I Can’t Sing – 05/04/2013

I finally made it!! A few weeks back, after having the worst bug and having to miss out on the original show we had booked, I made it to the London Palladium!!

There is so much to tell from yesterday! So I am just going to skip straight to the good stuff. After walking around London for about six hours… (Sahara Smog still going strong …OH, and guess what… it was world pillow fight day. ((wtf?)) , so we got to breathe in dust and feathers. It was a treat.)…. I met up with everyone’s favourite drunk Aussie – Jus. Or Castic as she is sometimes known. She has just been back to the land of hot blonde six-packed Aussie beach hunks for a few weeks, and she very kindly brought the littles some gifts back. It was very sweet of her, and I know she deliberately gave me some instructions to tell them something like…. “These aren’t Koala BEARS” … so I naturally told them they were Koala BEARS. And they were very happy and they have been carrying them around all day, so thank you Jus! That was a real sweet thing to do. 

It was amazing to see Jus, November is a long time to not see people you speak to daily. (Paps and Stephy, the day would have been awesome if we had have been reunited too, but one day soon!) 

Jus and I argued about just how delicious Chord Overstreet is while we waited for Ali. When Ali arrived a few minutes later, it was brilliant!! The same goes to her, November is way too long and we live so far away from each other that it is crap. So I had a very happy heart when her little face popped up among all those London people. 

We decided to head straight for the I Can’t Sing area, and Jus decided to walk us through these weird back alleys on a route that took around five hours (Or not even fifteen minutes.) She’s a Londoner as well as being a drunk Aussie, and when we suggested getting the tube, she laughed and marched off with a purpose. Note to Jus – I am not an Olympic Athlete …(Nearly – But not) and it was hard to keep up. Your legs move like Mo Farrah’s, what is the deal with that? 

Anyway, Jus wasn’t seeing the show with us , but we were meeting up with two lovely people we met back in the Rock Of Ages days. Noor and Sigal. It was actually Noor who presented Ali and I with the opportunity of seeing the show and we are so grateful she did, because after missing out a few weeks back, I wouldn’t have been able to see it for a huge long time if it wasn’t for last night! 

Noor and Sigal to me, were very lovely people who we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time as we would have liked to last year. So the chance of spending an evening with them was something we looked forward to. I had known they were lovely before, they were like the two little rays of ROA sunshine, but after spending REAL time with them last night, I was more certain than ever that they both have a heart of gold. They are both intelligent and well balanced, and see the world in a positive light, and that is wonderful. I really hope we get the chance to see them again soon. 

Nauseating compliments are over, for the moment! 

Anyway, Ali, Jus and I met Noor and Sigal in Costa and had a catch up before the show. And even though we were in there for probably around an hour and a half, the time felt like about five minutes! We just looked at the clock and it was time to go watch the show, it flew by. 

We lined up outside the Palladium which looks AWESOME with all the I Can’t Sing posters. I was so excited, I have never been in the Palladium before, and it lived up to my expectations. Some of those places in London are beautiful! One funny moment was one of the ticket/usher guys as we walked in fell down a step very clumsily, he didn’t quite style it out bless him. And then he genuinely looked at everyone and was like…. “Oh, I nearly fell!” And I really wanted to tell him that he DID fall, but I am sure he knew that anyway. And I know from experience how embarrassing it can get falling over in front of crowds, but he was so sweet! 

Anyway, we took our seats to watch the show. You may have noticed I haven’t titled this post as an I Can’t Sing Review, because I don’t want to review it in detail. There are still a few people I know who want to see it and I don’t want to give any spoilers away. But what I can say is from the moment it started, I had a smile on my face. 

I like bonkers.And the show is definitely bonkers. There is so much going on from start to finish that it is impossible to look away and get bored. And it most definitely sticks two fingers up to the critics. I don’t know how anybody could go into that show and take it ‘seriously’…. it is what it is, fun, bonkers and piss taking entertainment. 

Cynthia Erivo  who plays Chenice has vocals like no other. Powerhouse. I watched her on The Royal Variety performance a few months back, but seeing her on a youtube clip or TV and then seeing her live is a totally different thing. I dare anyone to not be wowed by that voice. She has obviously been perfecting the ‘I Can’t Sing’ song since TRVP and it has paid off. I thought she was good before, but she is blowing the audience away every single time with that voice!! 

