29/06/2014 – The Story of The Backstreet Boys and The Bra…..

*Warning* – As usual, this post contains me making an idiot out of myself. I think every blog post should start with this warning because it is usually the case. Just assume that wherever I go and whoever I am with….. idiot-ness will occur.

I am not going to lie, I was going to this music in the park event for one thing and one thing only. McBusted. It is no secret that I can be a bit of a fangirl. It is also no secret that Busted were my ‘thing’ when I was a teen…. it was widely known. Pretty much everywhere I went, people would know I liked Busted. I liked to shout it from the rooftops. On the day they split up, all the people I knew including my boyfriend at the time, gleefully pinned the newspaper articles about the split in places I would see them. Just to really make the poor fangirl in me weep like a baby.

Anyway, long story short, I never got to see Busted perform live. I have seen Mcfly live three times now and they have been rocking each time… but Busted always held a little piece of my heart. So when Lizzy and I heard about the McBusted thing, we had to get tickets. When we tried to get tickets for their actual tour, we couldn’t as the date we wanted fell on a family birthday and as much as I love Busted…. I wouldn’t have missed the birthday for anything. Not even if Sandy Moffat done a ‘one night only’ Full Monty show. <<It has been said that I throw him in every blog at least once so I am just keeping up with the trend.

So we heard about the music in the park thing that was being held  in our very own hometown and knew we had to go.

We got to the park for 1:30 and headed straight for the golden circle. I half expected Dan Fletcher to be there with his golden showers but he was no where in sight.

When I say we headed straight for the golden circle, we did spend a good fifteen minutes debating on whether we should buy fudge and chocolate for you know…. health purposes….. We didn’t want to be lacking energy later in the day. We actually decided not to , just on the grounds that had we brought just one bag, we would have had to sell our houses. These stalls weren’t exactly cheap.


So anyway, we got lucky and bagged a spot pretty much right at the front of the golden circle. We literally couldn’t have been any closer.

The first act on were three little guys. They were called Three Dudes. Or even 3 Dudes. No idea. They were around 13. I think that is what they said anyway. To give them credit, they played their own instruments and I reckon by the time they reach adult hood, they will be a pretty talented bunch.

Next up were Diversity. I honestly wasn’t bothered about seeing these. I know , I know. It makes me boring and grumpy but like I said before, I was there to see one thing. McBusted. So all these other acts seemed like they were going to be a really torturous wait! But actually, Diversity were really very good. It is quite impressive watching them on stage. After ten minutes, all of their dance moves sort of started to look the same. But they were great despite that. The little guy with the afro really is fierce and the star of the group. He flips like nobodies business.


Next up was Scouting For Girls. I wasn’t bothered about these either. I liked that one song they did, but other than that, I have never really taken any notice of them. Yet again, I was proved wrong. These guys were actually brilliant. They played really well and the main dude had a bit of a personality going on so that is always fun!! He really was funny and kept the crowd entertained, and he had us singing along to songs that we didn’t even know the words to. As well as their own songs, they also done Live and Let Die and it was the shit. It was so good. I was so impressed with these guys that I am downloading some of their music as I type this up, They rocked. And I never noticed that the main dude is actually quite a cutie, so that helped. 😉





Next up were 5ive. I used to love 5ive! I actually wasn’t even that excited about seeing these yesterday though because I saw them last year at Newmarket and they were amazing. So I was looking forward to seeing them again, but because I had already seen them exactly a year ago on June 29th…… I wasn’t overly bothered.

It was Abz birthday and you could tell he was pissed out of his head as soon as he came on the stage!! He was so drunk. He was a funny drunk though. He was making the whole crowd laugh and to be quite honest with you Ritchie , Scott and Sean all seemed in a foul mood. With Abz I think. Who knows. The other guys kept getting pissy and blaming a sound man for something even though none of the other bands had any sound issues or technical difficulties. Abz was the only guy who seemed to want to go with the flow. Like when they started playing the wrong song, Abz just carried on singing it which to be fair, all the guys could have done as they would play that one anyway so it didn’t really matter what order it went in!! Last year, 5ive were the stars of the night, this year…. they were a little bit ‘precious’ apart from Abz who seemed to be having a grand old time up there swaying his drunken ass off.









