I know you are all now singing The Beatles song. Good song by the way. You never hear much hype about The Beatles do ya? Irony.

Anyway, yesterday was the first time in a long time I didn’t post on this blog. I bet you all were relieved.

There wasn’t really much to tell. 

I went supermarket shopping, and on the way out while struggling with a crap load of bags and two kids in tow, I dropped my actual bag so that my purse and keys fell out. Of course, a very good looking guy came to the rescue. Of course he did. Why can’t I make a fool out of myself in front of an old lady or something? This folks, is why I will never marry 😉

Then the littles and I ventured out to the park. It was fun for them. I however, felt like I was sitting in the path of a tornado for two hours. Even swinging on the swings didn’t warm me up. I always feel like we have to do something on the last day before school. No matter how small it is. Going to the park ten minutes from our house isn’t exactly a huge adventure, but it makes me feel better knowing they got out ad about before they get stuck back at school. 

Speaking of school, things are back to normal today. Leona is back. Still spotty, but back. 

When did my daughter get so vain? I never noticed before. 

“Mum, Everyone will see my spots.”

“They have nearly faded , don’t worry. Everyone knows you had chicken pox so nobody will stare or anything.”

“Good job I’m not in love with any boys in my class.”

“If you were in love with any boys in your class, I would be pulling you out of school!”

“You are missing the point Mum, everyone will know I have spots.”

“Yes, because everyone knows you had chicken pox. You still look beautiful even as a spotty monster.”

“That is not helpful.”

Walks off in a strop. 


You can’t tell on these photo’s thanks to the wonders of Instagram, but she still has quite a few on her forehead and a few here and there on her cheeks and lip. They are fading of course, but she so doesn’t see it like that. 

“Can I put lipstick on to cover them up?”

“Nope, doesn’t work like that. Anyway, bright red lipstick isn’t going to look discreet all over your face is it?”

“Then i’ll use pink.”



Lex is just Lex. Poor boy can barely get a word in with Leona for a sister 😉

But he did come up with this one yesterday before he went to sleep. 

“When i’m a Power Ranger, I’m going to make up big words that don’t exist. Like infinite and eternity.”

“Wow. Big words little man, but they already do exist , sorry.”

Thinks about it for a while.

“Fine, when I’m a Power Ranger, I’m just going to ban people from talking. The world would be a quieter place.”

“Maybe if you just ban Leona from talking, the world would be quieter.”

Lex looks very offended about this.

“She’s my SISTER. I can’t ban her from talking. No, I will just have to invent big words. Like Expensive and erm…… uh…… wonderful.”

“Those words have already been invented Lex.”

“Fine then. Wonderful- itus.”

OK . I will give him that. 

A few people have surprisingly asked why I haven’t put any more short stories up. Honestly, I have just been too busy but I find it amazing that you would want to read more. 

Thank you to everyone who has read them , I really appreciate it. 

Still currently reading The Never List. I don’t seem to be into it right now. Put it this way, unlike the last few books I have read (The fault In Our Stars, Fangirl +Eleanor & Park…) I can put it down. 

It just hasn’t gripped me yet. But I am only half way through, so hopefully it will. 

I will try to have another short story on the blog tonight, thanks again everyone! 


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      1. To me, there is no greater joy. I didn’t see that coming.My son is now 24 and my dearest friend in the world. In going to start following you. But my phone is acting wonky. Will do it when at my computer. Enjoy!!

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