Keep On Keeping On….

I know, I love that saying. I have used it to death on this blog haven’t I?!

January is still screwing around on me. But hey, two days left to salvage!! And earlier on… I had a kit kat so life can’t get much better really.

You know when you are only twenty eight but you are convinced that you are an extinct dinosaur. But a really weak one? No?? Just me that gets that feeling? OK.

Right now I am a walking disaster. I can’t do anything with my left wrist… (Oi!! Less of the dirt…. filthy.) I have a twisted ankle and the other ankle has a huge cut on it from walking into a broken washing basket, I have a massive bruise on my thigh from not seeing the giant black cooker in front of me. So I kind of hobble along painfully and screech whenever I accidentally push or pull something with my left hand. It’s comical to other people I’m sure. Not so fun for me though. *Tiny violins people, tiny violins.* And now I have the eye thing.

The eye thing was bad guys. So Tuesday came, and I had a day off work. I was at home, excitedly folding the washing (don’t feel too sorry for me, I like doing the washing, I like all house work apart from washing up, I’m annoying like that…. and anyway, I tend to zone out and imagine Hugh Jackman naked so it’s fine.) …. when it hit me that I haven’t seen Sandy Moffat as Frankie Valli for months. Since early November actually. So I half heartedly went online to check if there were any tickets free that evening. There were, and at a good price as well. I decided to go as a last minute thing, also messaging Jus to say …. “If you have any plans, you can cancel them because you should probably come to Jersey Boys with me.” She agreed straight away. Weirdly enough, she takes no convincing to see Sandy Moffat. Who knew?

Anyways, as I was finishing last minute bits, my eye started to hurt. It felt like I had something in it, so I kept checking and there was nothing there. It didn’t look sore or anything so I couldn’t figure it out.

I hopped on the train to London, (and by hopped I mean not at all hopped) while being unusually impatient with a dude who decided to come and sit right near me on a virtually empty train. Why do people do that?! I wouldn’t have cared so much but he was eating noisily throughout the journey and randomly playing bursts of shit music. I guess I could have moved but…. seemed like too much hard work. I soon told him with my loud sighs and rolling of the eyes. He won’t mess with me again.

When I got on the tube, my eye started feeling worse with all the wind and swooshing trains but I ignored it. I also told a lad who was from Dublin to get on the wrong train by accident. He told me he was moving to Scotland but he had no bags or anything with him so …. shrugs. The people you meet in London……

I met with Jus when she finished work, and as soon as I started talking to her , my eye got ten times worse. Must have been her face. 😉

Then to pass the time she took me to some … wait, I can’t remember now….. Norwegian cafe? Jus… what cafe was it?! I don’t even know. She had a pancake but it looked like a bit of cheese on toast with jam on. I just thought I would throw that useless information out there. If anyone wants to cook for Jus in future, cheese on toast with Jam will do just fine. She insisted it was a sweet pancake but I’m not so sure……

We shuffled in to the Piccadilly, grabbed some wine and sat in our seats. We mixed it up a bit and sat at the other side of the front row this time, I know …. we are fucking hardcore. No stopping us when we get going. (At the time of picking these seats, we didn’t think it through and forgot we would mostly be in front of Sandy for the big numbers and for the Beggin dance’ ….. *Jumps into a cold shower after remembering that*) .

My eye was still hurting but I thought…. Oh well. The show will take my mind off it. It didn’t. My eye killed. So the show started and the lights came up and the pain got worse, Every time there was a change in lights, my eye would hurt….. and more embarrassingly….. water. This meant I had to keep wiping tears away. Which meant it looked like I was crying ALL THROUGH THE SHOW!!! Jus even checked my eye in the interval and told me off like a Mother would .

Jus: Stop rubbing your eye!! Stop it!!

Me: I’m not rubbing it!!! I’m wiping tears away.

Jus: I don’t care, stop touching it.

Me: But I have to hold it open so I can actually see what is happening!! I can’t look up!! It feels like a knife slicing my eyeball.

Jus: No. No touching.

