After Rock Of Ages……. Where Are They Now?

For the last two months, I have been hoping someone else would write a post like this, but due to most people having a more exciting life than me, it hasn’t happened. I wanted someone else to do this post mainly because my memory is absolutely awful and I might forget someone, but also because the things that come out of my mouth during these blog posts is mostly garbage and hard to follow. You have been warned.

Rock of Ages has been on my mind a lot recently. It is the show that started it all for me and gave me a huge love for theatre. And I happen to know that Rock of Ages reeled quite a few others in as well, I still say it was the use of a sparkly blue leotard that got most people hooked on the show, but others say it was the whole story in general. We will agree to disagree.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a little Where Are They Now post….. The cast have most definitely done the fans of the show proud in terms of what they have done since. This is where things/people/sense might get lost. I started going to the show in April 2013…… so therefore I missed the ‘original cast’ with Oliver Tompsett and such. I also missed the whole Shaftesbury theatre run and started at The Garrick, but I will be including the originals as they were the ones that started it all.

Oliver Tompsett


Oliver was the original Drew Boley, and from what I have heard, a bloody good one. I had numerous fans telling me that I had missed a hell of a show in not seeing him perform, and judging by my hours spent pouring over any and every Rock of Ages video on YouTube (Not really, as if I would do that, I have things to do people!!!) it seems that I really did miss quite a bit of talent.  For this role he was nominated for the Theatergoers Choice Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Before originating this role in the west end, Oliver played Fiyero in Wicked.
A number of things such as his voice, his rock star presence and the fact he isn’t too shabby to look at led to him being a well loved Drew.


Since leaving the role of Drew, Oli went on to play  Galileo in We Will Rock You. For this part he was nominated again for the Theatergoers Choice Award for Best Take Over in a Role. He stayed with We Will Rock You until the show closed, and had support from many fans he had wowed in Rock Of Ages.

Oli has continued acting in shows like White Christmas and runs various workshops which you can find out about by following his twitter page He also has a website at

Ross Hunter


Ross took over from Oli in the role of Drew Boley and speaking from experience, I can say he was fantastic. From what I could conclude from other fans of the show, they were wary on who would be taking over from Oli, but once they saw the strength in his voice and the talent he had, the wariness disappeared and he was soon accepted as not just ‘Ross who took over as Drew’ but ‘Ross who is Drew’ ……

Rock Of Ages-Recast-25-09-12-Shaftesbury-5503

It wasn’t just Ross’s cheeky grin, comic timing and huge voice that captivated the audience, it was his chemistry with Natalie Andreou (Sherrie). He definitely became a part of everyones heart, and when the final night came round, it was Ross’s teary eyes that had us all in tears.

After leaving RoA , Ross appeared as Robin Hood in a Christmas production and is the only man that has ever made green tights look pretty good.

Ross is currently in Book Of Mormon at The Prince Of Wales theatre in the West End. He is part of the ensemble. He is also an understudy for Elder Price covering sickness and holidays, fans have seen him in the role and been blown away. I am hoping to see him in this role one day soon.  You can book tickets for the show here.

Natalie Andreou


Natalie played Sherrie in Rock Of Ages. She took over from Amy Pemberton after she had to drop out due to sickness, so Natalie sort of originated the role for the West End and stayed until the curtain close.

As Sherrie, Natalie was sweet, talented and funny. (It was probably in their contracts that they all had to be funny, because they all were whether they were meant to be or not)….Particular stand out moments as Sherrie for me included More Than Words and High Enough. She shone on the stage and by the time the show ended, it felt like we were saying goodbye to a friend rather than a character.

A scene from Rock Of Ages @ Shaftesbury. Recast photographs(Taken 22-03-12)©Tristram Kenton 03/12(3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email:

Currently, Natalie is standby Elphie in Wicked, and if you haven’t seen her as Elphie yet, I am telling you that it is the best thing you will ever see on stage. Of course, my opinions are my own, but I very much like to inflict my opinions on other people so just take that statement as a fact. I was absolutely blown away by her Defying Gravity, and hopefully this girl will be on the stage for a very long time.


