Jersey Boys – 15/08/2014 – Oh! What A Night

Some of you will know by now that I have become a bit of a Jersey Girl. Apparently, this is an actual thing and the only cure is to watch the show. Multiple times. It’s hard, but if it is the only thing that will get me through it then needs must. 

Of course, there is no denying the fact that I started my Jersey journey because of a former cast member of Rock Of Ages who has the ability to look good in a leotard AND a red suit. So I never thought I would see the day where I actually booked to see a Jersey Boys show that wasn’t a Sandy Valli one. 

But a few months ago, when the Jersey Boy love started in my fangirl brain….. I saw a TV appearance that involved a certain  Michael Watson … AKA – Main Frankie Valli. 

I had prepared myself to not really think anything of Michael…. I mean, I knew he was going to be good. He is the main Frankie after all, the star of the show. But all the same, the only Frankie for me was Scottish with legs to die for. Anyway, I watched the TV performance, and from the moment Michael said something about not getting any cheers from the crowd but the others did, I instantly liked him. Then he started singing and I knew that one day, I had to book up and see him as Frankie. Skip to a month or two back where some of you may remember a previous blog post about bumping into Michael outside the theatre and basically being a complete and utter fangirl and telling him that we would be along soon . 

Which brings us to yesterday……

After waking up at 4am for work, and freaking out for a few hours because I thought I had a serious medical condition due to not being able to walk or breathe properly during work (<< That was a total hint for sympathy by the way) , I honestly wasn’t feeling that chirpy by the time I finished my shift and collapsed on the sofa. The thought of showering and dragging my arse out of the house to London was a pretty daunting task when I felt like shit. But it’s not as if I was having to do something really taxing. I mean, I got to see four guys who are all quite easy on the eye sing and dance on stage for a few hours, if anything, it was going to make me feel better. 

No matter how many times I go to London, I still get that rush of excitement every time the train rattles past all the famous buildings. It’s magical. So I was happy by the time I got off the train and met Jus who had told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to try Cinnabon otherwise my life was not worth living. 

Jus, Noor and Rachel were all right. Cinnabon is the business. I made a huge mistake and got a diddy one while Jus had a biggun. I have already learnt this hard lesson and next time, I will get one the size of my head. After a drink at Cafe Nero where sadly, the fit guy wasn’t at work, we made our way to the theatre. 

After the standard selfie in the bar where you can really tell exactly just how tired and rough I was feeling, we made our way to our third row seats. 


We both spoke as we were waiting for the show to start about how weird it was purposely booking up a non Sandy show. And it was weird. Jus is main Smoffat. I’m Smutty on the side Smoffat. We were cheating on our man. It doesn’t matter that Sandy had he known would have been delighted to offload his crazy fangirls onto someone else for a while, all that mattered is we felt a teeny bit guilty. 

And that is where the Sandy thing ends. Right there. I wouldn’t dream of pitting them against each other. Both of these men have so much talent between them that it’s hard to handle. So from here on, this is a post about Michael’s  Frankie Valli.

Actually, it’s not a post about Michael’s Valli. It’s not a review. It’s not even a legitimate piece of writing. It’s a load of waffle but what would a blog of mine be without words that make no sense to anyone?

 As soon as the amazingly energetic Thomas Goodridge bounded on to the stage with his French version of Oh! What A Night, I was sold. It doesn’t take a lot for me to get excited, and the troubles of work and everything else melted away. 

Thomas is a never ending bundle of fun and every time he gets on that stage he makes people laugh. The one time he wasn’t there out of all my shows, I missed his enthusiasm. That is the thing about this show, all the extras absolutely make it what it is. Not just the four guys, who are amazing, but everyone. Matt Thorpe who plays Joe Pesci, he was off last time we went and I missed him. This time he was back and he was absolutely great. Along with Stuart King (If you ever get a chance to see his Bob, do it, he’s brilliant…) and Matt Hunt. These guys all make the show what it is and put in an enormous amount of work. 

No, I will not go into how crazily talented Jon Boydon is AGAIN. If you want to see that, then you have a choice of about five previous blog posts to see just how gushing I have been about him in the past. It’s embarrassing. I am sure I don’t need to point out that from the moment he walked on, he was on fire. He got cheers as soon as he walked on to the stage. That crowd last night was insane. I could tell the guys were loving the audiences reaction, not just because i’m physic, but because most of them tweeted about what a great crowd it was 😉

It really makes the show more enjoyable if everyone around you is loving it as much as you are and that was without a doubt the best crowd reaction I have ever seen. 

As soon as Michael ran on as young teenage Frankie, that was it. I was in a trance. Honestly. Talent? Yes. Just a bit. A lot. A huge amount. Oh my chocolate buttons he is talented. The dude was ill just the night before and had to take a show off, I have no idea if he was still under the weather a bit for this performance….. but if he was, then nobody would have known. 

