Quick Visit

Today, I had a last minute trip to one of my favourite places in the world. London! 
Apart from, today…. I wasn’t that much in love with London. It was nothing to do with London personally, London still treats me right ya know? It was just ….. Driving from 5 in the morning and not arriving til nearly 10…. that’s nearly five hours folks, just for the ones reading who may not be able to add up. And it wouldn’t have been so bad … but we had to leave at 10. So …. five hour trip to spend ten minutes there was a bit…. I am doing a lot of dots today because I am dog tired. You should all probably completely ignore this blog post. It was nearly as bad on the drive home, a two hour trip took 4 hours. So yes. 
There were definitely highlights. I always like to look for a silver lining. 

The absolutely sweet doorman outside Hugo Boss was so cute when he tipped his hat to me. It made my day. 

Looking into the Harrods windows and wishing I could afford anything. 

Walking along millionaires row completely pretending I was in a version of Oliver! And singing ‘Who will buy these sweet red roses’ under my breath because they were all white houses and there was a flower stall there. 

Running into a service station , straight to the WH Smiths and grabbing a few new books. 




Having the biggest chocolate biscuit known to man. 

And having a shop assistant in said WH smiths desperately try to persuade me that I needed a cream egg for my journey. It turned into polite begging. It made me smile, and I walked away with none. NO CHOCOLATE! Woah. Madness. 

Although as I said, I did have a chocolate biscuit bigger than my head…..

In other news, my washing machine broke. Lex heard me telling a friend I would need to go to the launderette.  He turned to me later, completely serious face and asked….

“Why do you have to go to a land vet?”

I explained it was for the clothes, and he sighed in relief, telling me he was so glad I didn’t have to go to an animal hospital designed for animals of the land. Which I guess I kind of am. But anyway. 


Leona has mostly been asking me what I have got for her birthday . The answer is nothing as it is over two months away and I am a disorganized person, but she doesn’t need to know that…. I just tap my nose and tell her to search the house instead. Which is funny because she won’t find anything. I know. I’m hilarious. Or cruel. Whichever way you want to look at it. 



We definitely had a photo shoot today…..Leona was up for the posing. This is my new fave picture. 


Lex wasn’t interested. He was too busy asking me if he could be a power ranger one day. 

Another short story should be up tonight before I give my pillow some head. 

*dissolves into laughter.*

I am so immature. I blame the sleepiness. 



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