrong this entire time! Well done, Leona! 😉
    Apart from that, you saying that you don’t have imagination, writing style or passion – bullshit. You ARE talented, period. Not many writers have left me with so many smiles while reading and such a content feeling in my stomach as you have done when I was finished with what you put onto paper (or in that case, onto a website). Plus, I felt the same push of writing adrenalin when I first read Cody McFadyen’s “Shadow Man” or Stephen King’s “On Writing” (the latter, mostly) as you have done, so I know exactly how you feel. And isn’t it a beautiful feeling to have such an inspiration and motivation inside of you?
    Keep on writing, Laura xxx

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