1: Random Beauty Buys!

I thought I would kick the new year off with just a quick list of some of the things that I have collected back in 2015 ….(it seems like so long ago now…..) …. and really, the thing I took a bit of a liking for in the last twelve months. Makeup. Cosmetics. All things beauty.

There will no doubt be quite a few more of these posts but for now, it is nearing midnight and I have to be up for work at 6am so I am just going to grab a few recent makeup pictures I found in my phone and explain them.

I like to think I am an honest makeup reviewer. If I don’t like something, I will say. However…. there have been so many great products around recently that I am really just loving everything!!

I would love to sit here and list all my makeup loves and hates but I am on a time crunch. I can’t be late for snooze world.


This little L’Oreal bunch was purchased just a few weeks ago in a 3 for 2 deal plus a free nail varnish. I love a freebie! I am a huge fan of L’Oreal products anyway, especially the foundations but I had never tried the Infallible foundation range and thought it was about time I should after hearing so much about it. This shade is vanilla I do believe and I actually don’t love it as much as the other L’Oreal foundations. It makes my skin look a bit too bright and oily….think of a sweaty caspar the ghost. Sweaty Caspar wasn’t really the look I was going for. However, it is winter and I am super pale, the next shade up is too dark for me currently so maybe in the summer when I have a slight tan going on…. I will give it another try.

I haven’t used the blur cream all that much as I still use my L’Oreal magique cream every single day. Seriously guys, you need that product in your life. I mix it with foundation and it makes your skin glow. But in a good way. I also find I don’t break out as much when I use this which is just a plus as I am sure it is not aimed at spot reduction….but it works!! Anyway, I am looking forward to using the blur cream and the purple tube is so pretty! Things as simple as a nice outer packaging do please me when it comes to makeup!

I have forgotten what these range of long lasting L’Oreal lipsticks are called but I love them! This is my fourth different colour in this range and they really do stay put all day. It is crucial (for me) to apply the hydrating balm it comes with, as the lipstick on its own can be drying. My favourite was my bright pink. I might go for a nudey coloured one next, these are well worth the money if any of you are considering it. I think all three products above were listed as £9.99 …. but as I said, I got them on my three for two deal with a three top coat sparkly nail varnish thrown in. (I haven’t used the nail varnish yet so no review on that.)


Ah Sleek. Sleek, sleek, sleek. You will probably read about sleek quite a bit from me. I love it. It’s my favourite makeup brand at the moment. The little lipsticks go a long , long way. They are super pigmented and last all day, even after eating. They don’t dry out my lips and I am seriously just in love with the Sleek lipsticks. I can’t remember what this one is called…. Siren Red maybe? But it is a proper classic red. And it’s lush.

I don’t tend to wear gloss that much, and as would be expected, the gloss doesn’t last as long as the lipsticks….but still a decent gloss. Probably would need two coats to really get the colour though. I bloody love Sleek. Can you tell?!


This little gem is my every day moisturiser. I only stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. The scent is gorgeous and my skin really does look hydrated everyday. I have no idea what the benefits of Rose water are but I absolutely love this Garnier Skin Naturals day cream anyway.


I will start with the top corner and go along.

1: MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer….. Initially I loved this, but then… I don’t know. It started making my skin a bit sore I think. It kind of stung when I put it on after a week or so and obviously that’s not great. I used to use Primers all the time but now I just really use a moisturiser on its own and get better results. However, I do love most MUA products and the product did seem to make my skin appear hydrated.

2: B. Pure sensitive Micellar cleansing wipes. ….These are the gems of the face wipes world. I absolutely love them. They are a thick quilted almost texture and the scent is not overpowering at all. It seems a mild and gentle formula and they do seem to wipe off even the most stubborn makeup. I have been through three packs and have three more waiting to be emptied, so yes, I truly love them.

3: Sleek Highlighting Palette Solstice…. OK , so this actually pictured three times in the above picture, but I will only explain it once. Absolutely my favourite piece of makeup I have ever owned. It is gorgeous. It comes in a rose gold tin for goodness sake. As if I couldn’t love it more the packaging is just divine. I have used this product for everything, it has four different highlighters. A creamy pink which can be a brow bone highlighter or I have even used it as an eyeshadow. A shimmery powder pink which I wear on my cheeks every day. The glow it gives is gorgeous.  A yellow highlighter for the middle of your nose, eyes or jawline, and a gorgeous orangey peachy powder for your cupids bow or a warm tone blush perhaps? I love it. I will cry when this runs out and I can’t get anymore because it was a limited addition. Thank you Sleek for perfection!!!

4: MUR eyeshadow palette. Can’t remember what this one is. Make Up Revolution eyeshadows are either highly pigmented or a bit wishy washy, and this palette definitely has a mix. Some of the colours take ages to show but some show up better than an Urban Decay palette. And at only £6-£8 …. I will always be in favour of a MUR splurge. One of my favourite brands along with sleek. Also, I don’t have one pictured here but the MUR £1 lipsticks are an absolute must have. Incredible long lasting quality for something so cheap.

5: L’Oreal Feline mascara. Guys, I have a love hate relationship with mascara. The problem being I hate 95% and love 5% . It is so hard for me to find a good mascara to suit MY lashes. This one sadly didn’t….but it is not a fault of the product. It is the fault of my silly eyelashes. My sister used it and it was perfect for her. Also, just while we are on the subject of L’Oreal mascaras, there are actually two in their range that are in my most loved mascaras ever. I am sure I will post about them another time.

6: Maybelline Colour Tattoo. Oh my goodness. I only have this one colour and I have no clue why I don’t have all the colours. I absolutely love this little pot of eye goodness. I use it as just an eye primer most days and don’t need any other primer with it. If you use a colour tattoo base under any eyeshadow, the end result will be brilliant. *Puts Must get more of these in my super cute new Paperchase diary/organiser*

7: Magique BB cream….. this is the stuff I was going on about before so I probably don’t need to say a huge lot here other than I love it!!

8: Lastly we have the L’Oreal Infallible Matte  in a squeezy tube. Warm Vanilla. This is my guy. I love this foundation. No shine, stays on all day and mixed with the magique BB cream….. it’s an absolute powerhouse.

I’m going to stop there now because I have some sleeping to do. This post was very L’Oreal based wasn’t it? Ha!! I will post more soon about all things makeup. It is definitely my favourite thing to do and I have tons more to go through. Also got a nice little Revlon haul coming up on the blog very soon.


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