For The Longest Time…..

I bet you all have that song stuck in your head now and can’t stop singing it. It’s a good song so you’re welcome.

It has been AGES since I wrote a rambling blog that doesn’t make any sense so I thought I would give you all an early Christmas pressie by gifting you with this. Again, you are welcome.
There have been reasons why I haven’t been on the blog. I’ve been working a ton, trying to keep up with the littles when I’m not working and all the usual stuff.

There is loads that I should have blogged about.

Like the night Jus and I went to see Ed Sheeran and it was one of the best nights I have ever had. I tried to write a blog on that about five times but I kept deleting all the words. There are only so many times you can write – amazing, incredible and fucking awesome.

No, seriously…. I can’t put out how much that night meant to me. You all just think I’m a silly dramatic fangirl and … well, actually, you would be right. But seeing Ed in person playing those songs, just him and his guitar was magical. Jus and I had mango, malibu and chips beforehand in the O2 which thinking about it now, is a very random combo. Then we took our seats and got excited. I had planned on recording the song of the year – Thinking Out Loud so I could look back on it with fondness, but when it came to it…. recording it couldn’t have been further from my mind. I just wanted to soak it all in. There may have been a slight tear when he sang it. It’s my wedding song. My future wedding. Hugh Jackman looks like an Ed Sheeran fan so it’s a good choice.

Jus and I went from badly dancing to Ed’s weird mash ups and then standing there in awe while watching him serenade thousands and thousands of people with just his voice and a guitar.

Actually, that whole day was awesome…. earlier on we had seen Jersey Boys and even the fact that we were surrounded by ten drunk women hell bent on destroying the show for everyone else couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Just an FYI , If you go to the theatre and act like a bell end, you can justifiably be considered a twat of all trades. Much like a jack of all trades. This doesn’t make any sense but I know what I’m saying. Poor Jus was worried I was about to take out the ten of them by myself, but then at the end of the show, Jus nearly went for them herself so …. it was horrendous, they were horrendous. But it was still an amazing day.

I could have also blogged about the few times I have thrown in a random Jersey Boys trip, but as I have done that numerous times now…. I thought I may as well give that a rest. Quick updates on the JB trips for all you Jersey Girls… and boys.

I have now seen the show more times than I would like to confess. Jon Boydon has been my Tommy every single trip, so when the day comes he isn’t Tommy… it will be weird. I always have a lot of people jump on me with “But Ben Wheeler is great as Tommy!!” … I have no doubt he is, but it is just a fact that it will be an odd show without Boydon steering it along – FOR ME. We all have our favourites and I think most of you would be lying if you said you equally loved each West End star in every role. It just doesn’t work like that. It’s not a shameful thing to want to see a fave in a show you love. And that is what I feel about Jon Boydon. So yes,  I have been very lucky in managing to see his incredible performances every trip.

You will all know this already but the gorgeous Michael Watson has been nominated for Best Take Over – You can all vote here…… .

There are many reasons why you should vote for him. He’s probably the nicest guy in the West End. He is seriously lovely. He is the kind of guy you want to steal and take home to your parents. But that would involve charges of kidnapping and all sorts and I just don’t have time for that with general life.

But obviously, the fact he is a nice guy isn’t why you should vote for him. Nor is the fact he’s extremely sexy a reason. And when I say sexy, I mean…. It gets quite hard to focus if he is talking to you because his eyes turn you into a puddle of mess thingy. His eyes are dreamy.

You have to vote for him because…. well, quite honestly…. he deserves it. I have read comments from people who have seen Jersey Boys on Broadway and have seen multiple Frankies in various locations and they all say he is the best. That is quite some praise. I once read a film review of Jersey Boys stating that even though John Lloyd Young was magical in the role, the cherry on the top would have been seeing Michael take it on!! I’m trying to remember where i saw that now, if it comes to me I will post the link.

And it’s not just based on what other people are saying. It is based on my own opinion as well. He’s incredible. You all know the back story on my Jersey Boys loving…. I went because of a certain Sandy Moffat, and ended up being a tiny bit of a …. fine…..a HUGE fangirl towards Michael. It just happened, and it takes some doing to distract me from Sandys legs and talent. I also want to be plugging for Sandy votes as well, but his time will come. That man is capable of great things. He has many other talents, not all involving his legs. And face. And dreamy accent. Anyway….. so yes, being a ‘Sandy rules the West End’ fangirl, what I am saying is…. Michael worked a miracle to turn me into a Mook. Well, not strictly a Mook. I am a Moffson. Obviously. But the first time I saw him on stage, playing the role I have seen Sandy do many times… I knew he was special. So good in fact, that I have now seen Michael Valli five times. Originally going to see Sandy Valli and ending up being a fan of other Valli is a weird thing, and like I said before… it takes a good man to do that. So I know I have just bored you all to death but you really need to vote Michael for this Best Take Over thingy. He really deserves it.

Also, I know I haven’t done any stage door stories for quite a while (Trying to get back my dignity, each one gets worse….) but I can tell all of you that Matt Thorpe and Michael Watson have both rather enthusiastically announced they are up for Magic Mike the musical. Just writing this down in black, white and internet so they can’t back out. But first , let’s have at least one more year of Michael doing his best take over act 😉

What else has happened?? …. I saw As You Like It….. Simon Lipkin was the saving grace for me. It wasn’t really my thing. Having said that, the cast were extremely talented and I did get a letter handed to me because I was a tree. Apparently. What I didn’t know was that I was actually supposed to take the letter. I just stared at it for quite some time while the actor guy looked extremely uncomfortable. In the end my friend who had seen it before had to nudge me and say…. “take the damn letter!!” . So I did, and then I said something and the very embarrassed friend piped up again…. “You’re not supposed to talk to him….” Ooops.