My daughter also pointed out that Natalie makes a really pretty witch, and I have to agree. Not everyone can look good with a green face. I don’t look terribly great with my actual face so fair play to Natalie.

Natalie has a bridal make-up website (as if she wasn’t talented enough, she wanted to throw in another skill) which you can check out here……

You can also follow her on twitter by clicking here She is pretty great in informing you of her Elphie dates, so keep your eyes peeled.

Simon Lipkin


As if you all didn’t know, Simon played Lonny in the West End run of Rock Ages. To say he had comic timing would be a bit of understatement. Simon has the talent to make you laugh until you cry, even if you are in a foul mood. He also had the ability to make a mullet look sexy. Actually, I’m not entirely sure if the mullet made him sexy or if it was the lunging he liked to do and the way he wore his nipple tassles. Probably all three, I know my list of requirements for a bloke these days definitely includes those three points.


Even on the very last show of RoA, Simon had us giggling despite the sad tears streaming down our faces. Since hanging up his mullet (which I bet he took home and gets out from time to time…. I mean, who wouldn’t?) Simon has popped up in quite a few things.

He started off going to I Can’t Sing where he played a dog. Yes. A dog. Barlow. And despite the disappointing early closure of the show, he was absolutely brilliant in it and as always, bonkers. You haven’t seen nothing til you’ve seen Simon sliding around on his knees with his hand up a dogs arse. (Please note: No real dogs were harmed in the run of I Can’t Sing) ….. Also, because I went to see Simon in I Can’t Sing, I got to meet Nigel Harman, and yes girls, he’s as hot in real life as he appears on TV. He is also a complete gent, very humble and sweet.

Then Simon went on to play Touchstone in As You Like It which I also had the pleasure of seeing. If you ever want to see what Shakespeare is like with added craziness, just cast Simon in a role and you are good to go.

Simon Lipkin headshot

Assassins also came along for Simon where he took on a role different to anything he had ever done before. As The Proprietor he made people crap their pants. I unfortunately didn’t get to see this one but I have been told by people who went to see it that he was out of this world good.

He recently finished a run in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change in which he played various roles. I was lucky enough to see a snippet of the show in The Theatre Café one morning, and it looked bloody hilarious. Friends who went to see the show said it was one of the best things they had ever seen, and as always…. Simon was on top funny form.

As well as all his stage appearences, Simon worked on the film Nativity 3 and on a DR Who episode that has yet to be aired, so keep watching for that one.

You can follow Simon on twitter here…..

Shayne Ward


Shayne played Stacee Jaxx in the original West End Cast. I am sure I don’t need to give a huge background on Shayne, X Factor…. good voice…. nice to look at….. success….. probably sums it up. Again, because he was the original cast, I didn’t get to see him on stage, but he did attend the theatre on the last night of RoA, so technically, even though we said no words to each other…. we are besties now.


Since leaving RoA , Shayne worked on a new album called Closer. I brought it and in fact, am listening to it right now as I type this up. Cracking voice. Shayne would probably be most notably famous for winning a role in Coronation Street. He will be playing the role of Aidan Connor. You can follow Shayne here

Tim Howar


Tim took over from Shayne as Stacee Jaxx, and this was who I saw in the role. (Along with a few others who will get mentions later…..) He played the role with hilarity and arrogance…. which in short, made for a brilliant Stacee Jaxx. He too, along with many others of the show had a brilliant voice and I always absolutely loved his Wanted – Dead Or Alive.

Since leaving, Tim has embarked on a tour with Mike and The Mechanics as the co-lead singer, and he is passionate about music and a talented songwriter.


You can follow Tim on twitter here –

Justin Lee Collins


Justin starred as Dennis Dupree in the original Rock Of Ages line up. From what I heard, he was charismatic and gelled really well with the rest of the cast, especially Shayne Ward. Also, let’s face it…. he really, really looks like a real life Dennis Dupree, so he was perfect for it.


