Never to be out quoted from Leona, here is a gem from Lex , said this morning at around 7:30 …. 

Me: “Lex, you know in those PJ’s you are wearing, your legs look like chicken drumsticks.”

Lex: “I know Mum , you’ve told me before. But remember, I’m a human. Which means I wouldn’t have as much chicken under my skin.”

Me: “Pardon? You have chicken under your skin?”

Lex rolls his eyes.”All humans have chicken under their skin Mum. It’s just, not as much chicken as chickens.”

Me: “Ah. I don’t think they do sweetie. Humans have flesh.”

Lex looks very confused at this. ” Wait, so if I cooked my legs they wouldn’t taste like chicken?”

Me: “Nope.”

Lex: “So what animals do taste like chicken?”

Me: “Mainly just erm… chickens.”

Lex: ” But what about cows and pigs? If they aren’t made out of chicken then what are they?”

Me: “Other meat.”

Lex, still looking confused. ” Heh. But meat is chicken. Silly Mummy.” Walks away shaking his head. 



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