Jersey Girls – Type A – 26/07/2014

It took me some time to decide if I should write this blog or not. Saturday honestly was just a bit…. weird.  I am still looking back over some of the days events in horror. The explanations will come later in the usual style of this blog, so expect humiliation and all out cringey-ness. 

I had decided long ago to go to London for this day as a friend from Germany was over in London for a few days. Tanja!! I had to come along, because meeting up is always going to be a rare but special thing so I will make sure to always make the effort. And I am glad I did. Plus, Germany won the world cup this year and obviously, Tanja being German will be firm friends with the football squad so I thought it was my ticket in. It turned out that just because you are from the same Country, you won’t automatically know each other. How weird is that?! 

I had booked up to see Jersey Boys as Tanja had another show that afternoon anyway, so I wouldn’t be missing out on time with her. It turned out that two people I slightly know and tolerate  (Looking at you Aussie Jus and Sit On Stephy)….. had booked up for the very same show that day as well. Jersey Girl-itus is fast becoming a thing with no cure.

Anyway…. I am going to try and do an in depth memory thing on the days events but if you are already a reader of this blog, we all know how well this is going to go. 

After making pals with the train station person, the WH Smith person and the train conductor, I arrived in London town at around 10-ish. Those new pals of mine are fab. I mean… we will never speak again, but hey! Thanks for brightening up the journey folks. 

I headed straight for my second home , Leicester Square to wait for my friend who I was meeting. As I sat on the wall that goes around the statue thingy in the sunshine on a beautiful summers day, I was as happy as a dog that had just found a really big dog bone or a couch to hump. Except I wasn’t sexually excited. Never mind….. 

I people watched, screamed at two birds, ran away from four wasps and put my chewing gum in the bin, walking straight into a still sticky bit on the ground which somebody had clearly just spat out so that was lovely. And this was all in the space of ten minutes. 

People say that London is unfriendly and cold. But I don’t find that. I have only ever had one really rude person in London so far, and in a place that big, it’s pretty good going. This lovely Chinese couple on the wall next to me said hi and gave me a smile that would melt the most frozen of hearts, so everything was good, even if I was scraping chewing gum off my shoe with an old Costa card from my purse. I wasn’t bothered. I don’t even know why I had a Costa card. I am Starbucks through and through. 

Anyway, my lovely smiley friend popped into sight, and off we walked into our new ‘place we go just because no reason really’ pub. While there, we got bacon, because what is a trip without bacon? What is even any day without bacon? And we chatted and laughed until we…. well no. We just chatted and laughed. This particular friend and I …. when we get together, we just don’t shut up. There is no room for taking breaths. What even is this air you all speak of? Who needs to breathe when you can talk and hold your hurt stomach from laughing so much? 

We did somehow manage to stop the chatter for just a second to decide that actually, we were in London which meant we had to go and get a drink at the Garrick Arms. Just because. Rock Of Ages memories and all that. It will always be a sentimental place for us. Rather than our usual malibu and cokes, we decided to be really summery and weddingish all at the same time and get Pimms. I don’t even know if I like Pimms. But you just have to drink it in the summer ya know? And me being the worst drinker in the world…. well, I think that first glass already went to my head a bit. Maybe it was the heat, the tiredness from working so much lately and the Pimms at 11 am in the morning combined, but something made me not quite with it…… 

Before we knew it, it was time for our very own mini Rock Of Ages reunion. We had told the girls we would meet them in the square by the statue at 1-sh, so off we went. 

This is where my brutal honestly kicks in. If I don’t like you, I will be making exactly ZERO time for you. We all made friendships and connections with various people during our love for the show mentioned above. Some of us have nothing in common. Some of us connected and have spoken every day since. Some of us live in Germany and some of us live in Tractor Land. My point is, just because we all had/have a love for the same show, there is no rule that we all had to be friends. 

So when I saw Jus and Stephy in the square, talking to a girl with her back to us, my heart sunk a little. I can talk to a sink. Like… a sink that has been demolished into white dust. I can talk to anything. That sink thing was a really weird example. But anyway, just because I CAN talk… does’t mean I want to waste it on people who don’t care for me and I don’t care for them. I hoped that this girl who we couldn’t see wasn’t somebody who I didn’t click with, because there are quite a few fans from this show who just don’t like me. And I don’t want to waste my time trying to be polite. I just wanted to spend the day with people I cared about. And I am actually being nice really, because I wouldn’t want them to spend time with me when inside, they don’t like me. That would be wasteful for all of us. 

