Sun, Sea, Sand and……

No. Not sex. You can get arrested for that. In a public place that is, not just sex in general. Nobody would ever be able to do it if it was completely illegal.

Slushies. Replace sex with Slushies and that is my day. That sounds really messy. The word slushies with sex. What a truly weird image. Anyway, I’ve already got lost and I haven’t even started this post…..

Today was perfect. Today was one of those days where you are grateful for everything.

Sometimes, all you need is to stop, take a look around you and be reminded of why life is so fucking good.

The sky looked like this.


How lush is that?

It makes me desperately want Candy Floss even though I hate the stuff. But candy floss looks like clouds. I would probably actually like the taste of clouds much better anyway. I imagine they taste like a cross between marsh-mellow and cauliflower. And the badness of one gets cancelled out by the healthiness of the other so…..

There wasn’t a thing in the sky apart from clouds. And the sun. And birds. And the occasional plane. OK , So there were actually a few things in the sky.













I named this plane because he just kept coming past all the time. Sometimes really low. And I’m short, so it must have been low when I thought he was going to hit my head. When I was laying down. So he is now called Jack. Jack seems a good name for him. I couldn’t imagine a little plane like this called something like Ashton. You have to think about these things.

It was so great to get away today. Just to forget everyone and everything for a few hours.

There is something absolutely amazing about being on a nearly deserted beach on a beautifully hot day. It was so peaceful. I had a day off from work so I decided to just laze around in the golden sand.


There were things to be done at home. All the fun things. But…. I couldn’t be bothered. Why waste a day like this?! I needed some head space and I definitely got that. I took a deep breath and smelt the flowers. There were no flowers near me. I smelt the sea. Smells awfully like salt and ….. sometimes chips. Which is good because a lot of people have salt on their chips so…. at least if you are near the sea you can just sprinkle some seawater on your chips and you are all good to go.

I think it works like that anyway.


So as I am wandering along an almost deserted beach , a guy heads straight for me.

“Are you wearing an England top underneath that yellow thing?”

Who is this man? Why do I now have to take my sunglasses off to be sociable? I ask all the big questions.

“Yes I am.”

He looks at me with a fair amount of puzzlement on his face.

“So why on earth are you covering it up with a yellow curtain thing?”

He’s lucky I didn’t push him in the sea actually. In case you all didn’t know, I have a love affair with yellow. So much so that at work I have to have the yellow key chain. Otherwise the whole day is ruined. Always carry a bit of sunshine around with you right?

And anyway, it worked. A little girl who only looked about three pointed at me and exclaimed very loudly to her Mother…

“She’s bright Mummy!”

Of course, she could have just been talking about my outstanding brain.


Seriously though, today was great. I had sand everywhere. I washed my hair twice and still had sand coming out of it. I had quite a bit get down my bra and shorts. *Shrugs* .

It wasn’t all sunbathing and being insulted because of my clothes while I walk aimlessly in the sea though. Oh no.

I partied. When I say partied, I listened to some music in my headphones. I have now decided it is my beach playlist. I had a bit of Ed Sheeran, a bit of Bonnie Tyler and the guy that nobody can resist in any weather/situation/place…. Billy Joel.

I also spent some time doodling and quoting. ImageImage


My pictures will be hanging in the art gallery museum place soon, where you can buy classics such as ‘Peanut Head’ and ‘Sunshine with Face’ . It was sunny OK ? I could barely see anything.

I would love to show you guys the front of this notebook. It is one of my favourites, if not very favourite. But showing you all the cover would be a bad thing to do. Let’s just say it is awesome!! And it got a few looks when it was closed next to me. Ooops.

I used to tan. Way back when I was an annoying little girl, I seriously don’t think my parents had ever even heard of sun lotion…. I never wore any and I never ever burnt. I had really dark olive skin in the summer and people would often mistake me for spanish/italian or brazilian. In fact, I once had someone ask me if I was all three nationalities….

But since the age of 15, I just stopped….. I stopped being able to be smug in the sun. Damn it. For a while , nothing happened. My skin just sort of stayed the same Caspar the Friendly Ghost shade all year round. And then as the years went on… I started to slightly burn despite wearing sun lotion.

Today, I covered myself in the stuff, and when I got back from the beach, I gave myself the once over feeling glad that today, I hadn’t burnt. Of course I’m an absolute turd and should have remembered that it’s not going to show up the minute you get through the door. Skip to a few hours later and I realise the sun did get me despite the lotion.

But not everywhere. No. It didn’t just give me a nice even red burn everywhere. It just gave me a random patchy ARM of sunburn. My right one to be exact. Why one arm?

“Why not one arm?”

Alright sun. Shut up.

It’s not a problem. It just gives me extra character. It really seems to bounce off the bright yellow as well. So that is good.

Anyway, the beach was fun. I probably could have just started with that AND ended with that. It would have been a much better post.


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One thought on “Sun, Sea, Sand and……”

  1. Your still the same entertaining, whacky slightly crazy & thoughtful friend that I know. You sure know how to meet them! Carry on enjoying the sunshine:-) xx

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