My personal favourite character (Other than Simon Lipkin of course) was probably Liam, played by Simon Bailey. He played the ‘Dermot O’Leary’ character, and he had me in fits every single time he was on stage. He had all the mannerisms of Dermot, and I found myself really surprised that out of everyone, he was probably my fave, because honestly… I have no strong feelings on the actual Dermot O’Leary. I neither like him nor dislike him. He is just someone who sort of washes over me. But Simon Bailey nailed it, and he definitely evoked the most laughter from me. 

There were so many stand out cast members though. I can’t talk about the show without mentioning Nigel Harman as Simon Cowell. Brilliant. Camp. Funny. Great voice. He was amazing and I was SEARCHING my brains trying to imagine anyone else playing Simon …. I can’t. That’s not to say I am dissing his understudy or anyone that would potentially take over the role, I just can not imagine anyone else doing it. Nigel Harman is one of those under rated people in the theatre world, and I do hope this show is getting him the credit he deserves. 

There was Max played by Alan Morrissey, who was adorable. Very talented guy. He also had great comic timing. I think you have to have good comic timing to fit into this cast. The two that played ‘Jordy’ AKA Cheryl Cole and ‘Louis’ had it spot on. Whether you are a fan of Xfactor or not (I haven’t been for years, last series I watched was Shayne Ward) , you would laugh. It is hilarious. 

So yes, the whole cast worked so well together , the audience were laughing the whole way through and it was a really, REALLY fun night. 

When Simon Lipkin came on to the stage as ‘Barlow’ , my night was made! I have missed him as Lonny. Well, I have missed him on stage period. He is the best comic relief! I don’t know if it’s his expressions, or the way he talks or what …. I just don’t know , but he never fails to make me laugh. He also received if not THE, then one of the biggest cheers of the night. He just makes people love him! I am pleased to see him in another role besides Lonny. No matter how good the role of Lonny was, he is too talented to stick to one role indefinitely. So even if ROA was still going on, I would have liked to see him move on. 

I have seen a lot of people talking about how they won’t see I Can’t Sing, and how they are disappointed in Simon for going to this show. I just think these people need to see the bigger picture. How can anyone possibly have an opinion on a show they haven’t seen? I would have way more respect for somebody who went to see the show then said ‘No- It wasn’t for me, I didn’t like it.’ Fair enough, that is an opinion. But you can’t have an opinion on something you haven’t seen. People nowadays are too narrow minded to see the bigger picture. Not every show is going to last and work. Not every show is going to fail. As performers, these people want to take risks, they want to explore what is out there, and if you are a fan… then you really should support them. 

This life is way too short to be bitter about things like this. About a show with the main intention of making people laugh. I very much kept my opinions to myself before seeing this show, because really… I had no right to have one. You cannot ever judge something you haven’t seen. Never judge a book by it’s cover. There was a show I saw last year, and I did not like it, at all. But I didn’t give it a bad review. Negativity breeds negativity. And all I kept in mind was regardless of my feelings, there were people on that show who worked their shitting asses of every single day to bring others entertainment. Simon looks happy and content in his new job, and I think it is perfect for him. 

My face ached by the time we were walking out of the theatre. We of course went to the stage door. The lovely Alan Morrissey came out first and Noor spoke to him. He seemed really sweet and down to earth. I think we quickly told him how great he had been, because I am a total suck up and well… because he was fab 😉 But it was all a bit of a blur actually and I can’t remember word for word what went on. 