In this life, you must always surround yourself with people who care. That is one key to happiness. Never waste a precious moment being two faced to somebody you wouldn’t even normally say hi to…… 

So with that being said, I made my friend and I walk AROUND the statue…(It’s a big statue guys….) Just to see if we could see who this mysterious person was. We didn’t need to worry in the end. It was somebody who I hadn’t spoken to before who actually seemed very nice so that was that. 

I hugged Jus and Stephy which always amazes me as I am not a ‘huggy’ person. I hate hugs. But with these girls and the amazing friend I was already with…. they make me be ‘huggy’ , which is a compliment to their personalities. 

As we were standing there talking and catching up …. (The woman who Jus and Stephy were talking to looked stunned by my declarations that I had arrived in London to marry The Jersey Boys) , we suddenly saw all these teenage girls just run and scream. Shut the front door. Something was going down. I did what any normal self respecting nearly 28 year old would do in those circumstances. I left my group of friends and ran with all the other girls, acting and totally perfecting the fangirl thing down to a tee. Honestly, I’m not bothered about the celeb world, but it’s always fun to say you have ‘seen’ such and such. So I was running down the square with people I didn’t know who were all beside themselves. Of course when we got to ‘the scene’ , I was too bloody 5ft2 short to even see anything anyway. 

I turned to the girls next to me and asked who everyone was running after. They looked at me in disgust, clearly thinking that I should know if I was part of the crowd that just ran. Fair point. 


Who? What? Nope. Not even a tiny clue.  I have never heard of them at all ever. That was my fan girl moment ruined and off I walked back to join my friends. 

On the way back to my group, I was thinking to myself…. 

“Please don’t let Tanja and Sarah be there yet. I don’t want to have to explain to them that I was late to the meeting because I had just ran after a boy band I had never heard of. These are sophisticated people, the girls I was already with know my crazy well and put up with it…. but others just get a bit bemused.”

Of course Tanja and Sarah were already there. Of course. Joining them was a lovely girl called Simone. (If you ever read this …. it was so awesome to meet you! And I apologise…. for every single word that comes out of my mouth! ) 

I walked back into the group telling them all about how I just ran after a group of probably underage teenage boys because other people were running and I like to fit in so….. They just shrugged it off and we all sat on the damp muddy grass to have a catch up, after a hug with Sarah and Tanja of course. (Hugs again? I am the least huggy/huggable person in the world so you did good girls.) 

We all caught up. We hadn’t seen each other since November. And that is what I think makes the whole thing special. Listen, I have friends from all over. Everyone does. I have the girl I grew up with since I was three five minutes up the road. I have parents from the school. I have work friends. I have ex work friends. And now I have theatre friends. Some people look down on that and I just don’t know why. What does it matter how we met? The ‘look downers’ say that it isn’t a ‘real’ friendship and I guess only time will tell.  It doesn’t matter how any of us met, all that matters is that somehow…. we all decided to put up with one another and have spoken ever since. I think that is magical. This group in particular…. I have the friend I met in Leicester Square that morning. We have been friends for four years now and she is the one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We knew each other before the theatre world and I cherish her! Then we have Jus. Jus is a weird one to me. She just kind of hit me like a lightening strike and left her mark ever since. She’s a crazy Aussie with a drunken heart of gold. And we have met up many times since November. Then there is Stephy who was the first Rock Of Ages fan I ever met. I hadn’t seen her since the close of the show and it was lovely catching up. And Tanja and Sarah are the same. You realise how long ago November actually was when you all meet up again. 

I do need to do a little shout out here and say that the day wasn’t quite perfect. Not quite. It would have been if I could have met with just a few more people . Stagey theatre people who I have come to really care about and that is Eleanor Paps Baps Page and Noor, and Paps Baps Mum Rachel. Paps and Rachel, you are both so down to earth that you may as well be dirt but in a good way. You are completely crazy and I have come to like using Skype just for you. And Noor. A fellow certain Scottish man fan. Not only does she have good taste in men, she is lovely, quirky and all around brilliant. I can’t wait to see you three again! 

This is such a long rambling blog and I’m not even close to half way yet…. ooops. 