The noises I made at certain points were incredibly embarrassing. 

Michael Valli – “I’m in the mood for Love….”
Me – “Uhhhhhhh”

Michael Valli – “I wanna Sunday Kind of Love”~
Me – “Swooooooon”

Michael Valli – “Don’t Go Baby….”
Me – “Ahhhhh. I won’t. I’ll stay right here. Forever. Until it’s time to catch my train anyway.”

I am pretty sure Jus nudged me a few times because at one point, I think I ‘Aaahhhed’ quite loudly at a particular note Michael hit. Oooops. 

The guy – he can sing. But not just sing. His voice is like a silky smooth thing that caresses your ears and makes you feel like you are riding on a fluffy cloud of white chocolate whip. I know, I have a way with words.  In particular, I don’t think I have ever melted at My Eyes Adored You like I did last night. It helps that it is one of my favourite songs of the show. But on that song, it was like Michael wasn’t even trying. Let’s just say, the TV and youtube videos I have seen Michael on, as good as they were, do not justify just how good he is in person. 

He also has certain facial expressions while playing Frankie that were just spot on. He completely aced it, and as a part time Smoffat, that is some high praise right there. I always think the Go Ape song is a laughing out loud moment, but paired with Michaels hilariously funny face during this…. it was hysterical. 

Edd Post as Bob Gaudio ad Matt Nalton as Nick Massi…… once again – perfect. Never seen these boys have an off moment. Apart from the times Edd was just literally off. Completely. Because he wasn’t there. That was my attempt at funny. You’re welcome. 

The interval came around way too quickly, and there were discussions had about Michael Valli Watson…. all veering towards the holy fuck-cakes , he’s incredible. 

If the first act was magical, the then I’m not quite sure what that makes the second act. The crowd were loving it and the guys on stage certainly were as well. It must be an amazing experience for them to see people cheering so loudly. 

As a completely random side note – Edd Post has a way of pronouncing things that is just brilliant. The words Cretin and Tour in particular. 

Matt Nalton banged his head on the table extra hard this time round. So hard that even Jus next to me who doesn’t over-react like I do was like …. “Woah. That had to hurt.” 

The songs were all rushing by way too quickly, each one was brilliant. It turns out that Beggin’ is pretty damn sexy whoever is doing the dance….. 

It has to be said though, that if you can take your eyes off Frankie long enough during this song, Tommy De Vito and Nick Massi are throwing some pretty hot guitar moves around in the background. 

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was enough to turn me into a puddle of gooey fangirling mess. Michael worked the crowd. He was incredible. And yes, I am repeating the words incredible, amazing and talented rather a lot during this post, but when you are writing about the Jersey Boys….. it’s a standard theme. 

Probably one of the funniest moments during the whole show was Working My Way Back To You. Having seen the show once or twice (ahem … or uh…. you know sevenish…..) times , we are well aware that Frankie will usually give somebody on the front row a little serenade. Front row being the key words. I guess if the front row was full of men, the Frankie would then search for the nearest available girl…. but when I have been there, it has always been first row. 

But this time, much to my delight and amusement…. Michael walks to the side of the stage, and points three rows back at Jus. Good old Jus. Good old mortified wanted to die on the spot Jus. We knew it was her as there was nobody directly in front , so that was a give away. And there were a few ladies in the front row, so the fact he serenaded Jus made it all the more brilliant. And it wasn’t just a quick sing either. It felt like it went on for a few lines. Probably because it did. It was so funny! If you know Jus, you will know what her reaction would have been like. She didn’t know where to look and I am pretty sure she freaked out for the remainder of the show 😉 

Michael played the bereaved Dad with outstanding emotion. He really did show maturity throughout the whole show. It’s not an easy task to go from a 16 year old boy to somebody who has had a career for decades, three girls, three boys , broken marriages and a family death. But he was spot on throughout it all. 

By the end, everything was just spiffingly delightful . << Sorry. I just wanted to get spiffing in there somehow. Word of the week. I think I got another nudge from Jus because I loudly exclaimed …. “Yes! My Tommy’s back!” I say it in every blog post, but i adore the moment Tommy walks back on with all his cockiness . I need a man like Tommy in my life. He’s adorable. Don’t look at me like that……

“Is this like being in a fucking time machine or what?”

Ah. He’s back. 

Rag doll/ Who Loves You were perfection. You can tell the out of this world shows from the just merely excellent shows. And this was definitely an out of this world one. I don’t think I have ever seen the boys enjoy those last songs so much as last night. 

Needless to say it was a standing ovation. Apart from most of our row actually. But they were like the only row in the whole place that didn’t stand up. I may have stood up too early but I don’t care.