Mr Lipkin walked out looking rather dapper. He was all dressed up clearly ready to go somewhere and it was so lovely seeing him talk to fans again at the SD. He really is a nice guy and I think it’s another reason why people just totally fall for him. We got to speak to him for a bit even though he was clearly off somewhere, and even though I went to ROA many times and he was lovely every time, it still amazes me that these people just stop and speak to you. I never expect them to, so it is all the more lovely that they do. As usual, I made a fool of myself at SD, I think Ali mentioned something about how I made it this time and I said something along the lines of how proud I was of myself for not puking or being ill tonight like I was last time …. (Yes, really. Groans.) The general agreement with Ali, Noor and Sigal was that Simon smelt nice. He very much did. But i can only assume I am missing insulting Dan at the stage door so I told him he didn’t smell nice. And then one of the girls said how he doesn’t sing enough in the show, and everyone agreed, but me because I told him he sung plenty. Luckily, these people have so many stage door encounters that they won’t remember stuff like this. It’s what gets me through. I don’t want Simon to be my new Dan, because Simon is great and Dan is just Dan . (Also great, no idea where the trend of insulting him came from, maybe I am just really intimidated by his talent so I feel the need to be awful to him.) I am actually not mean to anyone else so …. *shrugs.*  . Anyway, as I said, once again… the fact that Simon stops and appreciates his fans is so lovely. And seeing him speak with Ali, Noor and Sigal briefly reminded me of ROA SD and that was always fun. Simon was with the group for a bit and there was loads more said between everyone, but like I said before… it’s really a total blur. Every stage door encounter I have tends to be a …. ‘WTF did I just say?’ moment, but it was good to know that even the lovely Noor, who I always think acts so smooth at the SD, has those moments too. She thinks she does. But she doesn’t. But what I am trying to say is I think everyone thinks they have those moments. But it’s OK . Because hopefully these people encounter fans who are way more strange than me so…. it’s good. 

I had heard rumours since I Can’t Sing that Nigel Harman is very sweet at SD , and a little shy. That seems to be the general agreement of people who have met him. Oh my God guys who are reading this … ~(Ali, Tanja 😉 ) … I melted when I met him. Honestly. You know when someone is just so adorable that you even feel a bit weird for thinking how hot they are? Because Nigel Harman is very handsome. I fancied the pants off him back when he was in Eastenders, but I totally forgot he was a hot man at SD because he is just…. well… adorable. He has this little smile thing going on that just makes you want to squish him, and he is so well spoken that he’s just…. aw. I mean, the dude is wonderful. And yes, I am in agreement that he is shy. Shy in the most adorably want to keep him forever way. He was an absolute gent, bags of talent , and I am so pleased I got to meet him that I have this awful picture (of me, the others look amazing) as my new PP ! He is a complete sweetheart. 


There was an unexpected surprise at SD! There is a guy in the show who plays Gerrard Smalls , and he is Simon Cowell’s PA …. or something. In the show, he was wonderfully flamboyant and eccentric. Every cast member brought something to the show, and he was wonderful, it really is a cast that seem to be gelling well. Anyway, the guy that plays him…. Billy Carter…. well I think he surprised all four of us girls actually. He just walked up to us and started speaking. He asked us if we enjoyed the show and thanked us all for coming. He was absolutely LOVELY. He asked us where we all from and he said how he had all of his sisters coming over to watch him in the show next week. He was impressed with Noor , Sigal and Ali having been to the show more than once and he was just so , so sweet. What an absolutely lovely down to earth man. I will say again, I never expect anyone to stop at SD, let alone walk over and speak to us willingly. He was lovely. 

Ali and I had to get back to the hotel because the tubes were messed up and we had to go a different route, and it was already quite late so we didn’t want to get caught out. We said our goodbyes to Noor and Sigal after a truly wonderful night and made our way back. We nearly took back a truck full of six firemen but that is a story for another day, hey Ali 😉 

We done our usual ‘all night talk, no sleep’ thing we do in London. The thing is , it never started out that way. The first time we stayed in London together we definitely intended on getting some sleep. But it just didn’t work out that way. I think because we live so far away, and we have so much to say to each other that three hour phone calls just won’t cover (!) we just sort of end up chatting and before we know it, It’s time to check out of the hotel. 

We kind of got to talking …. (OK , I did) about just how sexy Chord Overstreet is. And you know… how he would definitely….. you know what I am trying to say here… and anyway, so Ali starts getting her stuff together and I stumble across a little video he just uploaded . Birthday Suit. Honestly. My ears had sex. Chord Overstreet singing about how girls are beautiful with no make up and how ‘I WANT YOU IN YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT’ . Oh jesus. Oh my God. Anyway… I kept singing it to Ali. She was impressed. Especially when I was singing about nakedness and stuff at 6am, but…. I mean…. it’s a catchy song. 

All too soon it was time to part ways and it was sad. Always hard saying bye to a best friend. I love you Ali!!! Thanks for everything yesterday, and thanks to everyone else who made the day so special. 


Look at this girl. She is so cute!!! Miss you already, see you next time!! xxxxxx


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