Guest Blogger – Jus Bartlett Tells Her Side Of The Jersey Boys Story.

For this one post only, I am handing the blogging duties over to Jus. She pointed out that she gets a right of reply A) For being a regular name cropping up on my blog and B) For witnessing the Jersey Boys shows with me. I have just read all of her ‘Reply’ and I laughed and cringed. 
Although this is all her own work, I will be interjecting in my usual style. It’s not that I have to have the last word, it is more like I just…. have to have the last word. It’s my blog after all. 
So here you go. Sit back and enjoy while I hide under my pillow and cringe. It’s OK though. I only have about two readers. And if Jus is taking over that will just turn everybody off and drop the count to zero so really…. this will all be fine 😉

Hi, my name is Jus and I’m taking over Laura’s blog today. Look that’s me down there.



Why you ask? Has Laura gone mad? Well the latter is still out for debate, but the former is because I’ve been mentioned enough times in this blog to finally get a ‘right of reply’. Don’t worry, I’m only here for today and you will soon be back to your regular programming. <<Laura: Yes. If you just all get through this in one piece, I promise to bore you again soon one day. 

Who am I? Well if you’ve read any of these blogs (you deserve a medal) you’ll know me as the Aussie, often being mean to Laura, who corrupts her in spending money on last minute Jersey Boy trips.<<Laura: To be fair, I didn’t need much persuading there. I was in London, I became a rebel. A jersey Boys day ticket rebel. Hardcore. 

 I think for one entire blog entry I was drunk. However, this is ok I’m told as I’m Aussie and was apparently quite entertaining that night.<< Laura: Difference between being drunk and entertaining but carry on…….

 I’m not only the Aussie, I’m the fav Aussie actually (I even have it on a hat, see) and as there is about 23 million Aussies out there I take my title as the fav very seriously ;-p.



Well enough about me because, let’s face it, you come here to Laura’s blog, not mine,<<Laura: Hey to my many fans!! *Waves like the Queen* Tumbleweed. 

But in vain of Jersey Boys, you know there are always different sides to every story. So here’s our recent visit to Jersey Boys trip through my eyes.

As it always is with us, this trip wasn’t an organised one, What was meant to be a Michael Watson matinee become a Sandy Moffat matinee.

I’m not going to recap the story of show, four guys from New Jersey, a band, love, loss, betrayal with some awesome songs sung by talented actors. The actors are cuties so this also tends to help.   << Laura: Woah Jus. Calm your lady parts. That level of Smut is not allowed on this blog. 

What I will tell you is what it is like to sit next to Laura during Jersey Boys as this tends to enhance my Jersey Boys experience. You see the first thing to note is that you when you start to rake up the trips like we are with Jersey Boys, you start to have your own personal jokes. Laura and I also speak fluent sarcasm, my accent is just a little broader, so there are things that we will start to find funny that our fellow theatre goers will not. ‘Yeah, yeah’ ‘You mean you’re lending me the Plymouth’ – love Sandy’s Jersey accent.

So here are some things to note about seeing Jersey Boys with Laura: << Laura: None of this happens. At all. 

  • You will be elbowed in the ribs when she gets truly excited and if we are both excited there will be mutual elbowing. You know the elbowing I’m talking about, like teenagers egging their mate on in the presence of a cute boy, back and forth. However in this case the cute boys are on the stage and if you’re close enough to the front, actors might actually see you 😮 <<Laura: Or hopefully they are so focused on saying their lines that they never once see you. So do you want to know when this actually happens during the show?, Hmmm let’s see, firstly if we are near the front and we think Sandy Moffat  (slightly mortifying, telling yourself it’s all our in heads, but if it is true, where are you exactly meant to look at that time, I nearly waved on Tuesday as he headed up the stairs), when Matt Nalton and Jon Boydon come out in their vests for ‘Oh What a night’ << Laura: Oi Oi and various times whenever Sandy or Jon are on the stage. Let’s face it, if I didn’t have the extra padding around the waist I’d be quite bruised after a Jersey Boys performance.
  • Laura is the queen of the premature whoop. <<Laura: I am.  Yeah she is,<< Laura: I really am. it’s loud, it’s before the audience knows that something good is about to happen and it’s done with such enthusiasm that I’m kinda jealous that I don’t have the guts to do it. Actually after seeing Jersey Boys with Noor on Saturday I’m starting to think all Sandy Moffat fangirls are premature whoopers. Mind you he can encourage a bit of whooping from a girl, just saying . (this couldn’t be a blog on this page without pervy bits) <<Laura: Listen, a premature woop can not only be a little embarrassing, but also needed. It gets everyone else wooping. And just so you know…. it is impossible to hold a woop back during Beggin’