She’s a stern but caring friend right??!

Anyway… the show ended and even with only one good eye, the guys all still look shit hot. And Sandy was brilliant, but there are plenty of other posts to read about that.

You will all be proud of me, I even managed to get a picture with him!!! Even though I can barely utter any words to him, a picture was had so….. good.


I know. He’s delicious. He even took it in good humour when I yet again started waffling nonsense about his legs. That man is pretty damn brave to have not fled the country yet. He’s also sexy. Did I mention sexy?

Anyway…. Jus spent the night half looking after me/ half taking the piss out of me. I didn’t get home til two in the morning but when I woke up at sevenish, my eye was swollen and felt bruised. It was agony. To end this very boring self pitying tale…. I got it checked out and turns out there was a sharp bit of grit or something scratching my eyelid and making it infected. Antibiotics and such were given. So that’s nice and attractive. It’s all sorted now and getting back to normal. But remind me to never go to a theatre show with a sore eye again. It hurts.  Also I should point out the pain was causing severe headaches on that side. So you should probably all give me sympathy. Thanks.

I can’t believe I didn’t say this when I was talking about the show!! So Jon Boydon – as in the really talented Jon Boydon who is … well, really talented. And cool. And collected. Well anyway… he came out after the show and I started rambling about my eye to him of all people. Then, as if I wasn’t idiotic enough, I poked myself in the sore eye when I pointed out my sore eye to him…… then he made a funny joke asking if it was an apple in my eye….because of the show ….. and he made the joke twice. TWICE GUYS!!! And it went straight over my head. Ooops.

In my defence, I don’t know if I mentioned it yet but…. I had a sore eye. So.

Those injuries have pretty much summed up the last week. I made my ankle worse in London and by Wednesday, my eye combined with my ankle and useless wrist meant I was quite pitiful at work that day. But I struggled through. Just call me Superman. Or don’t. I tend to fancy all the guys that play Superman and I don’t want to have to have the hots for myself. That could get all kinds of weird.

Keep on keeping on though. Could be much worse. I could be Perez Hilton. Or a cows udder. Can you imagine how bad that would be? They never get any fun. They just get squeezed. And not in a good way. The only time anyone ever wants anything to do with an udder is when they want something from it. Not cool.

It could be better of course. I could have a fully working body right now and be married to Hugh Jackman. What? Don’t look at me like that. It’s true, it could happen. It did happen. Dreams are awesome. Wouldn’t even have to be marriage. Sex will do just fine.

There will be some updates on this blog soon about shows other than Jersey Boys!! Hooray for that!! I adore that show and will always see it when I can, but there are no more words I can say about it on here. It’s all been done. I can’t promise that I won’t ever talk about Sandy on here again though. It just happens like when you get pins and needles.

I’m seeing Assassins soon!! It’s had rave reviews and I can’t wait to check it out. I will always have a soft spot for the Rock Of Ages boys. I love the fact they all seem to be doing well so seeing Lipkin on fine form will be grand.

Also planning on giving Beautiful a visit with Ian Mcintosh and Dylan six pack Turner. In the mean-time, I’m certain I will find something random and pointless to talk about on here. I usually do.

I have a few shows coming up in my home town too. It’s not all about London ya know!! OK , it is. But it’s not. But anyway…. compose yourselves girls…. I will be seeing Gary Lucy get his kit off in the full monty!! Swoon!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaa!!! Honestly…. that man. I have a bit of a thing for a guy with chest hair. He fits the bill. Sadly, I don’t think Sandy will be in a show like that anytime soon. Unless he makes a guest appearance for the show I have a ticket for. Could happen. If not….. well, I have a good imagination in all honesty so it’s fine.

I have also been roped in to seeing Michael Ball with a family member. Can’t say I’m as enthusiastic about that one. Sorry Michael Ball fans.

And there are two others here in Ipswich I’m seeing but I can’t name them without wanting to hide in embarrassment.

I’m off to sleep now. All this talk about The Full Monty and Sandy Moffat right before bed ……

I’m out of here!! xx


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