In 2014, Justin returned to his own weekly show on Fubar radio. He was also cast in a British feature film called The Hatching alongside Andrew Lee Potts.You can follow him on twitter here

Daniel Fletcher


Daniel took over the role as Dennis at cast change. I have a teeny bit of a soft spot for Dan. The soft spot manifests itself as piss taking, but I still love him just the same. He became a firm favourite among fans , and loved the role so much that he signed up to play it in the first UK tour of Rock Of Ages. In fact, as I type this he is on a cruise ship somewhere sprinkling people with gold confetti as Dennis again. His relationship with Simons Lonny kept us all in stitches. He really is, in my eyes…. the ultimate Dennis.


Between all the various stints as Dennis, Dan also managed a run in Miracle On 34th Street which I was lucky enough to take my little girl to. It was so good seeing Dans talent in another role, and he along with many others from our beloved RoA, is easy on the eye 😉 He made me swoon a little bit during Miracle, but it’s just between us, yeah?

Follow our Dan on twitter right here….

Sandy Moffat

sandy moffat

Sandy also originated the West End role of Franz and stayed until the final show. (Watch and laugh as I try to write about Sandy from a completely serious point of view and not a crazy fangirl stance……) ((I will fail, apologies in advance….))

Because of his legs, and overall talent…. Sandy won himself a pretty huge bunch of fans. In fact, Beatle Mania was nothing compared to the reaction Sandy got when he used to walk out of The Garrick. he made everyone, swoon, smile and just generally fall in lust as camp German Franz. It was impossible not to want to take him home, introduce him to your parents, and keep him forever. Also, much like Simon Lipkin rocking the mullet, Sandy made the blonde floppy wig and double denim his own. If I say too much about the leotard and legs, it will cause every reader to faint, and it would be a shame to faint when you have made it this far into the post.


Naturally, being a bit of a Sandy fan, I did worry when Rock Of Ages closed about when I would get to see him on stage again. I had my fingers crossed that he would go on to something spectacular and he didn’t disappoint. When he announced he would be alternate Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys every Tuesday Night and Saturday Afternoon….. the whole world joined together in celebration. Lanterns were released, a huge fireworks display over the tower bridge captivated everyone and the queen gave him an honour for being so bloody sexy. (Please note: This might have only happened in my imagination, but I am definitely not fibbing about the alternate Frankie Valli part)


Keep up to date with all of Sandys Frankie V dates by visiting his website. where you can also drool or sensibly look at his gallery of pictures.

Follow Sandy on twitter here

And if you want to book tickets to Jersey Boys which I am pretty sure you will want to at some point, you can do that here……

Jodie Jacobs


Jodie was the lucky lady who got to play opposite Sandy Moffat as Regina. She also stayed for the whole run, and was much loved by the fans who went to the show. She had a brilliant voice and as I have said about many others throughout this post, delivered her funny moments to perfection. She also rocked a leotard pretty fiercely.

Jodie Jacobs (Regina/Candi) and Sandy Moffat (Franz) during the curtain call on Gala Night for Rock of Ages at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, England on 28th September 2011. (Credit should read: Dan Wooller/ Paid use only. No Syndication

Since Rock Of Ages, Jodie appeared in Carrie which although I didn’t get to see, heard nothing but good things about it. Currently starring in Legally Blonde, her talent is still shining bright on the stage. You can follow her on twitter here…..

Rachel McFarlane


Rachel played Justice throughout the shows entire run. She is credited as having one of the best voices in the West End, the way she could hold her notes was quite unbelievable.

To the fans delight, she signed up to play Justice in the touring production.
You can follow Rachel on twitter here….

Rohan Tickell


Rohan played Hertz during the run of Rock Of Ages. Him and Sandy made the best father and son team ever. They were absolutely brilliant together!! It was touch and go whether Rohan would make the final day of shows due to an injury, but he did make it and the fans all literally cheered him with delight as he made his way into the theatre…. much to his horror!

A scene from Rock Of Ages @ Shaftesbury Theatre (Opening 09-11) ©Tristram Kenton 09/11 (3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email:

Rohan is currently a teacher senior acting tutor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London. You can follow Rohan on twitter here…..

