Memory Box

Yes, I know it’s a ‘cliche’ , but I firmly believe every kid should have a memory box to open when they turn eighteen. So I have been working on that this week for both of the littles. It has taken me this long to get round to doing it, but the point is, I got round to it. I definitely deserve something for that. Something in the form of Hugh Jackman. Possibly. 
Anyway, picking the perfect box has been difficult. How big should it be? What colour? What if I want to add more stuff to it. Which I no doubt will want to, In the end I decided on a standard shoe box, and I have covered them with paintings and drawings the kids have done while growing up. That way, the box is their own ‘art’ , and you can always find shoe boxes, so if I need to add more, I can just do another shoe box! 
They will probably end up with about fifteen each! 
The thing is, I didn’t get anything like this when I turned a special age. I barely knew what I looked like as a baby. (There is one picture of me where I completely look like a boy, in boys clothes. I actually look very cute. If I were a boy….)

Case in point…..



But on a serious note, I am a very sentimental person, I would have loved to look back on some of this stuff. Leona will be thrilled to pull out a maths test from when she was 6 to find out it was the highest scored test in the class. Lex will be just as excited to see the litlle flat blobs he draws that are supposed to resemble people. Or is it just me?! Maybe they will take one look at them and be like…. nah. And if they do that it’s fine. i will keep them. I have photocopied everything I am putting in, and the stuff that can’t be copied, I have taken pictures of. I don’t want to lose these memories. 

I am so lucky to have two beautiful children and I want them to look back on what they achieved. I want to look back with them and smile. 

So far, their boxes include … 

Tons of photographs, the pile will get bigger. 

A notebook of all my favourite/cute things they said and what age they were. Again, it will grow. 

Drawings, schoolwork, tests. 



Their baby hats. 

Party invites so they can remember all their school friends.

I never understood the fascination with keeping baby teeth, that is gross to me, but I will admit I kept a lock of their hair from the first cut. Yes, I am THAT type of parent. Sorry. 

Needless to say, the boxes are nearly full, and there will be more stuff to add. If any of you reading this have made memory boxes, what have you included? Would love to hear from you!

Yes. It is lovely to look back. It is sentimental, and sweet, and it makes your heart hurt. But you know what’s even better than looking back? Looking forward. Making new memories. I can’t have Leona as a baby again, I can’t have Lex as a baby again. I can’t have them toddling around anymore, and I can’t have their first days of school one more time (thank God, that was heartbreaking.) But we can have new times. 

I love them both so much, and I hope more than anything that when they receive their boxes, that they are also proud of themselves. They should be. They are amazing little people. 

London Town, I’m coming to get you tomorrow. You better be ready. (It always makes me laugh when people say that, but I mean…. It’s me. London should be prepared. I gave it a fair warning.) 

Quick note on the short story from earlier. 
Thank you to everyone who read it. I really appreciate it. 

It was intended as a quick one shot. It is nothing I have been working on, it was a five minute idea that I wrote down. I am going to try a short story a day for a week, covering different topics/emotions. It gets you practice so why not? 
Look out for more as the week goes on. Again, anything I ever post online is nothing like the standard of quality I would send out to any publishers. My ‘real’ writing work would have to be completely perfect for sending away, and even then it would be corrected one hundred times over before it would be considered anywhere. But as the future is always uncertain in the publishing world, for now, to keep me amused mainly, I am doing shorts and fanfics while i perfect my ‘real’ work. 
Thank you again, you all rock. Like rock stars. Or the seaside rock. Either the rocks on the sand at the beach or the chewy hard rock that not only breaks your teeth, but gets stuck in them and tastes like mint and concrete no matter what flavour you have. But no, you all rock like rock stars so scratch the seaside bit. 


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One thought on “Memory Box”

  1. What a bloody gorgeous baby you were! That’s all.
    No, just kidding. Lovely post. Wish I had had someone who would’ve done that for me, it’s a wonderful thing to do and to look back at. Lex & Leona will definitely love it when they’re older.

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