So Monday was a pretty big day in this household. It was the day my first little turned 10. Double digits. Scary right?

And yes, it got me to thinking. Of course it got me thinking. It always comes back to the ‘being a young Mum’ thing. Ever since I had Little #1 – I have tried to fight the stigma. I have poured my heart and soul into not being seen as a typical young Mum, and I think as the years have gone by….I think, I hope, I pray that the fight has went in my favour. I might not have won it as an outright victory just yet, but I am in the lead.

As soon as I became pregnant, I knew I would deal with the hostility from certain people. The eye rolls if you take your kid(s) out for the day, the stares as you stand in a queue in the local shop, the frowns when you announce you have children. Granted, it doesn’t help that I am nearly thirty and get told all the time that I can barely pass for 18. But still, there are a lot of negative feelings towards young parents as a whole.

And even though I am on the receiving end of the nastiness…..I can see it. I can. I don’t want to see it, but there are some young Mums out there giving us a bad name. It’s a fact. And a shame. Because those of us who try to get away from it, we can’t. We get thrown into the same category as each other. I’m not even a young Mum anymore. How scary is that?! Just a regular Mum. Oooooo.

You know when you watch those Teen Mom shows and they always finish by saying how they regret having children and how they wish they had waited because there would have been more time for partying and living life?? Well how about those of us who never wanted to party? Or perhaps, in my case….got the partying out of their system at rather a young age. What about those of us who didn’t feel like we were missing out but rather….gaining something they never knew would mean so much.

It has been 10 years with Leona. Ten whole years. And what have I found in those years?

Where do I start? I’ve learnt that having a baby is not guaranteed. I had to learn the hard way as I watched my blue, lifeless baby on a table with doctors trying to revive her after she was born. I’ve also learnt that if you believe enough, if you screw your eyes shut with tears streaming down your face willing her to wake up, to breathe….it can happen. (Or you know, the wonderful, beautiful man that saved her life. Thank you forever a million times over.) I have found out that bringing up a  baby is way more magical than some would have you believe. I watched as that baby I loved and nurtured grew into the best big sister a little boy could ever ask for. I smiled from the sidelines as she started school, made friends, joined clubs. The sleepless nights have been there, but the good times get you through.

And I know that this little girl….this little TEN year old girl is the most wonderful ten year old you could meet. She had her birthday party on Sunday, and our wonderful party host, Danielle, told me the lovely story of how my daughter stood out. How she remembered her at another party a few months ago because she was so well mannered and happy. I mean, if that doesn’t make a parent proud, then what will?! I look at her and her little brother, and honestly don’t know how I got so lucky.

Completely unrelated now……There has been a lot of talk in the theatre world lately. My opinion on it all is this:

*People get sick. Cast people are human people. So whether you are Dame Judi Dench or Libby from ensemble in a small off West End play…..you are allowed to take time off due to sickness or any reason you see fit. If you book a ticket to see a certain person and they aren’t on that day, feel disappointed inside while understanding it can’t be helped and go and see the talented person that will be covering for them and enjoying the show just as you would have. There is no need to publicly bad mouth people on a social media platform.

*People are becoming ruder in theatre audiences as the years pass by and that has to stop. Seriously. Most of us go to watch, not to disrupt. Plus, I’m quite hot headed about stuff like that and I really don’t want to have to kick you in the shin because you are giggling loudly with your drunk mate. Because then I will get in trouble when it’s all your fault. So please, do it for me. Or you know, the talented people up on that stage working their arses off to perform you a show.


*And stage door….. ah. So many things to say. No, the cast are not paid to talk to you at the end of a show, they do it out of the kindness of their hearts. We all come out of work tired and hungry, wanting to get home. If someone isn’t up for talking that day, get the hint, don’t just assume they are rude and suck it up. I have now been lucky enough to meet a few casts at a stage door (believe it or not, I’ve seen more shows than Jersey Boys or ROA ;-)) and I have only ever come across one rude person. And I will make no excuses for him like maybe he was tired or having an off day, he was a twat. Plain and simple. However, I won’t be naming names. It’s unfair. I absolutely loved his performance during the show and that is all that matters. I am all for people going to thank or see the cast at the end of a show, but please try to be respectful. Again, and I can’t stress this enough….Cast people are human people. They need to get home, eat, sleep, spend time with their families and all that stuff.


If you want to hear all this and more explained in a much more articulate way, check out Rachels blog. She covers those points and more in a better way than I could. It’s an interesting read. https://theatregirl91.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/theatre-etiquette-and-respect-the-truth/

Anyway, I think I am mostly done for tonight. I was going to launch into a tale about how when I picked Leonas cake up, I dropped it upside down. But really, it’s self explanatory and it was tasty. So it all ended well. And yes, I am aware this post has been very Leona orientated…..but that’s because she turned double digits which is just huge. Lex is the same as always…..a stinking little charmer. Seriously, all he has to do is smile at someone and they melt. He’s so funny. He goes from saying stuff like ….”Mummy, you are definitely the best Mum the world has ever seen, you deserve all the nice things and a twinkle star. Maybe one day I will get you a twinkle star. From the sky. Or I could draw you one. Same thing.” To playing boisterous football like an absolute mad man. He’s an angel. Ooo, on a totally unrelated note, I also got a new yoga top for all that yoga I do. Which is none, currently. How exciting.

I definitely just heard a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits calling my name, so I better go see what they want.




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