At 7am this morning, while Leona munched on her Shreddies, and I sipped a coffee that wasn’t strong enough for that time in the morning, she looked at me. 

“Mum, who invented eating?”
“Uh…. erm…. Uh….. I don’t know.”
“You must know. It’s a pretty easy question. The person who invented it must be really famous.”
“I mean, it’s pretty brave ain’t it, to just be born and then one day eat an apple not knowing if you can eat an apple.”
“I don’t think it quite happened like that….”
“Because like… whoever thought …. ‘Oh , let’s just see what hamburgers will be made of. I know, let’s try a cow. I mean, Why didn’t they chose a pig to be a hamburger? Or why aren’t burgers made out of bread?”
“I really don’t know.” *Goes to make a stronger cup of coffee.*

Five minutes later…

“Mum, who invented pigs?”
“Nobody really invented them Leona, they just….”
“So who called them pigs. Why didn’t they just call them round smelly pink things that walk and breathe?”
“Probably because it’s a bit of a mouthful. Pigs is easier to say.”
Leona nods in agreement. 

Five minutes later.

“Mum, who invented talking?”

I am beginning to think maybe Leona invented talking. She has been fluent since ten months old. And she hasn’t stopped since. 

But I love her with all my heart! 



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