Get Back On The Saddle

The title of this blog obviously doesn’t apply to me as I can’t ride horses. Or for that matter, even get onto a horse without losing a huge amount of dignity. Just thought I should share some words of wisdom. The saying only applies to people with horses , obviously. But actually , scratch the advice to get back on, because it is really windy out there right now and I don’t want to be responsible for horse riders around the country being blown off. Because then I would just have to tell them to get back on the saddle again, and as it was silly advice in the first place, it will be a pointless and vicious circle….

So anyway, I have an ill Lex again today. Lex , who rarely ever gets ill … is poorly again , just after recovering from the nasty pox. All three of us seem to have been in a weird rotating circle of illness since New Year. That is the second time I have referenced a round shape in this blog post. Going for gold obviously. 


Leona is still covered in circle like spots (OK , three mentions of circles is enough, I quit). 


I am currently half way through Divergent by Veronica Roth. My head is full of Factions and stuff right now, and yes…. so far, the book is worth the hype. I wonder how it feels for an author sometimes to have that much pressure…. having a book take off in such a rapid way… with the whole world waiting for the next installment. That must be the most terrifying/best feeling in the world. Obviously, Veronica Roth has already written the next installments, but I wonder how much insane pressure she felt. 

I have never thought about that before, about if that could happen for someone like me. I feel like if I said it could never happen to me, then I would be admitting that anything I write wouldn’t be good enough for it to be popular. And that would be a lie, because I am writing material for it to be read. But saying it could happen is presumptuous and a step too far. 

The only goal I have ever had in terms of writing is getting a book published. Somehow, in someway, having something of mine worthy of being published. I have never, ever thought beyond that. It is hard enough having something published in this day and age, so to think of how many sales the book could have , well, that is something I can’t comprehend. 

I truly am one of those ‘cliche’ , dreamer type of people. Imagine , walking into a book shop, and seeing YOUR book on the shelf. The fact that I can’t imagine it bothers me. Because if I can’t imagine it, then…. 

Well anyway, who knows. I don’t know what I am trying to say actually. 

So with that , I am off to read some more Divergent. 


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