Everyone Loves A Quiz Night….

Especially if it’s hosted by Michael Watson. Sorry….Michael WhatsOnStage.

So usually, you will find me at some beautiful theatre in London town, watching the talented humans of the West End. But it turns out that even if you watch Jersey Boys multiple times ….(never going to admit how many) …..it will not prepare you for a What’s On Stage quiz at all. Damn it!!

No but seriously, I love the theatre and thought maybe as I’ve seen quite a few different shows now I would know some basics….but it would seem that no, I know nothing. Which might not come as a surprise to most of you but ssssshhhhh.

Anyway, I got extremely lucky in the fact that Rachel allowed me to sit on her team all night, despite me being useless.

I’m going to start at the beginning, as I always do with these things Because where else are you meant to start? I might try the end one day and lead from there.

I will leave out the fact that I stood on some teenage guys foot in the hurry to get on the train to London, there is no need to make this any more embarrassing than what it is. I will also leave out the bit where I tried to get my train ticket out at the barrier but I dropped it and the wind nearly blew it away so I had to do a run/stomp. Oh and while we are at it, I will also leave out the bit where I crossed the road because there was a big black crow/bird type thing shouting at me. Yes, shouting. Birds can be so mean.

So, I went to London and got off at Piccadilly just really from force of habit. I walked past the JB house and kind of had a moment because I realised I wasn’t going there. Then I wondered if I should check out the posters but there were crowds so I just carried on walking. Which is probably for the best because as I realised later…I’m not quite ready yet. I will explain in a bit…………

I was proper bricking it at doing the theatre quiz, not going to lie. I didn’t know people who were going to be there, apart from Justina and she was on another team. I knew Rachel but we hadn’t really spent any time together, and you never know how these things are going to go but she turned out just lovely anyway, I probably shouldn’t have had any worries but I did.

Sitting in a crowded cafe with people I didn’t know was actually my idea of a terrifying nightmare. Not being a part of a ‘group’ or crowd in these situations is hard and if you are the type of person to usually act like it’s all fine and a breeze, it’s mostly painful and awkward inside making you want to curl up in a ball and hibernate.

I met with the girls who were my team-mates outside the Theatre Cafe….which by the way, is gorgeous. I think I’ve said this on my blog before, but if you are stagey and you haven’t yet been to the theatre cafe…..you….well…you just should. I won’t do anything to you if you don’t. But you still should. Because it’s lovely. Been in there a few times now and it’s always excellent service from friendly staff.

I guess I should move on to the most important fact of the night, and that is the fact that Michael has a beard now. And a tan. But the beard is more important. Obviously, most of you will know this anyway if you follow him, but guys….the beard is something else. Let’s not sugar coat it, Michael is a good looking man. But when you throw in a tan and a beard…..he just multiplied his sexiness by about a million. Insane. I used to be really bad at stage doors, then I got so I could maybe string a sentence together kind of, but the other night seeing Michael….I’m not quite sure how I managed to get any words out. His face is a huge distraction at the minute. Which I blame for making me do so badly in the quiz.

No, I actually didn’t think I would be as absolutely bad as I was. There was a picture round, and I fully expected it to be a page of Jersey Boys actors who we had to name. No, OK….I knew it wouldn’t be all Jersey Boys. I’m just really trying to describe my dream quiz. I might have got points. Anyway, my team-mates knew their stuff on the picture round and from what I remember (which isn’t a lot, I struggle to remember my name sometimes….) I think we got quite a high score that round.

Michael, of course was a charming host. He had me laughing all night. After failing to know anything in the first round and just looking blankly at my team, I think I just resorted to leaning back in my corner for the rest of the night and staring at Michaels back while he said words like ‘whore’ delightfully into the microphone. I mean….obviously that was one of the questions, he wasn’t just saying whore for no reason. At least, I don’t think so. I did have wine swimming around my veins at this point.

I should probably mention that part actually. How awesome is it that the Theatre Cafe got the booze in for the night?? Superstars!! It felt really naughty sitting there drinking rose when it should have been a hot chocolate or something. And usually , I am such a dare devil. One time, I put my foot so close to the yellow line at a tube station. It was insane. Anyway, I can now cross off drinking alcohol in a cafe off the bucket list I haven’t yet written.

The questions were hard. At the end, there was a little general knowledge round, and I excitedly informed everyone that this is where I would come into my own. It turns out I was shit at that too, but you have to try these things don’t you?

So just to sum up, I contributed absolutely no answers or knowledge to this quiz. I didn’t even help come up with a team name. But I personally think every team needs someone to sit there staring blankly at the host all night. Because the word team has the letter A in it. Which has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m saying.

A huge thank you again to the team for their brain skills. And well done to the team that won. Maybe I can be on your team next time? You all seemed far too good at it, you might need somebody to just bring you down a bit…..the offer stands.

This part of the blog is to be read and taken very seriously. I want you all to nod in agreement with your hand resting delicately on your chin as you glance at these words.

There may have been a conversation where I said I would start a petition to get Michael on our TV screens every night. Now to be fair….I never confirmed the details of this petition, therefore, I’m not sure if Michael knows that I have come up with my own idea for a new TV show. I already know it should be commissioned for at least 20 years. I’m not sure of the plots or genre just yet but it contains hardly no nudity** Contains mild nudity*** Contains Some nudity** Contains nudity from the onset and throughout.

No. I’m kidding. I’m actually thinking more of a Poldark type thing featuring Michael. Which incidentally contains nudity. Ahem.

I sincerely hope that Michael goes on to do something amazing. He is so funny and charming that he could turn his hand to anything he wants. All West End people are quiet about what they are moving on to next, but I am sure that whatever Michael does will be just as amazing….if not more so….as his Jersey Boys run as Frankie V.


All in all, it was a gorgeous night spent with good people, a lot of laughs and wine. Oooo, and Michael’s beard. Sorry, but that’s important. Thanks to the Theatre Cafe for the night, thanks to Michael for hosting and thanks to everyone else who made it so fun.


Before I go, I should just clarify the earlier Jersey Boys comment. Not that I have to explain to anyone….I just want to.

No, I haven’t seen the new cast yet, and yes….I did mention in previous posts that I would be supporting them. However, I am not ready to see the show yet. Not for any emotional reason. Not really. I just want to think about the shows I’ve seen with my favourite cast of all time….with Sandy, Michael, Jon, Edd and Gary and just hold on to those memories for a bit longer before I replace it all with anything new. I see that the new cast of Jersey Boys are absolutely blowing the roof off and getting rave reviews and I honestly couldn’t be happier for them. In fact, Rachel was giving me a glowing recount of when she went to see the cast. And I am sure that I will be there singing along to my favourite songs one day…but it will be in my own time and I don’t care one bit if that rubs a few of you up the wrong way.

If all the mains had left Rock Of Ages at the same time rather than the show closing….I would have had the same reaction. I also have to factor in money, my available time and the fact that Michael and Sandy will move on to different things that I will want to see.

Anyway….I need to go make some tea and biscuits. Because as I said above……….hardcore.



***Both pictures taken from Michaels twitter account because I am too lazy to source my own material. ***also, I promise I was at the quiz night, I’m just hiding in the photo….because.***



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