Jersey Boys – A New Point Of View …. 08/11/2014

I know what you are all thinking. How can she possibly write another blog post about Jersey Boys? Out of the thirteen shows I have seen, I have probably blogged about eight of those, and that is an insane amount of posts for one show. (Apologies to the people who aren’t even slightly thinking that. I can see you scratching your head thinking, but actually …. I was wondering about that dodgy meat pie I just ate, I wasn’t having thoughts about Jersey Boys blogs at all.)
But the thing is, I have to blog about this one as well. I know it may be a snooze fest but I can’t let this particular show go by without talking about it. It was a very long awaited Sandy Valli show and that deserves a whole blog post in its honour.

Last time I saw Sandy Moffat play Frankie V, I had ran down to London with the sole purpose of seeing his legs. Not even the show (which was a nice bonus)…. but just his legs. This was back in August and he had foolishly made the promise to me, his perviest fangirl, that if I donated to the charity, he would wear shorts. So naturally, I had to go. It was worth it just so you all know. That mans legs are unlike any other legs in the world.
Anyway…. after Leg-Gate, a rather nice handful of delicious Michael Watson shows presented themselves to me. This was due to a few reasons, Michael was easier to fit round my working days, and the two times I did plan on seeing Sandy….. I had to work one of them last minute and the other time he got ill and didn’t do the show. So I had planned on squeezing a visit in with Sandy but some things just aren’t meant to be. (That sounds very Romeo and Juliet…. Wherefore art thou Sandy?!) ((His reply – Escaping the country love, now leave me alone!))

The Michael shows certainly kept me going. That man definitely crept his way up in my stone cold heart pretty fast. But i’m not here to remind everyone how talented the Watson is. This is a Sandy blog.

I also needed a Sandy Valli trip because everyday life was punching me right in the face. And stomach. Then it pulled my hair out and tripped me over at the same time. And as you will all know by now, my pick me up happens to be theatre. Jersey Boys in particular.

The only trouble with my trip yesterday was that I would be going alone. All by myself. ‘Don’t wanna be….. ‘

Friends were busy and I “needed” to go so I braved it. Had I been seeing Michael, it wouldn’t have been a problem but the people that really know me well have witnessed that I become a little….. starstruck with Sandy. I know he, as a completely normal guy would cringe so much at the thought of anybody being starstruck at him, but it’s true. You can throw anyone my way, Michael, another Jersey Boy, Simon Lipkin…. anyone…. and I will talk to them. Fair enough, I talk shit, but I still talk……

With Sandy, I have an internal freak out every single time and it seems to be getting worse actually. I have seen him around 20 times on stage now and it never gets better. So I sort of had planned out in my head that I would see the show that I love, enjoy it very much and make the decision at the end whether I would say Hi or not. It all depended on if I was capable of speaking.

When I arrived at the box office to enquire if there were any last minute seats left for the matinee, a very lovely lady found a perfect one for me and at a bargain price. She was able to sell it so cheap because it was a stray seat and I ended up bang in the middle of the theatre, row H, seat 18. Prime viewing. The seat couldn’t have been better than that. (Shout out to the Piccadilly staff who are always brilliant!)

I grabbed myself a glass of rose and settled into my seat, knowing that I would enjoy every minute. This is the other reason I had to blog about it, the viewing experience was so different this time. When I go with other people, we always aim for the front. The front is good for many reasons. You might get a cheeky serenade, you can see everything in HD just like the telly box and seeing Sandy/Michael/Jon and co so close up isn’t exactly a torturous event.

They did have a seat or two left at the front but being alone, I couldn’t quite face it. I mean, If I sit at the front with Jus and get caught looking at Sandys crotch when I should be listening to the show, at least I can blame it on Jus.

“She made me do it.”

If i’m all alone and get caught drooling, I have nobody to throw the blame on. It would be all my own doing and that was a terrifying thought so as much as I love the front, it is definitely a thing to be shared with a friend or two. While on the subject of front row drooling….. Michaels bum. Oh my.

My single status was firmly cemented as either side of me a loving couple sat down. It just made me drink my rose quicker so it was fine.

