Little Things

As much as I would like to serenade you all with the One Direction song, I’m not going to. I’m going to do the Ed Sheeran version instead. No , scratch that. My voice is awful, let’s forget about the song. 

This morning was completely one of those mornings. You know? It was chaos. 

I had to remember two P.E kits, One swimming kit, One dinner money, One packed lunch, Two school bags, One completed homework book, A change of outfit for a party Leona was going to straight after school, the present for the party and return two party invites to some school friends.

And all that would usually be OK , but not today. Lex does swimming every other week and I forgot it was a swimming day today, having been in a chicken pox funk for the last month , I got the dates muddled. So there I was, frantically searching the house for his swimming hat that I only seem to have one of at the moment and it could have been anywhere. He hasn’t been swimming since catching the pox and half term, so trying to find it was a nightmare. I usually keep it in the same place but not this time. Anyway, it was eventually found. 

P.E kits were hurriedly chucked together after being washed, invitations were unpinned from the hundreds of letters we have on the pin board, everything just seemed frantic! And it’s not as if we even had the excuse of getting up late. 

I am always up at half six, the kids follow at 7, and we don’t have to leave until half 8. So no, definitely can’t use that as an excuse as much as I would like to. I just put it all down to my ditz. 

Anyway, I help at swimming if I have no work etc, so today I did just that. That is always fun. Somehow, I get left with eight boys all aged 4-5 trying to get dressed and undressed. You ever done that? No?? Good. It can get a little…. erm… a little…. OK , It’s frustrating as shit. Boys are so SLOW! They really are. 

There is always me and another Mum, and there is a group of ten children. There are two girls, and eight boys in the group, and one of the girls is the other Mums daughter, so naturally, she goes in with the girls. 

Obviously, being a school and being a parent helper, you have to follow strict rules, and even though you are there to help, there is only so much you can do. 

You really have to encourage the kids to do it themselves. And when they are that young, they just don’t get it! And it can be hard with the language barriers, some of the children do not understand a word I say. 

It’s mainly just standing there while eight boys yell at you because every single item of clothing is inside out. 

Lex is hilarious though, he is always first in his trunks, and first dressed afterwards. The swimming teacher commented once and was like “Oh, it’s good having your Mum help out because it means you are nice and quick.” So I had to say it was nothing to do with me. It really wasn’t. He does it all by himself. I barely know he’s in there. 

During the lesson, Lex asked the swimming teacher if she knew Leona. She of course did, but hadn’t put two and two together that they were both mine. I never really helped with Leona’s swimming lessons due to work and things, so she hasn’t seen me with her, only with Lex. 

She looks at me baffled, and was like….. “Are they seriously both yours?”

“Yes” I smile proudly. 

“How did you get two children that are absolutely good as gold?”

I smile proudly, feeling very, VERY smug. 

“I got lucky.”

“You sure did. They are a credit to you. They are both so good, you hardly know they are in the pool.”

She then looks at Lex and asks him if he ever fights with his sister. He looks up at her with his big blue eyes and shakes his head seriously. 

“No, never.”

I try and hold back the laughter, they have their moments just like any siblings, but the love and loyalness that runs through them is completely awesome. 

The swimming teacher looks amazed. 

“So you are telling me that you never argue with Leona. Never have a tiff about what to watch on the TV ? Never argue about what toy to play with?”

These were his next words. Get ready for the heart melting and ignore the first part which is a lie. 

Nope . Never. She’s my sister. I love her.”

And with that, he swims off with his wobble thingy. 

Half an hour later in the changing rooms, I am surrounded by chatting reception kids again, then one of them tugs on my sleeve. 

Now, i won’t ever name their friends on here because it is not my right to do so. So I will just call him R. R is adorable. He is one of those kids that you walk past in the street and just go ‘aaahhhhh’. He is PAINFULLY shy, but he is never without a smile on his face. He only really talks to you if he likes you and trusts you. He is my favourite of all Lex’s friends. He has huge brown eyes and a mini afro, and everyone , even the teachers , call him Smiley R. He has been through nursery with Lex and now they are in the same class, and I have my fingers crossed they don’t change the classes round next year because I think both boys would be lost without the other. 

Anyway, Smiley R tugs on my sleeve. I smile at him and ask what’s up.

“Alex’s Mummy, are you going into town after this?”

“Uh… no. Should I be going into town after this?”

He nods, smiling as always. 

“Yes. You should go into town and get some Mcdonalds food from the Mcdonalds shop.”

“OK . Well, maybe another day, I don’t really need any Mcdonalds food today.”

“But you need a treat after helping all of us swimming. And Mcdonalds food from the Mcdonalds shop is a treat.”

Isn’t he adorable?!

“You are right, it is a treat. Do you like Mcdonalds?”

His little eyes light up as he nods. 

“Yeah! Do you know what my favourite Mcdonalds food is from the Mcdonalds shop?”

“Nope, What is it?”

“The Mcdonalds burger.”

Ah. That clears that up then. He carried on to say….

“I like Burger King, And Pizza Hut, And Dominos, and Subway. They are all my favourite. But my most favourite is the Mcdonalds shop.”

Which is funny as this little boy is the size of a twig so I don’t know where he puts all that food! 

Unfortunately, After all the fun and games of this morning, tonight so far hasn’t been going too well. 

First, My laptop got the blue screen of doom. After an hour or so, I got it to turn on again, but I very nearly lost all my work from the last few months that I hadn’t backed up. 

I burnt my arm on the oven. I dropped and smashed a glass bottle from the medicine cabinet, cutting my hand in the process. I broke a mug. I picked up what I thought was a bit of fluff but it turned out to be a spider. A big one. It has been wild. 

And to top it all off, I picked Leona up from her friends party at 6 , and she came home tired which is to be expected. But to my absolute dismay, she seems unwell again. I am so annoyed for her. She was fine at school, her friends Mum said she was fine at the party. But right now, she has a raging temperature and is shivering. She is sleep talking, which always means she is unwell. And it is annoying. She has just been through two weeks of the Pox. And she didn’t exactly have them lightly either, she got really unwell with them. So the fact she seems poorly again is horrible. Horrible for her, Horrible for me to see her like this. If I could take it away from her I would. She loves school, she shouldn’t be unwell again. Just the time of year I guess. 

I will keep an eye out tonight and see how she is in the morning. I hope it’s a one off thing and it goes quick. 


This was Leona yesterday. Like Mother Like Daughter, head stuck in a book. 



Anyway, I’m going to have a cup of tea (code for glass of wine), Back up some recent files for the next time the laptop decides to flunk out, and write some stuff while the kids are sleeping. 

Keep Calm and Carry On, It’s Glee Day!!


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