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I have met some brilliant people since I became a theatre fan. What? No , I’m not talking about the friends I’ve made. I meant hot men….. duh.

No, but seriously, more on ‘theatre friends’ in a bit……

I was having a look back on pictures earlier and couldn’t help but smile and relive the memories. I have had some amazing times, met some absolute hunks and seen some incredible shows since becoming hooked to the stage, I didn’t realise until I looked back on these pictures just how many good times I’ve had. And then there have been the times I didn’t get any pics.

I’m going to post some of my favourite stage door pics, it will be lovely to have them all in one post. This blog entry is more like a scrapbook for me so you should probably just ignore. Unless you want to look at hot men of course, in which case, stay for the ride.


Dan Fletcher!! I love this picture, but mainly for the conversation that went on before. He’s a laugh!! He can take insults with good humour so that is great. Anyway, I can’t remember why we ended up having a picture now because I had another one with him before…but I like this one anyway.


I ADORE this one for obvious reasons!! Nigel Fricking Harman!! This was during I Can’t Sing when he played Simon Cowell. He was brilliant and such a lovely, quiet and unassuming guy. He looked quite bewildered that fans were there to see him. I had a bit of a crush on him since the Eastenders days so I was made up when I got to meet him and see him perform ❤

attachment (1)

Ross Hunter who played Drew in Rock Of Ages!! This was special to me because it was the first time I had ever met anyone at stage door!! In fact, Sandy was the first one I met, which was awesome as he was my favourite. I had a little chat with him and got a picture, but the less said about that the better…. let’s just say… I was nervous and looked like a swamp monster next to him. Ross came out next and was an absolute sweetheart. Happy to pose for pictures. Also, I have to mention how he used to bend down for pictures as well, it was soooo cute!! Some of us can’t compete with the tall-ness so it made us shorties feel not quite so small.

attachment (2)

That very same day, I also got a picture with Simon Lipkin. Also absolutely lovely!! He was playing Lonny in Rock Of Ages and it was a weird moment for me. I remember going home, looking at the pictures with Ross, Sandy and Simon thinking…. hhhmmm… I didn’t even know stage door was a thing. Now I have three pictures, It is quite a lovely feeling. If you watch someone on the TV or a film, you can’t stop and say…. “Hey …you were good.”
But you can with the stage, if they want to stop of course. I would never expect anyone to stop and will only speak to them if they say something or look like they want to stay and say hi.


Another Lipkin one!! In fact, looking through my pictures… I realised I randomly had six with him!! I have no idea how they all happened, I don’t even remember asking for a pic all of those times!! There is one on the Rock Of Ages stage with him, Ali and Emma, that one just happened. And a few of the others did as well. But anyway, this day was boiling hot and it was so nice to be in London, seeing my favourite show with a good friend. Happy days.


Michael Watson….!! You probably all know that this was my favourite ever stage door picture. I absolutely loved it because Michael kind of creeps up on you. I went from not knowing who he was to him being one of my favourite and most talented West End men. This was the first night I saw him perform. Weirdly enough, I had met him before this but you will know the story of that if you read this blog!! He was lovely and it was one of my best nights ever. Catch him as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, he’s there for another year!!!


This is a (very,very bad) selfie with Michael!! This was another night and there have been five pictures with him all in all. I sort of mentioned that I looked demonic on the first picture I had with him and so a few more resulted because he insisted. He’s nice like that. I can’t believe these guys would stop for a chat and even one picture let alone multiple ones!!

Which brings me to my brand spanking new favourite ❤ 10895487_327459970793854_742066263_n

I plucked up the courage to ask the best man in the West End for another picture where I didn’t look like a monster and he kindly agreed.
Plus, any excuse to show this picture over and over again!! I’m just proud of myself for being able to kind of stand near him without freaking out. So yes, good moment.

Let’s not forget these very important ones either…..

10478110_10152928068004992_2991457166890198389_n djffgugvgvvg hdeuhfrighirgh

Thanks for those gems – Michael, Edd and Sandy…. Nice chatting with you in those moments……

There have been loads of other pictures, I have been super lucky. Nathan Amzi, Dylan Turner, Matt Thorpe and Thomas Goodridge to name a few 🙂 I can’t show you them all because I’m on a time limit right now which I’m sure you are all relieved about!! And I have to move on to the more important stuff than hot men…..

There has always been a lot of talk about ‘Theatre friends’. Can you really make friendships based on liking a certain show? Are they as important as ‘in your real life’ friends? Can you maintain a friendship just on a particular show preference? Especially if you don’t even live in London. You can’t just hop on a tube to meet up for coffee with these friends, For me, it would be expensive train fares and two hours later just to see them So are the people I have met exclusively through going to the theatre my ‘real’ friends? Even Jon Boydon posed a similar question on twitter the other day. Let me try and answer that……

55630a90342a11e3ab2122000a9f4dc5_6 1463549_10152085936968767_232009030_n Me and Stephy 1394089_441184766004126_180311401_n 10583110_10153028024299992_1148607348_n 10553356_10202566405585507_2992718354248716468_n


Can you make friends with other theatre people? Of course you can. You can meet gems and you can try your arse off to get to London and the same show as them.

But can you make best friends with somebody you met through theatre? Can you have a friendship where you talk every day, do other things besides theatre, talk about other things and meet up with them as much as you can?

1908347_10152928069129992_6106856303945697518_n 10291702_10152868999959992_2188273552715537785_n 10380063_10152191818908367_3332149760031177555_o 10369510_872638052750803_2039961520_n 10365791_10152868999364992_3684868558886943229_n 10379771_10152191818368367_7085287535813978543_o 10384198_10152868999729992_4121003243449854825_n 10444558_551711414951460_8154447146010994832_n

I think I’m going to go with yes.

10520132_537643773033017_1481586403_a 10570610_579091148880153_860550912_n 10584594_668406633243133_1569867655_a 10584695_564162450360243_637874336_a 10601891_341598029329410_682880651_a 10723371_10153251532869992_1502198797_n 10723516_10153251532164992_1024183837_n 10731979_709797865763730_1030094106_a (1) 10728901_10153251532109992_947180503_n

In fact….. It’s a pretty resounding yes. You can definitely make real, every day, crazy bloody friends through theatre.

10806984_10153341740044992_1209406004_n 10811626_10153341739544992_1615963345_n 10884433_10153473666589992_1675793045_n Fotor072623397 10809933_1554998101378394_264130297_n BobQn_sIUAACHE9 10948884_597829590362007_1740908897_n 1468611_10202669317598745_1189427576_n 1509039_665666063555994_2230711434673455914_n

Yes Jon Boydon. Yes everyone else who cares to know. You can most definitely become best and crazy friends from just going to the theatre. You can build a friendship based on a show that leads to all kinds of other adventures. Noor, (Where the shitting hell are our pictures together?!) Paps and of course…. Jus. This probably would prove to most people that occasionally….. you can take a friendship from the theatre and suddenly….they become as dear to you as the other friends you have in your real at home life.

You three are no longer my theatre friends. You are now friends. The best friends. Combined with my other friends, I know a fucking good bunch.



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