As the ‘Lozenge’ voice boomed, I was already excited. It just hit me that I was back seeing Sandy and that this time, I would have a clear view of everything.

Thomas Goodridge came running on to the stage and that was it. I was in the Jersey zone. That man is ace. I dare anyone to be in the same place as him and not leave with a smile. He’s infectious and had me smiling straight away. I even accidentally sang along to the ‘Uh huh uh huh’ much to the confusion of the people around me. I tried to keep quiet after that. I also realised that even when I go alone, I still do the bop. I have had many a friend take the mick out of me for my awful dancing during a show, and it turns out I still bop along just as much whether I am a billy no mates or surrounded with friends. It is a rather unfortunate habit that makes total strangers stare at me in horror.

Anyway, bad dancing aside, it was SO good to see Thomas back on stage!! He’s ace. I missed him the last few times due to the huge event of him getting hitched. So it made for a happy me seeing him back giving his French a good go.

Regular readers of the blog will know that I basically wet my pants when Thomas goes and Jon Boydon walks to the front of the stage singing like a manly hip swaying angel. Yes everyone, how lucky am I? I got the Boydon, again!! Thirteenth time is a charm clearly. As this is my own blog, I have freedom of speech right now. And Jon is my Tommy. I am quite happy to watch somebody else play Tommy one day, and I will not compare whoever that may be to Jon, but for blog reasons and personal opinion, I have to come out and say that Jon Boydon can not be beaten in that role for me. It isn’t a bad thing liking one person. I don’t want any readers to confuse my love for Jon on stage as a hate for anybody who would play Tommy when Jon is off or left. Just because I know that nobody will ever match up to Jon in my eyes, does not mean that I won’t like another Tommy. I feel like sometimes the theatre world are quick to jump on people for a personal opinion but what would the world be if we were all the same? Tommy is my fave person in Jersey Boys and that is mostly because of the way Jon portrays him. I can happily watch any Frankie whether it’s Sandy, Michael or Matt Thorpe. That may confuse some but Sandy, I can watch him in anything, as anything. He doesn’t just have to be Frankie for me, therefore I can watch him as other things, and I can watch others play Frankie. You all kind of with me or have you fallen asleep? But Jon…. well Jon is Tommy. There is no other way I can explain it. And I make no apologies for enjoying him so much in that part.

As if my excitement wasn’t already at a peak watching Jon do his thing, I nearly exploded when ‘Frankie’ comes skipping along the balcony singing out Silhouette. This time, I had the added excitement of knowing that the Frankie running out would be Sandy and as soon as he sung the first silhouette I was in heaven. From my amazing view I got to watch Frankie/Sandy as he sat on the stairs on the start. I usually don’t get to do that as most times I will be on a seat directly next to the stairs so….. I weird the guy out enough without giving myself neck ache to stare at him while he’s doing nothing. But this time, I got to watch with the immense relief that he had no idea where I was and that I was staring at him. Although just a quick note to say it is actually impossible not to also watch Jon during that bit. “Oh oh I love you…. I truly truly love you…..”
When Sandy Valli started singing ‘I can’t give you anything but love’ …. ย I was already floored. I have seen him quite a few times now as I mentioned earlier. Out of my thirteen he has the grand total of eight (Including yesterdays….) with four Michael shows and one Matt Thorpe. So I knew he was good. But wow he has come far. He was flawless. He was hitting all the high notes with complete ease and he looks so comfortable in the role that he has now made his own. Him and Michael do play it very differently and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t feel like I am watching the same show again and again, there is always something different happening. ,

The first time I saw Michael, I was loudly swooning at certain notes he hit….. but this time, the swoons were all Sandy related. Obviously, because Michael wasn’t there.

Sandy puts his own spin on things and I had to remember to not sigh in lust quite so loudly as I am sure the couples either side of me thought I was insane. When little Joe Pesci (Played yesterday by the adorably cute Matt Thorpe) makes Bob Gaudio (The fine looking Edd Post) go to the bar and listen to Frankie singing, Sandy had me weak. Seriously, I can’t pinpoint if the wine had went to my head too quickly or if Sandy just has that affect in women in general but it was the best I have ever seen him. No doubt about it, he was completely on fire.

