The Great Hair Debate

Today, Leona, Lex and I were off to see my nieces and nephew. I have been putting Leona’s hair in plaits since the chicken pox came a knocking, her hair gets really tangled,  I wanted to cause her as little pain as possible and plaits are always easy to comb out. 

So the kids had a morning bath today before we went on our travels. When Leona was all done, I started plaiting her hair. Anyone would think I was performing dental surgery the way she grumbled. 

“Why do you always have to do my hair like this?”
“I told you, it doesn’t get as tangly, I don’t want to hurt the spots on your head.”
“But you always do my hair in different ways, even when I don’t have the pox.”
“I don’t always do your hair in plaits, usually just a pony or something. but it’s nice to have pretty hair sometimes.”
“But this one girl in my class, she is so lucky. She just gets out of bed and then comes to school with her hair down every day. She barely bothers to brush it.”
“I’m sure she does brush it Leona. I don’t think her parents would let her go to school with unbrushed hair.”
“You are missing the point, why can’t I just not brush my hair?”
“You are missing the point, people have to brush their hair.”
“But Charlie and Lola isn’t real…. you don’t really get a birds nest on your head if you don’t brush your hair.”
“Uh huh, pass me that hairband. Ta”

Climbs up to look in the mirror. 

“My hair looks so pretty. Thanks Mum.”

Gives me a kiss and runs off to play. 



As you can see , she is delightfully spotty still. As much as Leona has become a typical little seven year old, she has the most loving heart of anyone I know. She really does. I wish I was making this next conversation up because it is so cheesy it makes your eyes hurt, but it’s all the truth. 

The kids were watching TV and someone who was on the larger side appeared. This person wasn’t famous, I think it may have even been an advert or something, I was going through the post at the time so wasn’t taking much notice. But the lady looked to be maybe in her 50’s, short greying hair and to be honest, she looked grumpy as hell. 

Leona : Aw look Mum, look at that nice lady.

I take a quick look, then go back to what I was doing. 

Leona: She’s really pretty isn’t she?”
Me: Uh huh.
Lex: I think Wapunzels pretty.
Leona:  Rapunzel is pretty Lex, but so is this lady. Just because she doesn’t have long glowing hair and a purple dress, you still have to think she’s pretty.
Lex: Why? 
Leona : Because she has a beautiful heart and she has people who love her. Everyone in the world should have people who love them. Everyone in the world is pretty.
Lex walks off to get his kids tablet, shrugging. 
Lex: I playing my bubble game now Yona. 

End of conversation. 



Wise words from Leona though, very wise words. People can be all too quick to judge, and my heart melts that she thinks everyone in the world is pretty. Because they are. And that is how she should see the world. Being ugly on the inside is to be ugly on the outside. 




This little darling is Jessica my youngest niece. She’s so sweet, and that in her hands … is pinky. Lex has a bluey. Lex loves his bluey, but not as much as Jessica loves her pinky. Lex was born 01/10/2008 and Jessica was born 01/11/2008 , there is exactly one month between them and they were given these by an Aunty when they were born. I am telling you, the world would end if Jess ever lost pinky. 



This is my oldest niece Evie. Weirdly enough there is only a moth and a halfish separating Leona and Evie as well. Evie was born 03/03/2006 and Leona was born 25/04/2006 so all four of the cousins are very close in age. 

My nephew Zachary who I didn’t get any pictures of due to him being a bit of a grump at the moment is the baby of the five. He will be 2 years old on 02/03 , exactly one day before his big sister Evie turns 8!!



Lex has always been used to being surrounded by three girls, Leona , Evie and Jessica. He often pulls these faces a lot when they suggest playing Mums and Dads. He is still waiting for Zac to get bigger so they can play more manly games 😉 Don’t worry Lex, I will never tell anyone that you secretly love games the girls play and that you are usually the first one holding the little plastic dolly!


They all had a good afternoon with each other. 

Tomorrow, I shall be starting on my second Rainbow Rowell book, Eleanor and Park. I can’t wait! I have heard nothing but good things about it. 

I am also closer to finishing my own book I have been working on. It needs some tweaks before I dare send it around, but I am happy with where it is going. 

Believe you can and you are halfway there.


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