As you can probably tell from the pictures above…. Abz was definitely a teeny bit drunk. I also have quite solid video evidence of this!! So basically, Abz was brilliant, drunk or not…. and the other guys were a bit uptight. But they put on a good show.

Next up……

The Backstreet Boys.

I knew that most people were really excited about these. But I grew up as a Boyzone fan and despite liking the odd BSB song, I was never really a fan. I am now. These guys absolutely rocked!! They danced, they played instruments really well, they had a lot of banter with the crowd and they sang really good!! They are actually amazing live! They surprised me because I wasn’t fussed about them, then they came on and I was like…. woah! Apparently, Nick Carter was in a bad way just two days ago with severe bronchitis. . You would never have been able to tell. He sang the best of all. They were spot on.









The other guys were great of course .



10330320_564662380323030_841106215612737171_n (1)





But the star of the Backstreet Boys yesterday was this man. Brian.


He was brilliant. As you can see, he was unbelievably close to us. He waved at us and sang ….. Although it does need to be pointed out that Lizzy got serenaded by not 1, not 2 , but 3 Backstreet Boys!! THREE!!! Nice work Fizface.

I got serenaded by Nick Carter so even though it was only 1 out of 5 , I will take that …. because he has fit arms.

Anyway, back to Brian. So… he was hilarious. He posed for selfies in front of my phone. In fact, he posed for three….. Here they all are.




But I know anyone reading this is waiting to hear ‘THE’ story. Yes folks, Brian from The Backstreet Boys saw me make a spectacle of myself.

You see, just after he so very nicely posed for these selfies, I had to put my phone away as my battery was running out and McBusted weren’t even on yet….. so I did what anyone would do, and kept my phone in my bra.

Don’t look at me like that! I had to. I didn’t have any pockets and had my red bag on me, and because we were all squashed in, I couldn’t actually move to even get anything out of my bag. And also…. It would have taken too long to grab pictures of all these people by the time it was out of my bag and unlocked. So I had no choice but to conveniently shove my phone down my bra.

And as Brian was standing right in front of me, that is exactly what I did. It was only when I looked up and realised he was laughing at me that I felt the full horror. He didn’t just laugh. Oh no. He opened his mouth, quite widely…. and then pointed at me….. and then at my erm….. boob area. Clearly indicating he saw what I did. And then he cracked up again. While singing.

So now, I have come to realise that on Sunday the 29th June, it pretty much looked like I felt myself up in front of The Backstreet Boys.  Usually, I wouldn’t care. I also did the same thing in front of McBusted later on in the night but thankfully for me, they were too focused on their performance to see some fangirl shoving things down her bra.

I don’t exactly have …. small boobs. So I mean…. I was wearing a you know ‘normal me’ top. And I mean…. It just kind of looked like I was pulling my top down to flash the Backstreet Boys. I wasn’t. No. I saved that for McBusted 😉

So…. that was an experience anyway. I just always have it in my head that these people can’t actually see you , even if you are at the front. They proved me wrong with the whole serenading and bra thing though hey.

And when he noticed mine and Lizzy’s reaction at him noticing what I had just done, he laughed even more…. so …. even though it is definitely one of my more embarrassing moments…… Thanks Brian! You just about made my day!!


Anyway, minus #bra-gate …. BSB were incredible. It’s a shame really, I can’t even remember any songs….. I can,, but they won’t be in order. They sang a lot of songs.

My favourite of course being I Want It That Way….. which is also when Bra-Gate happened. That was definitely a special song. It made me want to book up tickets for their tour and I’m not even a huge fan of them. I am now though. Well done Backstreet Boys!! Awesome show.