‘Cry For Me’ is always a magical moment and that was my favourite part of yesterdays show. Edds voice was crystal clear, Sandy hit the high notes and Jon came in to melt me with his ‘Don’t Go Baby….;’s. It was perfect.

The big numbers were amazing. The guys rocked Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Walk Like A Man……. and I can’t let the post go by without mentioning Matt Nalton as Nick Massi. He is another one like Sandy who is getting better every single time. He was on top form yesterday but then, I have never seen any of the guys perform bad so it’s not really a valid point.

My steel heart was turning to mush during My Eyes Adored You. Like I said, great seat = perfect view of four swoon worthy boys singing a mushy song. Ah. Dreamy.

The interval came too quickly so I ran to get another rose. I felt like I was an escaped convict doing something I shouldn’t. It was really freeing to be somewhere all by myself, not having to worry about anything. It was lush.

I had to tweet during the interval about how great the guys were doing. I like to show my appreciation of hot men. Plus, I like to remind them every so often that they have a lifelong fan in me and that i’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Much like Tommys brother Nick ๐Ÿ˜‰

What can I say about the second act that I’ve not said before on this blog other than the fact that Sandy nailed it. All the guys did but Sandy was insane.

I’m going to annoy everyone by saying yet again that I miss Tommy when he’s not on stage in the second act. Although now I know from the Jersey Boys Q and A that Jon spends his time eating and phoning his girlfriend so at least he’s happy while he’s away! Ha!

While Tommy is gone, I fall a little bit in love with Nick Massi and feel the need to offer him a regular bar of soap, and I drool over Frankie.

Beggin’ – Sandy sure works his sexy on that. Can’t say too much without turning this post filthy but he is seriously one fit fella.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – I’m going to actually steal from a friend here but I will credit her, so please don’t sue me. Jus, my fellow Jersey Girl and as I have to come realise in the last few weeks, one of my best friends in the whole world …. summed up Can’t Take My Eyes Off You with Sandy Valli very nicely. She said that it is that song that is just his. In the whole show it is the song he shines most at. And I really can’t add to that. She is bang on. It’s hard to explain unless you actually see Sandy perform it with your own eyes, but the stage comes alive. In fact, when the audience claps him at the end , I would actually pay to see a whole show of just Sandys face in that moment. I mean…. it would be awkward for him to stand there doing that for two hours and my arms would ache from clapping but…… it would so be worth it.

While I am on show ideas, I hope some of you have seen my tweets to Matt Thorpe. I have mentioned that I would be more than happy to watch him bop with his guitar for a few hours and I stand by that. He wouldn’t need to say a word. I need to make this happen. Not sure he would be completely down with it but I would and that is all that matters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All too soon, Bob Crewe (The fabulous Sean Mulligan) was introducing The Four Seasons back on to the stage for the end of the show. I have noticed that Rag Doll always gets the older people in the audience singing, without fail.

Obviously, I am back to the wetting my pants thing again at this point because Jon Boydon is back on stage again and the world is good.

Who Loves You sends me into meltdown because Jon because hips because so so so hot.

The audience was a great crowd yesterday but for some reason, nobody fancied giving the guys a standing ovation. I’m sitting there warring with myself thinking….. ‘But I always stand up for them’ “No, don’t do it Laura, being the only one standing up by yourself will be mortifying, you don’t have anyone with you to stand up” ‘Yes but they were so good, they need a standing ovation’ “Yes but you have had wine, you may not even stand up right. You will fall over.”

Anyway…. Standing Ovation Laura won out in the end and despite being 9 rows back with nobody else in front standing, I nervously stood up praying I wouldn’t be the only one for a while. Luckily, other people stood up in a matter of seconds so it wasn’t as mortifying as I thought. I learnt yesterday that I can never go to a Jersey Boys and not stand up after all their hard work. They deserve a standing ovation every single time. They are amazing.

The show was over and it had went by far too quickly but I had enjoyed every minute and seeing Sandy again on stage was everything I thought it would be. He is the tonic to a shitty week that is for sure.