I think I might have suggested more Pimms. So four of us went over to the pub while the others insisted they were OK where they were, but then they came to join in the Pimms party and it was all fun. Remember the door way guy? REMEMBER HIM?! What was that about? We saw a Ross Hunter lookalike at the pub, who now in hindsight didn’t actually look remotely like him but….. like I said. I’m a bad drinker. 

Just like that, it was time to all seperate and go to our various shows. But it’s OK because we would all see each other afterwards for some unexpected boob action. More on that later. 

It has probably got to be said that Jus and I know our way around the Piccadilly theatre now. Ooops again. It’s official. Jersey Girls. 

We made ourselves at home in the bar before the show (of course, where else? This blog paints us in such a good light, especially as Jus is already known as ‘Drunk Aussie’) . Then it was time to make our way to the seats. The front row frickin seats. 

There was still ten minutes for a gossip though and as we were all sitting in various places, we decided to group up at the twirly stairs. As we were in the middle of a girly chat, probably about how dreamy Sandy Valli was, none other than Tobey came walking up to us. Tobey was also a Rock Of Ages fan from Germany who we used to bump into a lot. He’s lovely. It was a great surprise to see him! What a small world. It’s great that so many of us still go to support former cast members. 

Anyway… on to the show stuff. This is where I lose the plot and it is where the plot completely disappears for the entire day. 

Let me tell you. Sitting in the front row of Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly is a really bizarre experience. You are so close to the actually very low stage that you can touch it. You may as well be on stage with them. 

I was already a bit dazed when Thomas Goodridge came out to perform his rocking French version of Oh What A Night. I got a wink. Listen, I’m not an idiot. It’s definitely not my first Jersey Boys show and I know that it is ‘in the script’ to do it. But the fact that this time it was me threw me a bit because you know…. I’m shy. What? I so am. 

My cheeks were still burning from that when the one and only Jon Boydon walked out onto the stage. Ah Jon. If you are my friend, you will know that in the last few weeks, I have jumped upon the Jon Boydon fandom bandwagon and I’m not planning on getting off any time soon. I have purchased his album Three Four and pledged for his new one in the Kickstarter campaign he currently has going at . Check it out. << Smooth plugging that was.He has actually reached his £15,000 goal, but is looking to reach a higher target for a gig!! Do it!! So exciting.  Not only is he incredibly talented away from the stage, he is amazing on stage. Jon plays Tommy De Vito so well that Tommy is my favourite character and I just want to marry him. Which is weird because A)Tommy De Vito is a real person not just a character and B) Tommy is a serious ass with a hygeine/gambling/womanising/towel problem. But I still love him. And that is definitely down to Jon’s portrayal. 

So when Jon launched into song and also gave me a serenade/wink…. my fangirl mode got serious. Oh dear lord. Again, this is part of the act. My friends have had the serenade/wink from Tommy/Jon also. It happens in every show. But this time it was me and my cheeks turned redder than anything red. That is for sure. It is a staple part of the show, just as when Lonny used to say ‘My dressing room, two minutes’ back in Rock Of Ages. But it still made me go red. I mean… it’s fricking Jon Boydon. I just pledged for his album. What the hell?!

So I spent the first act of the show in a winky daze. Of course it just got dreamier when Sandy Valli Moffat appeared. There is only so much sexy one girl can take. Jeez. Sandy by the way, in case any of you are interested, is going from strength to strength as alternate Frankie. He is at a level which just blows me away each time. I could listen to his vocals all day. Dreamy. 

Edd Post and Matt Nalton as usual… job well done. Great cast all round. 

The interval came and Jus and I ran straight to the bar. (Jus, what?! This is getting a pattern now. Next time we need to mix it up ….) A malibu and coke later and back we went to the seats. Act 2 in Jersey Boys just killed it. I am telling you, if you haven’t seen Sandy perform Can’t Take My Eyes Off You then what is wrong with you?! You have to. So good. Whenever I see him do that and Working My Way Back To You… all I am thinking is that he needs to do his own gig. He would be such a rock star!! Actually, that isn’t all I am thinking but. Too rude for this blog. 

The guys finished the show off and Who Loves You is always one of my favourites! I think every time I have left that theatre I have been singing that song. Despite the fact Oh What A Night was just played in 20 different ways….. I leave singing Who Loves You. 