It’s a weird show of appreciation isn’t it? You guys just rocked our socks off so I’m going to show you all just how much I enjoyed it by uh….. standing up, I want to really cover how much fun it was so here, have me in an upright position. 


I really enjoy listening to the crowds talking as we all walk out. I’m nosy like that. It seemed like everyone was as amazed as we were. 

Stage Door. Uh Oh. We all know what usually goes down at stage door in these blogs. It never goes terribly well does it? Usually because I’m a twat. 

Here is the thing, I had it in my mind that I wasn’t actually going to go to stage door. Because, there was no need really There was no Sandy to torment/drool over. . But it was such a good crowd that I figured if we go and fangirl with all the others, it won’t look so weird. Apart from there were no others , which after an audience like that,, was quite something. 

So as the guys all start coming out. Jus is nudging me. 

Jus – “Oh look, there’s Thomas, say hi”
Me – “No.”

Jus – “Oh …. It’s Matt Thorpe!! Say hi to him.”
Me – “Nope.”

Jus – “Look, Jon Boydon looking all sexy in his leathers <<(OK , she might not have said that, but I thought it.) Tell him it was a great show. 
Me- No. 

Jus – “Aw there is Edd. You talking to him?”
Me – ” No.”

Don’t ask. Sometimes, I love a bit of stage door. It’s fun to tell them all that they were amazing. Because they were. But sometimes, I just don’t feel it. Of course, I would have told all the guys that they were great, but I didn’t really want to take up any of their time, so like I said, I’m not even sure why we do stage door half the time. I guess it’s just an automatic thing since Rock Of Ages. 

I’m sure the conversation when Michael walked out would have also went…. 

Jus – “Look, there’s Michael…. tell him how great he was.”
Me- “No.”

But it didn’t go like that. Because Michael is definitely one of a kind. Before either of us could even really figure out what was happening, he had grabbed Jus in a hug, saying something about Smoffats and love. Jus would really have to tell you what he said. I’m not sure. I was just staring at his eyes. Did I ever mention that his eyes are dreamy? Yes? Oh, OK . Anyway. So yeah, Jus gets a hug. And I’m pretty sure he’s still saying something about the Smoffats. And then it’s my turn for a hug. 

Yes, you read that right. A hug. A hug from Michael Watson. As all of you will know, I’m not exactly…. huggable. I just stand there like the cold hearted bitch I am, giving off a serious ‘do not touch me’ vibe. Things were said and i’m not sure what. Maybe I can give Jus a right of reply so she can re-tell the events. She probably remembers more than me. Or not. She looked pretty dazed as well. The Watson effect is real. 

I insulted him. He’s so sweet and I still managed to insult him. The insult went something along the lines of….. 

Me – “So hey, maybe we could get a picture or something?” (I fucking hate asking for pictures, but it’s Michael Watson so I did what I had to do…..) 
Michael -“Yeah, sure. Of course …”(More friendly things because he’s just a great human being. Not to be confused with baked bean or mass murderer.)
Me- “Yeah because you know, we aren’t coming back.”
Michael looks at me. 
Me – “Because we are Sandy fangirls.”
Michael – Puppy dog expression. “Awwww :-(” <It was mock sadness. He knew I was joking.
Me- “Not really, I’m joking…. (Oh my god , stop talking….) No, seriously, you were amazing…..(OK , he gets it……) So, so good. Incredible. (Stop talking right now.)

Photo is taken. 


I have named this picture – Michael Watson and the chubby cheeked hamster with demonic eyes. Yes. I had to darken the picture up because there was a serious case of glowing/vampireish eyes going on right here. But anyway. I got a picture with Michael. So that happened. Do I sound like a fangirl? That’s because I am. 

After the picture was probably the moment where I should have asked if Jus wanted one, except I didn’t and I felt like a bit of a bitch, but in my defense…. last time when we had a photo with Matt Thorpe, I kind of forced her into it….. (See previous blog post…..) , So it did cross my mind that she might not want one. 

There is nothing like standing next to a man like that to make you realise just how horror showish you look. Future note – don’t come out in the daytime. I will scare old people and children. And fit guys. 

At one point, I started on rambling to Sophie (One of the girls in the show…..) about how she is also amazing but how we always gush over the men and the girls deserve credit and blah blah blah. I hope she wasn’t too terrified/confused at my sudden urge to start talking to her, but much like Nick Massi, it just came out of my mouth. 

It ended with Michael asking us to come back. OK , mainly Jus. He was still hugely offended by my insult. 😉 No, he wasn’t. I hope. Anyway……. 

I will 100% be going back to another Michael Valli show. I can’t believe it took me so long to get round to the first one. 

The train ride home was eventful with a couple of drunks fighting and then puking down a business mans suit. So that was a nice way to round off the day. 

You can’t beat a Friday Night in London! 


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