A Mixed Review

Note- If you have not read Divergent but want to, do not read this. Also, if you are a fan of The Hunger Games but have not yet finished the series , or you are waiting for the last films to come out, again, do not read this review. Also please note, it is my personal review. Many of you will disagree. But let’s not fight. Let’s make love instead. As long as you look like Darren Criss. 




So… I just finished reading Divergent. And as soon as I read the book, I hurried over to TanTans blog review of the book, something I had deliberately not read yet until the book was complete.  http://theatrelovers.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/book-review-veronica-roth-divergent/ Check her review out for a COMPLETELY different summary to the one here. 

After reading both the book and Tanja’s review , I felt the need to post my own. 

Unlike Tanja, the book gripped me in the first few chapters. But also, unlike Tanja, I can’t say I was thrilled with how the book turned out, despite my love for it at the start. 

Don’t get me wrong, Veronica Roth is beyond talented . To create that world, the Fanctions, the people… she left me in awe of her writing. 

But the book lost me. Maybe it became too muddly and war like towards the end, I don’t know… it just lost me a bit. 

Like Tanja, I am a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games series, and they remain some of my favourite books of all time. To me, there is really no comparison in the books. The Hunger Games lived up to the hype, Divergent , for me…. did not. 

It’s not to say I didn’t like the book. It was a great read. It’s not something I would read again though. I think , if the first book had just focused on maybe two of the Fanctions… the two Tris had feelings about… Abnegation and Dauntless, then the book wouldn’t have lost me. 

I liked the trials Tris faced as she tried desperately to fit in her ‘new’ Faction . I liked the battles she faced everyday there, her enemy Peter, the friends she made, the romance that begun with Four AKA Tobias. I loved all that. There was enough drama. The tragic moment when Al committed suicide…. The simulations she had to face, the emotional aspect of not being with her family anymore, it was enough. 

So by the time the war and the complicated bits were introduced to the book, I was a bit… well, I know I keep saying it, but lost. 

It felt like it was just thrown in for the last quarter of the book to ‘bring something dramatic’ into it. Fans of Divergent are probably reading this review open mouthed right now. I have to stress, I did like it. I really did. Just not as much as I expected to. I will be reading the second book. And being a bit of an OCD freak, I will read the third, even if I am still not impressed with the series, I will have to read them all. 

I will also watch the film out of curiosity. 

But it just goes to show, In the world of books, no two opinions are ever the same. And this is the case here, usually, Tanja and I are quite agreeable on the books we read, but difference is what makes the world go round for sure. 

I always chuckle to myself at the fact that I am the only person I know who read The Hunger Games series that insists Katniss and Gale should have ended up together. It’s just my opinion. The majority go for the Katniss/Peeta ship. 

And at the heart of it all, that is the great thing about books and fiction. You can disagree, you can imagine things the way you wanted them to happen, you can grow to love them, you can become disappointed. And that is why I will forever be a book nerd. 

I have to end this by saying that I stand by my original statement. Veronica Roth is possibly one of the most talented authors I have happened to read yet. And just because I was mixed about one of her books, does not mean that I wouldn’t read her others. She deserves every bit of success this series has and will continue to give her. 


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One thought on “A Mixed Review”

  1. I have to say, I am as surprised as you that we do not agree on our view of this book. But then again, as you stated it so wisely: life would be boring.
    I also have to say that I think you’re review is as justified as mine, not only because it’s YOUR opinion and this is YOUR blog, but because although my opinion is so different from yours, I can understand where you’re coming from. The end definitely turned into a warzone-like thing, different to the first part of the book. I have to admit, I loved the part where Roth describes Tris’ initiation life more than the actual war part, but…yeah. What I’m trying to say is: you’re completely obliged to state your opinion in the way you did in this post, and I really understand and absolutely like it. Well done, now I’m excited about the reviews to the next two books.

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