Jersey Boys Review – 17/05/2014 and 24/05/2014

Ah Jersey Boys.You were amazing. 

You have been at the top of my to do list (show wise, not sexually wise),((You can’t do it with a show, it’s impossible)) for many years. 

When I was growing up, I was a bit of a shit and deliberately didn’t listen to anything my parents listened to. So instead of listening to the Beatles and uh…. Hank Williams , I started listening to Queen and The Four Seasons. So I knew the songs and couldn’t wait to see the West End production. 

Of course, when it was announced that Sandy Moffat would be playing alternate Frankie Valli , all of us Franzies had a mini freak out. Didn’t we. Just me? No, we all did. 

Back when Sandy was in Rock Of Ages , he and his character Franz was my second to last favourite. OK , fine, he was my favourite favourite. So I had very high hopes and expectations for this show and the role he would be playing. 

Saturday the 17th of May was a very random, tiring last minute trip. I had been at work all morning and had to go to London, and after a THREE HOUR train delay , we arrived at the theatre just as they were giving out the announcement to turn off mobiles. Jus and I were having a heart attack from doing a Mo Farrah across London to make it on time, but we did. 

Jus had already seen Sandy perform as Frankie and she had raved about it. With good reason. 

When he first walked on to the stage as little Frankie, we all swooned. The cute was in overload and I was certain that we were in for a good show. 

Jersey boys is a mix of funny, drama and great songs. Basically, it’s my cup of tea. It was unreal. The songs had everyone clapping and singing along and I felt very smug as Sandy got the biggest cheer at the end for his Frankie. And proud. The dude can sing. I adored Franz in Rock Of Ages, but the fact that Sandy now gets to sing his heart out throughout the show on his Frankie days gives me the happys! 

That first show was honestly a bit of a blur to me. I was shattered from work and the train delays , and it was such a last minute thing that it all went very quickly. It was over just like that, and then I got to make my way home to more train delays (nearly four hours this time, don’t you just love engineering works?!) and by the time I arrived back at mine for midnight, I was shattered and briefly wondered if I had seen JB or if it had just been some weird dream that involved a very good looking Sandy. But regardless of being up since 6am , working and all together nearly SEVEN hour train delays, the show was worth it.


The 24th of May trip had been planned out better , and I was looking forward to seeing Jus again and of course….. Ali. I thought I was looking forward to seeing both of them, but actually, a day in London with them just involves them heavily taking the piss out of me for the duration. Girls, there is nothing wrong with a 27 year old having a cool floral backpack OK ?I rock that look.  And you are just lucky I didn’t wear my knee high socks, because that would have been extra embarrassing for both of you. So there. 

This second show was the best. I took more of it in. It was amazing. 

Jon Boydon who plays Tommy De Vito. Ah man. I don’t even have enough praise for that dude. That role is ingrained in him. I am sure the understudy is amazing but I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that part. Actually, I am going to go as far to say that I have never seen any actor on the West End stage know the part so well. He was born to do it. He made me laugh, he made me angry and yes…. he made me swoon. Seriously people, watch the scene where he is in the vest. Arms. He is amazing. And other than Sandy, he is absolutely my favourite. I want him to play Tommy forever. If he tries to leave , I am already plotting a master plan to steal him and make sure he stays . (I’m not, please don’t call the police.) 

Matt Nalton as Nick Massi was superb both weeks and had the whole audience feeling sorry for him. His rant about rooming with Tommy is hilarious.

I saw two different Bob Gaudios. The first week was the understudy , Stuart King and he was amazing!! Because Jus had already seen the show, she informed me in the interval that it was an understudy Bob and I was stunned. His Bob was so cute and funny, I had no clue it wasn’t the normal Bob. Yesterdays performance was Edd Post and he was just as brilliant. I think that this is the first time I have liked the understudy just as much as the lead. They were both very cute as Bob, and both very talented. 

And then of course, we get back to Frankie Valli. Seeing Sandy perform this role for the second time round was incredible. I am still so happy he landed the part. I have heard Michael Watson is incredible, and I love Jersey Boys so much that I would love to see him in the role of Frankie one day. But for me, nothing and nobody is going to beat Sandy. 

I loved Rock Of Ages, and my only tiny nag was that Franz didn’t sing enough for my liking. But Frankie Valli more than makes up for that. He is so brilliant. I knew Sandy could really sing. I saw him at Aftershow last year where he performed and it was ace balls. But I didn’t know he had such a range. I should have guessed, Frankie Valli isn’t exactly your standard singing role . But Sandy nailed it. He hit all the notes when I saw it and he looks like he is enjoying himself as well. 

My standout songs from the show are ‘My Eyes Adore You and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. I must like the eye theme. Shrugs. Oh my. He is lush in those songs. And I think I am going to leave the Sandy Moffat praise at that. We all know how far I can go…. 

All in all, Jersey Boys is an amazingly talented cast and my new favourite show. Without a doubt. I love it. And I will be back. Maybe somebody could warn Sandy and even Jon so they can book those days off 😉 No, don’t! 

I recommend anyone see this show. There is a reason it is one of the best loved West End shows of all time. I also very much want to see the show with the lovely Noor at some point. She will balance out the mean from Jus and Ali for a start, and she also has a tiny bit of a liking for Sandy Moffat’s talent. 

And no Jus and Ali, this blog will not be mentioning ANY stage door interactions. As if the poor guy wasn’t scarred enough from tweets, the smut overlapped into real life. He doesn’t get paid to handle that shit. 

I’m just going to finish this with a simple ….. 

Jersey Boys is ace. See it now. Not now. The show doesn’t start just yet. But see it soon. It’s amazing. And if you don’t … I will sing Frankie Valli songs really loudly in your ear, and as Jus and Ali know…. it’s not good. 


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6 thoughts on “Jersey Boys Review – 17/05/2014 and 24/05/2014”

    1. Thanks very much for reading!
      As you can probably tell from my review, I disagree, but The world would certainly be boring without a difference of opinion.
      And I actually just read your review and have to say that while our opinions are different, you write a great review!! It was really very well written and explained great. Nice work. xx

  1. Whoops commented twice. Didn’t think the other one worked. Now I’ve commented again. :-/ and I look weird. Oh well

  2. Wow. No one told me you were there the exact day I was in London. I was even walking by the Piccadilly by the time you were there. Now I feel…weird. Wow.
    Anyways, nice to read this, one more reason to go and see it myself one day.

  3. Nice one Laura, but just a couple of things for those reading 😛

    1. I’m not mean. Taking Laura to London is like babysitting a 3yr old on a sugar high. It’s fun and entertaining though and why we’re mates.

    2. I love it when friends come to town so I have an excuse to see it again. Not that I need an excuse.

    Glad to see you wrote another blog. They sure are original. Hope to see you in the flesh again soon. Miss ya 😛 xxx

  4. Haha. Nice one Laura.

    Couple of points for those reading.

    1. I’m really not that mean. Looking after Laura in London is like babysitting a 3 yr old on a sugar high. But that’s what makes it fun and I love her anyway.

    2. Totally agree with the above. I love how friends coming to London give me an excuse to go and see it again. Not that I need excuses.

    Good to have another blog from you hun. They sure are original. 😛 Xxx

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