    • She loves a good clapping moment, it’s not always in time and it’s not always at the right time but she loves it. And at times when she gets really excited, it like the enthusiastic clapping of a 4 year old who’s just seen a Wiggles’ performance (I hope you guys know the Wiggles here, otherwise insert your own child group reference, Dora, Teletubbies, you get the picture). And she sits up straighter when she does it, giving the actors her undivided attention.<< Laura: Oh shit. Do I? Well this really does make me look like a grade A bell end. But ya know…. It’s not my fault they look like that.  Some actors get more attention than others, or some parts of the actors anyway. FYI – Jon Boydon – nice bottom. << Laura: Hadn’t noticed. At all. 

    Now most people may go crazy sitting next to a wiggling, whooping girl who nudges and elbows you throughout the performance but I love it. Because while she’s doing that, I am recreating the Bob Crewe lines, tapping my foot like a madman and patting Laura’s leg when I get excited. << Laura:So it was you touching me up at those shows? And when there is more of us in a row, the fun and craziness is multiplied. So what I’m basically saying is that if you’re seeing Jersey Boys and you see we are sitting next to you, you want to ask the usher for new seats :-p. << Laura: I can’t imagine why, you made us sound completely fine to sit next to. 

    So now to the stage door section. My life at the stage door was pretty quiet until I started going with Laura. Yep, I’m the quiet one and I’m quite happy to stand back and watch the interactions around me. I’m not crazy about the centre of attention. I don’t think the cast of Rock of Ages actually knew who I was and I was happy with that. You can’t really do that when you go with Laura, especially as she loves a good sarcastic insult. <<Laura: I’m definitely going to point out that I am actually very shy and retiring. Nobody ever believes me but…. I am. 

    The first time I went to the stage door with just Laura, I pretty much had to hold her backpack on to a pole so she couldn’t run away from Sandy Moffat. << Laura: When will you realise he doesn’t get paid enough to speak to people like me?! So as I don’t like to be the centre of attention, it’s kinda embarrassing to be holding your friend to a pole <<Laura: Feeling me up and holding me to poles. Jus.!! while the actor you came to see is about to walk past you. It also gets crazier when the second time she ran away, only to end up in a dead end street . Yep it’s never a dull moment with Laura. 

  • On yesterdays occasion the following happened: 

First of all her backpack broke again. I hate that backpack. <<Laura: I love that backpack 

I’ve fixed this backpack on numerous occasions, but this time she insisted on fixing it herself, while still wearing it. This is probably what distracted her from first noticing Michael Watson. However, when she did, she really did. It started with an exclamation of glee ‘Michael!!!’ and then a ‘we’re coming to see you soon’. I pointed out to her later she didn’t say ‘in the show’, or ‘as Frankie Valli’, just a ‘we’re coming to see you soon.’ I have no idea what it must be like to be an actor, but I’m guessing he understood she meant the show but he still looked mega surprised for a random girl to call this out when he’d never met her. I also note we were actually standing a couple of metres from the stage door, not directly outside at this stage. Anyway, Michael was really nice and only further cemented Laura’s love (lust) for him. She’s such a cheater on Sandy .<<Laura: No matter how much of a twat I made of myself, that was a good moment. It was the Watson affect. And it was good. I would never cheat on Sandy (In west end stage loving terms of course….~) until these other guys can prove they have legs as good as his. 

So after that incident, Lucy came along to the stage door and we chatted for a bit. Laura was still in the Michael Watson zone so she was a flushed. And then all of a sudden Sandy Moffat was out the SD. This surprised me as he’s been the last out the last few times so I was on the back foot but ready for Lucy and Laura to lead the conversation. Now let me say that Laura warns me she will tell Sandy things. You have to plan these things apparently as you have limited time and you don’t want to keep them too long. However, I thought I was safe as Laura usually can’t string a proper sentence together in front of Sandy. << Laura: If anybody ever just wishes for a break from me, hire Sandy to stand near me and I will be almost silent. Almost. Not quite. 

Oh no, but not today. Today the Michael moment has broken down the barriers and she was in full hyper active bunny mode at stage door.<< Laura: “I just keep goin and goin ……  She even insulted in true Dan Fletcher stage door fashion. I should have known I was in trouble here. So first she insults him to say we thought we were seeing Michael and we were disappointed, then Lucy talks. Then all of sudden I’m being completely confirmed as running his fan page and organising the present from the previous visit (there are four girls remember!!! And thanks for the help there Lucy haha). Now remember the above about not being the attention seeker, so at this moment I was pretty much a 30 year old woman praying the ground would swallow me whole. Luckily Sandy Moffat has better social skills than the rest of us and was very nice. << Laura: I think he was just weighing up if he could outrun the three of us. Either that or he was just wishing we would bugger off so he could eat. 