I had arranged to meet Jus for a coffee after Jersey Boys so I told her when I was finished saying hi at stage door we would meet. What I hadn’t bargained on was the rain. Not everybody is the same as me, I love the rain, most people do not. I had absolutely no intention of making any of the guys stand out in the rain to say hi BUT …. Jus hadn’t been in contact yet and I had nothing to do so I made my way to stage door anyway feeling absolutely ridiculous and hoping none of the boys would feel like they had to talk. If any of them did stop I would just tell them that I was meeting a friend which was absolutely the truth. Anyway…. I kept staring at my phone waiting for Jus to message me so I could walk away when all of a sudden, Michael Watson was stood in front of me.

I mean, I know it wasn’t exactly random, the dude works there and had a show to do that night but it is still unexpected from my point of view…..So there I am , hidden under my umbrella , practically drooling at just how fit Michael looked (He had a winter hat on ladies, he looked mighty fine) when Michael being …. well , Michael…… starts talking to me. He’s amazing. He didn’t have to. It was pissing it down and he’s just having a chat as if it didn’t bother him at all.

I definitely remember playing the sympathy vote and telling him I was all by myself. I had to remind myself not to sing in front of him because I so very nearly did. “ALL BY MYSELF……………….. DON’T WANNA BE….. ALL BY MYSELF ANYMORE” ….. Luckily I didn’t but it was a close call.

I’ve said it many times and I’m saying it again….. Michael is an actual walking dream. His eyes are like…. heaven and he is just gorgeous. The fact he stopped for a chat in the pouring rain just made him all the more endearing (as if he had any right to be more perfect) and he made an already brilliant day even nicer. So thanks for making my day Michael. I say that as if he would ever read this. And if he did ever happen to stumble across it, then I would expect the police at my door from the things I have said about him. I already have my defence for that arrest though.
“In my defence your honor, it is not my fault he is so freaking fit.”

While my brain was in meltdown over the unexpected Michael bonus, I was having a freak out that Jus still wasn’t there. I then was completely stuck at whether I should walk away or stay and at least say hi to Sandy. I mean, he would never care. I went through countless Rock Of Ages shows without saying one word to him but now I feel kind of rude if I don’t just say ….. “Good show.”

But I just felt so stupid on my own in the dark and the pouring rain. Anyway, long story short, I did stay. And he came out looking as delicious as ever. (Seriously, leather jacket…. something going on with his hair….. my knees were weak.)

I definitely told him he was amazing more than once. i gushed. It was embarrassing. I was helped along by Jus. I may have forced Jus to be there and there was definitely some shouting done but anyway…..

I tried my best to not sing ‘Umbrella’ to Sandy ….. (Seriously guys, the amount of times I nearly burst into song yesterday was unreal….) and for all you wondering, I totally didn’t drop my umbrella on Sandys head or anything. I managed to stay calm so I was awfully proud of myself. It’s not easy to stay cool when he talks at you with THAT accent.

I told him useless information about how my hair gets frizzy. I’m sure he appreciated it and slept better for knowing that. This is why I’m not really allowed to talk to Sandy. I usually make a twat of myself although it has to be said that for me, I was pretty normal last night. So that is good.

Anyway, obviously it was a brief chat due to the rain and the fact he has just been ill and didn’t fancy getting ill again . Oh and probably due to the fact I am his scariest fan.

He was lovely and didn’t have to even say hi in such awful weather, but he did and I am extremely grateful. Most of all though, I am grateful for the amazing show he put on.

He never fails to put on a good show. And he was definitely a well needed distraction from everyday life.

I am so pleased I went to see Jersey Boys yesterday. I will now be in a happy bubble for a few days and when the bubble pops due to work , work and more work………. I have the Jersey Boys movie to keep me going! Oh John Lloyd Young, what a cute chin dimple you have. Marry me.

Somewhere, thousands of miles away, John Lloyd Young has just got wind he has gained a crazy fangirl and is currently changing his identity while Sandy and Michael look on in sympathy. And jealousy that it is too late for them.

That was a creepy note to end it on. I aim to please. Sleep well guys!!!


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