Dylan Turner


Dylan played Primo and is mostly remembered by me for the get up he wore on the last day. Because abs. And because six pack. Which is the same thing as because abs. But anyway……

I was lucky enough to see Dylan as Primo, Stacee Jaxx and Drew. I really enjoyed watching Dylan in every single part he played, he is very talented and versatile. You can follow Dylans twitter here

Currently, you can catch Dylan starring in Beautiful at the Aldwych theatre with a former Rock Of Ages cast member……

Ian Mcintosh


Ian is also starring in Beautiful as Barry Mann, after becoming a much loved staple of Rock Of Ages. During Rock Of Ages I got to see Ian as Primo and Drew.

After Ian left RoA, his star continued to rise as he landed a part in The Commitments as alternate Deco. The reviews he had for the part were truly amazing and he gained new fans every time he played the part. He seems to have carried on the impressive performances in Beautiful, and it is nice to see these two reunited again.


Catch Ian and Dylan by booking tickets here …

And follow the lovely Ian on twitter by clicking this link

Nathan Amzi


Rock Of Ages very own Mayor/Paul Gill and alternate Lonny had people laughing every single show. And it has been quite the journey for Nathan since leaving RoA.

Not only has he had roles in shows including “In The Heights’ and ‘Urinetown’ , most notably he took part in BBC1’s massive show The Voice. After a standout audition, he got to be mentored by The Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson. He sadly didn’t make the finals, but has had success since appearing in the show. He is currently in rehearsals for ‘Dinner With Saddam’.


Follow Nathan here ….

Cordelia Farnworth


Cordi made the best understudy Sherrie, and I got to see her delightful performances twice. Well, three times if you count the tour. She is so sweet, a proper girl next door type on and off stage. She went on to play the main Sherrie in the Rock Of Ages tour. I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl crops up quite a lot on a stage in the future. You can follow Cordi here…..

Jamie Muscato


Jamie has had a varied career on stage since leaving Rock Of Ages. He has worked on the light princess, had a small part in TV drama Cilla, The House of Mirrors and Hearts, and he will be going on to Sweeney Todd the tour. His most spectacular and emotional performance came in Dogfight, which won him many rave reviews. Follow Jamie here ….

Tim Driessen


Tim has sky rocketed in the theatre world since appearing in RoA by stunning crowds as Frankie Valli in the Jersey Boys production in The Netherlands and also, the UK tour. I got to see his Stacee Jaxx once in RoA which was crazy funny. Also, he once posted a shirtless selfie on twitter which kind of made Sandy Moffat want to do the same thing ….. (No, seriously, he was like… second away from doing it, I’m sure) So that makes it a pretty good reason to follow Tim on twitter…..

Twinnie Lee Moore


Twinnie is now strutting her awesome stuff in Hollyoaks. Follow her here…..

Carly Mercedes Dyer

Carly Mercedes Dyer (Ensemble) attends the after party on Gala Night for Rock of Ages at Freemasons Hall, London, England on 28th September 2011. (Credit should read: Dan Wooller/ Paid use only. No Syndication

Carly is currently in the ensemble of Memphis.

Follow her here…..

Zizi Strallen


Zizi has been in many things including Cats and will be in a touring production of Mary Poppins this year. Follow her here

Selina Hamilton


Selina was in the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Also Dirty Dancing. Follow her twitter right here……

Amy Thornton

amy thornton

Amy is the choreographer on Matilda.

Twitter handle here…..

Scarlette Douglas


Since leaving Rock of Ages, Scarlette has appeared in plenty of shows such as the touring Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway, I Can’t Sing and even danced for England on Eurovision!! Her twitter is

So I think what we can conclude from that is that everyone who ever appeared in the West End Rock Of Ages is a bloody talented human. Apart from Dan Fletcher. He’s awful. (Awful as in proper good, obviously)
It turns out the internet doesn’t actually have answers for everything and I did have some helpful little nudges of show remembrance from Ali….so thanks for that….. *Told you I would credit you, Ha!!)

All images were taken from good old google, and I can’t be credited with one single picture. Not even the Sandy ones. As much as I would like to claim I am his private photographer, I sadly am not. The restraining order prevents me from taking photos. Damn it.


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