But of course, they didn’t beat the main event. McBusted were everything I hoped they would be. I will tell you all a secret…. I used to love James Bourne. He was my favourite in Busted and I was pretty certain he would be my husband 😉 But since the wonder of twitter and growing up, I started to go off him. I unfollowed him.  Maybe he just didn’t come across very well online…. maybe it was just all in my head, but I really started to lose my fangirl for him.

As soon as I saw them all up on stage though….. the fangirl thing for James came back. He was directly in front of me so it was obviously meant to be. And whatever I think of his personality these days, he puts on a great show!!




It was amazing how easily he transported me back to those teenage years. Busted remind me of my first boyfriends and staying out til all hours. They remind me of being a carefree teenager and not having a lot to worry about. They remind me of awesome times!

McBusted kicked off with Air Hostess!! I love this song. The little kicks and jumps they do are brilliant as ever. They all still rock as much as they did years ago. They put in such an energetic performance. They did all the most famous songs, Crashed The Wedding, 5 Colours In Her Hair, Shine A Light On Her, Who’s David , You Said No, What I Go To School For, Obviously and even Thunderbirds!!

There were other songs that were played but my head was in such a daze that I can’t really remember anything else……

But I do know the best song of the whole night. The song that made me tear up. Yes you can all think i’m sad, you can all laugh. I’m not even sorry.

Sleeping With The Light On is not only my favourite Busted song, but one of my favourite songs of all time. I adore it. I think it’s beautiful ….. and I noticed back in the day that anyone who wasn’t a Busted fan seemed to like the song as well.

I asked Lizzy if she thought they would do it. She thought they would but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I was already seeing McBusted, I didn’t think I would be lucky enough to get my favourite song played as well.

So you can imagine my screams of delight when they launched into it. As soon as James Bourne started playing the song, I honestly got emotional. Sometimes, a song just gets to you. I don’t know why, it just gives me shivers every time I hear it. And I got to see it played live guys!!! THEY PLAYED SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHT ON right in front of my face!! Let’s all jump around with ice-creams in  celebration.

It was beautiful. I zoned out and sang my heart out, much to the horror of the people around me. I will never forget that moment. Standing there with Lizzy who I have known since I was three and finally seeing McBusted was just brilliant. No other words for it.




10501623_564655500323718_7267281592842249967_n (1)


We actually had an awesome interaction with two of the Mcfly boys as well which I don’t think our fangirling hearts will ever get over.

Tom Fletcher came over, directly in front of us and we of course started screaming his name like the 13 year old teenage girls we really are…. and he beamed at us, then started telling us to jump. Which is hard with these boobs. But we did and he was amazing. It was a really sweet little interaction and I can’t really explain what happened without sounding really dorkish and weird, but it was magical.


And then Danny Jones. Ah Danny. This was special. Tom has always been my favourite Mcflyer, and we got a moment with him. So it seemed only fair that we got a moment with Danny who has always been Lizzy’s favourite Mcflyer. It was so cute. I don’t have the moment it happened because it was on Lizzy’s phone, but he came over in front of us to mess around with…. James or Dougie, I can’t remember which one. And the crowd was pretty quiet at this moment in time.

Lizzy got her camera out because her man was standing right in front of her, and i cheered and wooped his name at the exact moment Lizzy was taking a picture, so he looked down at us and started posing for the picture. It was so awesome. She was gutted to have missed his pose by a few seconds, but she still got a great picture of him! It was a really cool moment and the smile he gave us melted our hearts.

10401422_564655613657040_6260451370059515408_n (1)

This blog seems a bit weird to me, going on about these people who were interacting with us from the stage, but I had to write it down because we never expected it in a million years. Not at all. Despite having tickets for the golden circle, we never expected to be that close. And we had no clue anyone would look at us, so it definitely made the day all the more special.

We lived our teenage dream yesterday and it was worth every single second. The buzz isn’t going to go away anytime soon, not even tomorrow morning when I have to be up at 4am for work!

29/06/2014 was magical. Now let’s never talk about Bra-Gate again. xox


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