A Little Bit Of Sunshine

What a summer we just had. It was glorious right? Right. I bloody love it when the sun comes out. And the fact we had these gorgeous days in May has made 2016 seem a little brighter. Hopefully we have loads more to come, but the rumour is already going around that those few days were our summer. But I am definitely an optimist so …….

Anyway…it is days like that which make you question everything. On one of the roasting hot afternoons, I was sitting at a hospital for hours with a family member who battles a chronic illness. And it’s scary. It makes you think about how grateful you are for everything. Sitting on this ward, looking at the posters and support groups and the struggles that people go through make going out to the beach for a few hours, drinking in the sun and listening to the calmness of the waves, it makes it all seem so much more special. Nobody should take for granted feeling the sand (Or suffolk stones) between your toes. At the hospital, there was this young woman….maybe around the same age as me….obviously battling the same illness as my family member. She was in a motorised wheelchair and she was in herself, an absolute ray of sunshine. Happy, friendly….she just radiated good will and loveliness. We could all take inspiration from her.

Last weekend, I was able to take the Littles to the beach. Not the one we usually go to, but another one. Watching them be so carefree and running in and out of the water and splashing around was so special. I love that they are at an age where they don’t have much to worry about. All they needed to be happy that day was drink, multiple applications of sun lotion, the ocean and sand to dig their way to another place. (No, seriously…they tried it. Boy Little was certain he was making progress to Australia…..)


The thing is, you have to admit defeat sometimes. And I have resigned myself to the fact that my kids are growing up in a different world to what I was brought up in. I saw an interesting post the other day….and actually, it was true. It said that the only reason your nanna and grandad are still together after all this time is because social media wasn’t around to drive a wedge between them. And OK, so they grew up in a time where love and respect was honoured more than it is in these days….but also…..it’s true. They would probably fall asleep in each others arms after reading a chapter of a book. We are falling asleep with our phones in our hands after being up hours after we said we would talking to people we wouldn’t usually be able to. The internet is a whole other world and my Littles are growing up in the era where it would be unusual if they didn’t have access to it when they reach a certain age. So watching them splashing around squealing in the waves, not knowing the pressures of being liked on social media, and trolling and cyber bullying and trying to make an Instagram post look good…… I cherished it. Because they are the generation where all that superficial online stuff will be important to them. Which, on a related subject…..I am SO SO SO thankful that the Littles school are teaching them about internet safety as they grow up. The internet is going to be an every day thing for them when they are older just like going to the shops or working for a living. So I love that they are being taught about it. The internet was barely a thing when I was at school and I know a remarkable amount of people who met strangers online or got themselves in trouble by saying a stupid thing because they weren’t taught the ins and outs.

Moving on to other stuff now. The theatre world. Yes. Let’s do that. One of my favourite things to bore people with!!

First of all, Michael Watsons new headshots….. If you haven’t seen them, you should. They are bloody stunning. I mean….I know that isn’t even a topic to talk about in a blog, but it had to be mentioned. The sooner I see that face back on a stage, or a TV or whatever…the better. He is such an incredible talent and it helps that his face looks like that. One of his headshots looks particularly mean and moody…..and I never realised how bad I wanted Michael to play a villain. Sexy. Fit. Hot. All the Phwoarrs.

Feel free to comment on the blog about what you would like to see the Mickey Blue do next.

Also…. Sandy Moffat. Just because. Here you go.


It’s so not a blog if I don’t mention Michael and Sandy.

I hope you all managed to catch our Tommy G on Britains Got Talent a few weeks ago with his wonderful group Vox Fortis. I was literally so excited I had a popcorn party. And I hate popcorn. It is great to see him doing so well. I couldn’t be happier for him.

Obviously there has been a load of scandal surrounding Sheridan Smith and the show Funny Girl. I have my own thoughts on it all and it doesn’t make you a popular person to really state those views. But the way I see is understudies are fantastic. I mean…understudies are as good as the mains, because otherwise they wouldn’t get cast as an understudy in the first place. They have to be ready to go on and do the exact same job as a main, sometimes even rehearsing for multiple roles in times of need. So yes, they are as fantastic BUT ….and this is a big but…..shows make their money most of the time by promoting a name. Media speculation and the way a show is publicised will come into it, and the fact is….Funny Girl heavily advertised Sheridan Smith. She is a big name. And Funny Girl is a fantastic show. So understandably, tickets were snapped up in the hope of seeing Sheridan. The thing is, the theatre crowd and theatre die-hards go and see theatre as much as they can. But if you are not part of the theatre go-ers, and you plan a one off trip to see one of your favourite people in a show…..it is natural you would be disappointed that they aren’t on stage. And I think anyone that says otherwise is lying. Of course they are still going to enjoy the show…but they might not know that at the time. It’s just a part of life. If I decided to book tickets for America to see Hugh Jackman in a Broadway show, I would do it knowing that due to him being ill, or something going wrong, or even him just booking an unscheduled holiday…he might not be on. I would go with that knowledge. However….would I be hugely disappointed about not seeing him? Of course. The understudy could be and probably would be Oscar worthy….and I would no doubt rave about them and become a huge fan….but I would still be disappointed. Not disappointed because he was ill, nobody can help that. Disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see him. I think the theatre crowd see it as a taboo to be disappointed and I think that’s wrong. People aren’t saying that the understudies are rubbish, the complete opposite is true, but it’s OK to specifically want to see a person.

