So, this Friday morning, 07/03/2014 , I am mostly feeling guilty.

One of Lex’s best friends has come down with the pox. Now, I know Lex didn’t create the pox, and that it was going round his class before he got it , so technically, the little boy could have caught it from anyone, but I still feel so bad. 

The Mum, who is absolutely lovely , is insisting I shouldn’t feel bad and that she wanted him to get it so it’s out of the way, but I still feel awful because her little man has been so poorly with it. 

So anyway, that’s that. 

In other news , Leona turns 8 next month. There are two things she wants for her birthday. She said she doesn’t care if she never gets another birthday present in her life as long as she gets these two things. 

Unfortunately, these two things aren’t realistic.

Well, one of them kind of is. She wants the dress Queen Elsa wears in Frozen when she releases her powers. The pretty icy blue one. She wants the flowing capey thing to go with it. And you can buy these dresses on the internet but they are so EXPENSIVE!! So much money for a flimsy kids costume, but as it’s her birthday and she desperately wants it, I will consider it. So yes, that can be done. 

But the second thing? To go with the dress, she wants Queen Elsa’s white hair. Yes, you read that right. She wants white hair. I have told her it won’t be happening. Na uh. No way. 

She also said if I can make her wake up with Queen Elsa’s powers, she wouldn’t mind that either. I mean, I will see what I can do. 

On a serious note, I love that Queen Elsa is Leona’s new idol! I think it is fab. There is something about it that I just love. The message the film sends out is just so great. 

I was appalled the other day to see a tweet from Miley Cyrus. She used the C*** word in full. What a disgusting word. Leona happened to watch the Hannah Montana movie a few weeks ago and decided she LOVED it. Obviously that Miley isn’t the Miley we all see nowadays. And I always stuck up for her, I always said… she is just doing what she is doing, she isn’t hurting anyone blah blah. But whether she likes it or not, being a child star, she was a role model for young girls around the world. And to use that language is unacceptable. So I am no longer defending her. 

I mean, it goes without saying that the twerking and nudity isn’t something I want my kids to see , but I never thought anything of it because as a parent, I can control what they see up until they turn a certain age. But Leona absolutely stunned me when she told me that in her computer class at school the other day, the teacher asked how many of them had a facebook account. Leona, along with two other girls, were the only ones who didn’t raise their hands in a class full of thirty 7-8 year olds. What the hell is that about? Are you kidding me?

Leona vaguely knows what facebook is because I use it, but to have an account is a whole different matter. What the hell is our world coming to? When my children get to highschool, they will be exposed to all sorts, and until that moment comes, I want to keep them young and innocent. They shouldn’t have to be subjected to people swearing on the net and horrific images that appears on facebook walls because somebody shares them 

I think the culture of the internet is bizarre. I love it, obviously. I write blogs, I write fiction, I connect with friends, I love twitter. But there comes a point where you think woah, hold on. 

On facebook, I only have 60 friends. I don’t feel the need to have a trophy score of people I will never interact with in real life. What is the point in that? With the exception of three people on fb who I can’t call actual friends (more just people who I support and will continue to do so in the future…) I like everyone else. The group of people on my fb are people who I would stop and speak to in the street if I saw them. 

So I really do find some aspects of the internet weird. 

And I have completely forgotten what the point in this post was , but basically…. I am glad Leona’s current heroine is a cartoon Queen with super powers who sends out a strong message of family love. And I am disappointed by Miley. I am sure she will value my opinion 😉

Anyway, I’m off to see a bloke about a book. 


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