The best part was when Laura said he should be happy that she wasn’t running the page as it would be pervy and I made it professional. Sandy laughed and I may have told him I felt like a stalker looking and favouring tweets about him but he said he was glad we could acknowledge the people who tweeted and said they loved his performance. We hope this was true :-/

So we left Sandy alone, and started to talk to Matt Thorpe, well Laura and Lucy did anyway. Since seeing Matt’s Frankie we tend to notice him a lot more on the stage now. The guy is a little cutie. So after enquiries about his parents, yep we are that close now haha, Laura asked for a photo. I had camera duties and lined up the lovely pic in the other blog. Laura then says that I want one too, now the fact is I wouldn’t have minded a pic but hate to ask so I hesitated for a second. Talk about accidently offending Matt and he’s suddenly said I didn’t have to, but in I go, embarrassed again.<< Laura: That was frickin hilarious. Right in front of him we were going …. “You have to say yes now, the dude is right here!!” Ha!! Matt Thorpe is a darling.  Now, word to the wise, don’t let Laura be in charge of your stage door pics. While we were joking around about Laura not getting hit by something in the street, I’ve yelled bike and that is the exact moment Laura takes the photo. Evident below. Sorry Matt, but it’s not our best look.


 << Laura: Well I think the picture is lovely. Matt looks great and I got you in action mode. Always fun. 


Now this is getting long now, so I’ll only mention one more thing. Laura got lucky that day. Well not in the way she wanted to but lucky for a fangirl anyway. << Laura: Yes, because we all know the chances of one of these guys sleeping with me is pretty damn high. Ahem. Michael Watson came out the stage door again. Upon seeing Lucy and giving her a hug, Michael Watson turns to all us and the ever ready bunny is off again << Laura: I just keep goin and goin and…. fine. I’ll stop.  declaring her need to see his Frankie and our disappointment in seeing Sandy that day. Cue Laura’s backtrack as he took her seriously and announcing we were Sandy fans. Now I don’t know how a comment like that turns into Michael’s face lighting up as he asks if we’re the Smoffats. I mean I don’t what these guys talk about backstage or look at on twitter, but the fact he asked made me look for the hole in the ground again. So as Laura points to me and I’m looking at the ground, I nearly left the guy hanging as he went to high five me. <<Laura: Rule number 1 Jus, never leave a Watson hanging. I would high five him any day of the week. Apart from Mondays. And Wednesdays. But as I said Michael seems cool and I told him we’d be in to complete the Frankie trifecta soon. Yep, I spoke, amazing.<< Laura: So you must be the Nick of the group then? Does that make me the Tommy? I hope so. Minus the pissing in the sink thing. 

There was a lot of other interactions that day but Laura has pretty much covered that, but let’s just say there were a couple of lessons learnt from Tuesday trip to Jersey Boys.

  1. The Jersey Boys cast don’t know us like the Rock of Ages cast so making jokes about being disappointed to see Sandy is only funny to us, but I’m sure we’ll be back in enough times for them to get used to us. We hope. << Laura: I plan on taking a very long break. That way, they won’t remember me when I inevitably talk shit again. 
  2. Jersey Boys keeps getting better and better each time we see it, even if we are nearly the youngest people in the audience. haha <<Laura: Yes it does and yes we were. That was definitely a 70+ audience, but I love getting on down with OAPs.  
  3. While Laura embarrasses the crap out of me (sometimes herself too) we always have a blast as there is nothing a fangirl debrief and a drink can’t fix. Laura can also nearly speak to Sandy now, so result! << Laura: Almost. And this time, I definitely didn’t mention anything about him getting naked. We are taking baby steps.
  4. Trains to and from Ipswich as shite (side note). << Laura: Don’t even get me started. We even made national news. Police escorts, Overcrowding, 6 hour train delays. I love travelling on Abellio Greater Anglia service.
  5. So that’s it folks. Nothing more to see here. I’ll give you back to Laura, but not before I leave you with our pitiful attempt to take a selfie in front of Sandy’s poster at the theatre. Haha, I think we need better supervision next time.

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  1. This has got to be one of the best things I’ve read in a while.
    You two are like a double act.

    I can’t wait to see Jersey Boys with you two now haha

  2. I think you lost the point of a right of reply when you commented all the way threw. It’s your blog though :-p

    Please note. I only saw the comments when it was posted. My choice.

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