The third time I went to see Sandy Moffats Frankie Valli at Jersey Boys, he was ill. We ended up seeing Matt Thorpes first ever Frankie. It was brilliant and I became a fan for life. But I was gutted to miss Sandy. It was the first time since I had been a fan he was off (He’s hardcore…..) I had clocked up 14/15 shows in a row without missing him (at ROA I mean). I love seeing him on stage. It is the way theatre happens, I think it’s totally acceptable to be disappointed your favourites aren’t on stage because they are ill or off for whatever reason. I also think it is perfectly acceptable for an actor/actress who works their bloody arse off to be unwell. Or have to miss a show for whatever reason. The difference between being disappointed but still enjoying the show regardless and being a troll spouting vile stuff to the person and cancelling tickets because of it is huge.

And of course, the Sheridan Smith matter is not just as simple as an actor being unable to perform because they are ill or on holiday. Sadly, it has been reported that her Father has cancer and she missed a few shows a while back because of it. I mean, you would have to be a wanker to not have any sympathy or understanding over a matter such as that. BUT…..I think people were riled up because of the events of this week. Sheridan isn’t a stranger to going off on a big twitter rant which never helps matters when your profile is so high. Also, she was photographed partying the night away at the BAFTAS, then not turning up for work the next day. It all depends on whether you believe the media doesn’t it? I think they are on a witch hunt at the moment. They pick a person to raise high and then push back down. It’s not nice to witness. Sheridan is obviously a huge talent and I hope she gets the help she needs. Some would say she has handled this week and the way she is online unprofessionally.  We all deal with things differently. I know some people that have went into work the next day having just lost a parent or been diagnosed with cancer themselves. I also know people that have taken two months off work. In any case…. whatever is going on with Sheridan ….the media are on a witch hunt and it isn’t fair.

Perhaps the shows publicity team are to blame in many ways? Maybe in future…. a show should advertise the SHOW. How wonderful it is, how it’s a great night out. How it’s unmissable…..rather than focusing so much on a big name. Because then people will be delighted to see the talents of the understudies. There are so many sides to this story and I think the thing I am trying to sum up is….. I don’t think it’s fair to shout at someone because they were disappointed not to see their favourite person. Unless that person who was disappointed is trolling and being awful to the actor of course. Then shout away. There is a difference between being disappointed to being angry and a downright turd of a person. Nobody can help being ill. Nobody can help the way they deal with situations in regards to their personal life. And nobody can help being disappointed spending a huge amount of money to see a person to find that they are not there. And it’s a good point to remember that so many people would have booked up to see a show because they are Sheridan fans, not because they are theatre fans. Us theatre fans can see show after show and be delighted with whoever is on. A non theatre goer wouldn’t understand that the understudy will be just as brilliant. I think in general with this situation, we all need to show a little more understanding to everyone. To Sheridan, to the fantastic understudies all over theatre land especially Natasha Barnes who has been winning rave reviews….and to the fans who can’t help but feel disappointed they won’t get to see who they booked up for. Compassion and understanding. Stop trying to out do each other on social media. If somebody expressed disappointment, there is no need to bring focus to them so they get trolled on twitter or facebook. Unless of course…they are rude and hateful, in which case ….they deserve it. There is no need to hate on Sheridan because she is unable to perform right now. Just have a little less hate and a little more empathy for everyone and then we can all get along.


Back to completely unrelated things now. Boy Little got Star Of The Week at school. Congratulations Lex. Love you millions.


Also, I have had the opportunity to go out a few more times in the last couple of weeks. And I can confirm, I am the worst drinker in the world. I can just have one and spend the next day with a hangover. I’m not great at the whole alcohol thing at all.


I have a hen night tonight. Wish me luck!!

Also….Tinder. Yes,yes. I know. But what is the deal with it? My matches always , ALWAYS….go one of two ways. The first way goes.

“Hi, How are you?”

“Good thanks, you?”

“Good yeah. Want to see a dick pic?”

Which obviously leads to a snappy block. Because no. We just said hi, and I’m not a prude but dick pics are ridiculous and your profile said you were an adult, not some hormonal teenager. And the second way goes a little like this…..

“Hi, how are you?”

“Good thanks, you?”

“Good yeah. Just at work. You?”

“Yeah, same.”

“What do you do for work?”

“Blah blah, you?”

“Blah blah such and such. Any plans tonight?”

“Not much, you?”


Next day….. same conversation all over again, never actually getting anywhere. And I know, I come across totally boring in that. But when I’ve tried to spark up a conversation, they actually don’t reply. I scare them off with my shite personality. So most of the time…I play it safe. And that is what I’m left with.

Anyway, I have to go shopping for a new table cloth, because I’m a rockstar and all that. Peace and love. Always wanted to sign my blog off like that. I can sleep easy knowing I now have. Granted, it didn’t add much to my life. But still.




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