Think it’s probably best I give Shakespeare a miss in future.

I also managed to see the Rock Of Ages tour. Along with Ed Sheeran, this was also a blog I started to write many times but couldn’t finish. I was all for the tour as many of you know. I was excited. I knew it wouldn’t be the same as the West End cast but was excited for new faces and new talent, along with the familiarity of it all.

I’m not a negative reviewer, (In fact, I am not a reviewer in any shape or form, just a fangirl…….) , so I won’t go into detail about my feelings on when I actually saw the show. The cast were fabulous and they all performed their hearts out but it just wasn’t for me. Not that I would blame that on the show itself either, I got lost in London and turned up thirty five minutes late for the show which I have never done!! Only to be seated next to a rather enthusiastic guy who smacked me in the face a few times when he tried to dance.

Dan Fletcher was brilliant as always and out of the entire experience that day, he made it worth the face slaps and the getting lost and the getting soaked to the bone and having a cold a few days later. It’s funny how everyone becomes a critic when they see a show. They all have a right to an opinion of course, they paid money to watch a show and their thoughts are their own. But having seen obnoxious comments like…. “Cam is the best Franz” and such, I will make my own opinion known and just leave with it with a big ear shattering…. NO.

Cam is the best Franz in OPINION. , Not in fact. And that is where people go wrong, when they think their opinion is fact. No. Opinion is not fact, merely a preference. I am sure you all know my opinion. My opinion is that Cam Sharp, having met him a few times and seen him perform a few times is an absolute talented gem of a man. But the part of Franz without Sandy Moffat is like Sandy Moffat without sexy legs. Franz without Sandy is like a world without chocolate. Sandy and his portrayal of Franz is one of the reasons I became a huge fan of Rock Of Ages and nobody, probably like Tommy DeVito without Jon Boydon….. can compare to him. That is my opinion. And it is an opinion I will share with anyone in a non bitchy, non factual way.

So there.

That same day I saw tour Rock Of Ages also turned into one hell of a night. From having such a bad afternoon, to spending the night with Jus…. it was fab. We walked around London , laughed til we cried and ate giant chocolate buttons. We also had a drunk girl puking her guts up right in front of us but never mind about that.


I also managed to find me a new fella – as you can see. Look at the desperation in my face as I clutch my buttons and pretend to kiss a statue. Brilliant. But still, Paddington did turn out to be a much better bloke than the guy I was seeing. So let’s drink to that.

I saw Noel Fielding!! My face hurt from laughing. I don’t know what was funnier, his act in general or the fact we all had to hold hands with the person next to us during a part of the show. Not so bad for me, I was sat in between one of my best friends and her brother, it turned out fine. My friend however , was stuck next to a greasy haired miserable teenage goth dude who had been sneezing and coughing into his hand all night…. so she wasn’t thrilled at that.

I used to be a big fan of The Mighty Boosh. You may have guessed that. The shows weird, I’m completely sane…. so it made sense. But I thought I may have grown out of that humour. To be honest, I didn’t much get into Noels luxury comedy thing he did, so I wasn’t sure what I would make of the show. It was hilarious. I cried with laughter. Actually,  you know when you can’t breathe through laughing? That. I thought I would need oxygen or something and as someone who has suffered with asthma, whose daughter has asthma and whose Dad has nearly died three times through asthma and needing oxygen, i’m not saying that lightly. I couldn’t breathe through giggles. What a way to go.

“How did she die?”

“She kind of erm… laughed herself to death at a Noel Fielding show.”

Any guy that can drag out a story about when he had a dream that he was a non nondescript herbal tea bag in the back of a cupboard for at least half an hour is comedy gold really.
I had the littles parents evenings. Some of you might remember that last year I wrote a whole blog dedicated to that years parents evening and how proud I was.

The same still stands this year. My children are beautiful, kind, loving and incredibly smart. I got lucky. The last few months, going it alone with them has been tougher than it has ever been….. but at the same time…. I know I’m still doing something right.


I love them with all my heart. Even the hole in my heart. That is even covered with love for them. How impressive is that? I know it is possible because science discovered it. And by science I mean… me. In my brain. I discovered that holes in a heart can feel love. I will probably be famous for that.

Right now…. I am missing my friends. The ones that live near and far. I haven’t had much time for any of them recently. And that makes me sad. Work has been so full on and then it’s the kids, I just need more hours in the day. But Ali, Lizzy, Jus …. Paps….. I love you all. 2015 I will write as my new years resolution – Must try harder!!!!

Speaking of friends…. I have a newbie who waltzed into my life this year. A fellow JB girlie and all out theatre fan. . She actually posts some great reviews on shows she has seen and is doing so well! She’s lovely and infectiously happy. Follow her on twitter and check out her posts!! She is also just amazing in general and will quite often message me to see if I am OK. Thanks smiler!! Here’s to theatre trips together in the next year!! ❤

I think that is about it. This post was just rambles but why fix what isn’t broke? OK , so it’s not exactly a well running machine/blog either…. but anyway.

If I don’t blog before Christmas, have a good one, squeeze your loved ones and pig yourselves silly. Make loads of new years resolutions that you won’t stick to and have a cracking new years eve. If I do blog before Christmas then I will probably just repeat this paragraph so….. *shrugs*

Off to find some giant buttons. Catch you all later xxx


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