Fiction or Reality?

Being a huge book worm, I have had plenty of conversations with erm… people who aren’t worms of any kind about the cons of books. 

They say things like….

“Books aren’t real”
“Books are just words on a page.”
“Life is never like a book.”

But I find that to be bullcrap. Of course books are real. I truly believe that everything is based on something. 

People tell me that it is impossible to have a romance like books portray, again, that is bullcrap. Life is what you make it, and if I want to go out and find myself a book romance, then I will make it so. 

Books can be anything you want them to be. Just the way a movie touches someone’s soul, or the way a song creeps into your bones, books can grab you right in the heart. 

You could obviously argue and say that Harry Potter isn’t real. The world portrayed in the books isn’t real maybe, but the characterization is real. The feelings we sometimes have of Love, Friendship, Loneliness and Fear are all real. 

I just finished Eleanor and Park today, and it was amazing. In my opinion, it’s nice to have a guy like Park in your life sometimes. 

Next up in the Rainbow Rowell collection is Attachments, she has become a favourite author of mine in just two weeks, and she hasn’t even released her fourth book yet. Impressive. 

Today I watched The Fault In Our Stars movie trailer and teared up. Going to need a shit load of kleenex and chocolate to get me through that movie. 

I don’t have too much to say today, for once. I have some thoughts I need to channel into some creative writing, so if anybody wants me, which is doubtful, I can be found with biscuits and books and laptops and pens and paper and cushions and hot water bottles and EVERYTHING around me. I purposely didn’t give you a location so you won’t actually be able to find me. But still. 


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