We automatically headed for Stage Door after the show. And that is when I realised that I didn’t want to speak to anyone. I just felt strange and yes… I will put it down to the drink. I always make a fool of myself at Stage Door and I was content with the fact that I had just seen an amazing show. I didn’t want to ruin it by acting a fool in front of hot stagey guys. So as Tobey, Jus, Ali, Stephy and I stood there, I was about to walk away. And just sort of…. have a little walk down the street while the others spoke. 

But then Sandy appeared beside me looking glorious and I didn’t even know he had come out, but the others did so that just proves I was a bit dazed. Unfortunately for me, it was too late to walk away…. and then I sort of just stood in a dirty puddle in front of Sandy which was a bit mortifying because he said…. “Mind the puddle” …. but I was already standing in it,. So things just went down hill from there and while the others were all lovely normal sane girls and boys, I started talking about him and Cameron Sharp having a ‘Leg Off’ in their leotards…. told him that Cam had better legs than him (Not true. Sandy wins best legs against anyone actually)  and a whole bunch of absolute crap. It was awful . Most people would just say…’Great show Sandy! You are so awesome and blah blah blah.’ . I on the other hand… talk about remortgaging my house to afford Jersey Boys tickets and something about seeing Michael Watson …. ?! What the hell? Don’t ask people. It was bad. The only thing that consoles me is Sandy has Stage Door chats all the time and will never remember a word I say so. There is a silver lining. 

Although special thanks to Jus who interjected with … “Laura talks a load of shit.” Sandy was smiling/nodding in agreement I think but I am going to pretend that he was nodding about something else. 

Some of you might be wondering why on earth I would want to share all of that when it was clearly horrific for me, but it is my blog. Why break tradition now?! I have had a few people actually comment and say they are reading for the stage door encounters alone so …. there we go. You may all laugh at the puddle shame of it all. I guess the thread here is… I just lost my cool in front of a fit guy. Like I have said before on here, if anybody ever needs me to shut the hell up for a bit, hire Sandy. It works. 

It was so much easier back at Rock Of Ages where I could just hide behind tons of people whenever Sandy walked out and speak to everyone else at Stage Door. It’s not as embarrassing making a twat out of myself in front of Simon, Dan etc….. So after this awful JB stage door experience, I think I’m gonna have to go back to my old ways. Cowering behind people when Sandy walks out while appreciating how nice his dimples are while he talks to other sane people, then pouncing on the cast mates. Definitely easier. 

After a mini meltdown in the form of hugging the pole on the street from heat/drink/exhaustion/embarrassment ….. we headed back to see the girls. 

Everyone had had a great time at their shows. To my surprise , the lovely Sigal came floating into the square looking like a summery Princess. It was so great seeing her, she was gorgeous and friendly as always. 

Before we all had to say our goodbyes, we took pictures and just generally had a great time. We were sitting in the damp muddy grass again eating biscuits. 

I haven’t said much about Sarah yet, because I was saving it til now. She is nuts and brilliant. I adore her. We are boob soul mates. And one of us… probably Sarah, came up with the idea of throwing the biscuits down each others cleavage. Not even sure how that happened. I think I started throwing them in Sarah’s mouth and then it just naturally led on to boobs….. seems logical. I had a low cut top on so it was a lot easier for her to reach the target; 

Please note, no biscuits were harmed during the making of this and very few were wasted because ya know… Sarah likes grassy biscuits and kept eating them after the shots failed. It should also be said that they were mini cookies. Next time we will move on to full sized biscuits but that is pretty hardcore so we have to give it time. 

We knew it was coming, but it was time to go home. It was a gorgeous chilled evening sitting in the square and it was hard saying goodbye, especially to Tanja. It’s not as easy for us to meet up, but we will. 

My fave aussie Jus escorted me back to the station because she is pretty much my baby sitter when in London. She tries to keep me out of trouble but clearly always fails. 

All in all, it was a very odd day. I enjoyed it. And I can’t wait to go back. I will probably go in disguise next time. Thomas who winked at the start of the show sent me some lovely tweets that night and told me he recognized me. Aaaa! I will definitely have to go in disguise. How embarrassing is that?! 

Jersey Boys, Friends, Germany, London, Puddles and Pimms….. it was fun. Let’s do it again soon. 



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One thought on “Jersey Girls – Type A – 26/07/2014”

  1. Awww when I sat down to read another fun instalment in the life and mind of Laura Edwards. I did not expect that little mention, I so wish I was there a well, but I love reading these after you get back.
    I seriously need to go to the show with you guys haha 😀

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