Stagey Update! Jersey Boys and Wicked <3

I start off every post like this now, but sorry it has taken so long for the update! My laptop broke on me just around the same time as everything else broke on me, I just haven’t been able to get up and running since. But now I’m back. And I can just see you all breathing a sigh of relief. Or is it gasps of horror? *shrugs*…..anyway…….

Since I last updated there have been many things to blog about, all of which have completely went from my head now. I will start with my one true stagey love. Jersey Boys!!

I probably don’t need to state how many times I have been to Jersey Boys since I last blogged….. it’s enough anyway!. There is one major change in the Jersey Boys line up since my last post though. Mr Gary Watson. Of course there were a few other talented people who joined the show in March, but I want to talk about Gary.

The first time I saw him was probably about two weeks into his run as Nick Massi. He took over from the unbelievably too good to be true handsome Matt Nalton. I won’t lie, I missed Matt, I still do. Nobody else other than Nalton can be that tall and talented at banging their heads on tables. I would jump at the chance to see Matt on stage again, and I am certain that I will get to one of his shows in the future. But Matt moved on and so did Jersey Boys.

The first time I saw Gary, I was pleasantly surprised. I very much enjoyed him as Nick and thought for somebody who had only just started the role, he was pretty damn good (As all west end peoples are, they aren’t exactly un-talented….not sure if that’s a thing but I’m using it)…… then I saw Gary for a second and third and fourth time….. (I will stop there, I want to at least create the illusion I do things other than Jersey Boys…..)…((Probably not going well so far, Ha)

Each new time I saw Gary, I liked him more and more. The second time I saw him, he had me crying with laughter at one point. And the thing is, there is no way that you could ever compare what he does to what Matt Nalton did. Gary makes it his own role, as did Matt. And that is what makes it so special. Now, I can’t imagine going to see a Jersey Boys without Gary. He fast became one of my favourite west enders. I know this doesn’t count for much, because we go for the acting and the show…but if any of you ever stage door and haven’t met Gary yet, I suggest you give it a try and see if you can catch a quick hello. That man is absolutely and deliciously lovely. All he has to do is utter a few sentences and you want to take him home. Seriously. He’s brilliant.

In other Jersey Boys news, Michael Watson is still magical. No huge surprises there. Still most definitely a Michael fan girl. Edd Post always puts a smile on my face as you all know. And Jon Boydon is just lush. I go a bit gooey when I talk about Jon. Or look at Jon. Or listen to Jon. Or anything to do with Jon. Because he is one of the best people I have ever seen on stage and has never, ever had an off day. He has also been at every single Jersey Boys I have been to and you can all shout about how good other Tommys are, I get it…. but Jon is my Tommy. And that is all there is to it. You can have favourite movie actors, favourite people in a band, so I don’t get why it’s so frowned upon to state that you prefer a certain west end actor. It doesn’t mean that I think anyone else would be crap, it just means that I adore Jon and think he’s one talented man. Also, in super exciting news….his second album is getting ever nearer, I can’t wait. I nearly pee myself with excitement when his kickstarter updates come through. Fangirl crazy.

And what about the stud of the West End ….. Sandy Moffat. Well…. I’ve gotta be honest, he has been a little trickier to get to see. His regular schedule is Tuesday evenings and Saturday matinees. On the rare occasion I get a Saturday off, it is spent with the littles. Then Tuesdays I work til the evening so I wouldn’t get to the show on time. So it really only leaves when he covers Michaels holidays at the minute…… I have a few holidays coming up and you can bet your arse that I will be getting to a Sandy V show. But just putting it out there that although I haven’t been able to see Sandy as much as I would have liked lately, it by no means makes me less of a fan. I still think he is the best thing to ever grace the west end. All of him, not just his legs. Though his legs are an important part. But what really matters right now is that Sandy has been nominated for Understudy of the year!!! How amazing is that?! I am pretty sure that everyone who reads this blog will be a Sandy fan anyway but please vote for him if you haven’t already! He deserves it so much. He’s incredible. Just throwing the word fangirl out there one more time……fangirl. Cool.

In other stagey news, a few weeks ago I went to the best show I have ever seen. I saw Wicked. Some of you might look at me in confusion at that, because I have just spent a mammoth amount of time waffling on about Jersey Boys….but let me explain. Jersey Boys is my favourite show ever. It is my happy place. I could go a hundred times and not get bored. Wicked was different. Wicked was always the show I vowed I had to see. Wicked blew me away but I honestly don’t think It’s a show I could watch again and again. It would lose it’s magic. It is such a huge production that you are completely and utterly in awe. Jersey Boys will never lose the magic for me, even when Sandy goes 😦 even when Michael goes 😦 Even when Jon goes :-(…. I will still go back because I love the show. But when I watched Wicked, I felt like I had just been put through the ringer and that would get draining on a regular basis!!

I saw a show with Natalie Andreou playing Elphaba. I was left speechless. Pretty rare for me right?? As most of you will know, the gorgeous Natalie melted all our hearts when she played the lovable Sherrie in Rock Of Ages. I couldn’t wait to see her in something else but I honestly wasn’t prepared for the emotion that came over me as I watched her. When she first walked out in all her green glory, I felt proud. I thought ….’Aw, this is going to be a good show’….. I didn’t know how wrong I was. It was spectacular. Natalie has the most incredible voice. Of course I knew that with her playing Sherrie, but I didn’t know how special her voice was til I saw her in Wicked. This Wicked part of the blog is so gushing but I can’t help it. As I was saying to a friend earlier, every girl who plays Elphie is going to have an amazing voice, that’s a given….but I feel like every girl also goes down the Indina route of playing Elphie. And why not? There is nothing wrong with that. Indina Menzel is a star. Following in her footsteps is pretty damn awesome. But Natalie was just something else entirely. I can’t explain it really, but it was her mannerisms, it was the riffs in her voice. She was stunning. I mean….it’s hard enough to sing Defying Gravity in the first place right? But Natalie adds her own touch and little riffs and leaves me with my mouth wide open wondering how the hell she can riff and belt out those notes. I did tweet about it on the day, but I was not exaggerating when I said that by the interval I was a crying, shaking mess. I didn’t know what to with myself. I had to make a phone call home and I couldn’t speak. It was like I had just touched an electric fence….. or something. Probably not best to describe an incredible theatre experience as like being electrocuted but I don’t even know what to say about it!!! And that folks, is why I’m shit at blogging.

As the second act started up, I sat there pretty smug in my seat knowing that nothing could top the first act. Nothing could beat Natalies Defying Gravity. So yet again I was floored as Nat sang For Good with Savannah Stevenson and I blubbed like a baby. Then at the end when she took her bow, I was so proud that I was crying again. And I hate that term really, I hate saying that I’m proud. How can you be proud of someone you don’t know?! I took the piss out of myself that time at Jersey Boys when we were speaking to Matt Thorpes parents after his first ever Frankie performance. The words proud were said then and it made me cringe and laugh because we don’t know these people on a personal level for us to have the right to be proud. But that’s exactly what I felt about Natalie. Proud. Proud that she had went from a first class Sherrie (Sounds like a cocktail) to a world class Elphaba. I just kept thinking about how Broadway needs her. Or how anywhere needs her. They should just send Natalie to places so she can be all green and singy and it will instantly do good.

Anyway, she was great, I absolutely loved her and the show….but sitting through it multiple times is a big no from me. My heart wouldn’t be able to take it. Will I see it again? Of course. I can’t bloody wait!! I hope to see it two or three times more. But I need to recover from that one first!! Going to that show on a regular basis would finish me off! Emotionally and financially. Ha!!

Anyway…. I think for now that is about it. I’m sure I will be back with more garbage now the laptop is back in action.

I’m off to watch trashy TV. Love Island final!!!! Boom.


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