Your Choice.

How fast is this year going? The other day, I said something to my friend about an event that happened in January, and I was all “Yes, January….about a month or two ago.” Before I remembered that it was actually six months ago. SIX!! We are halfway through the year already. Woah!!

The people closest to me will know that this year didn’t have the best of starts, but I am pleased to say I am getting back on track and making new memories. I am having fun trying to get back to the old me. Sometimes you have to go right to rock bottom to come back up again, and when you are going on that journey it can be a blast after being so far down you might as well be a worm.

I try not to talk about personal things on social media, but I do just want to say the biggest thank you to my brother. When we were younger, we clashed like all siblings do. And through the teenage years he went away to university and I was a moody ‘going through a terrible rock punk with awful hair and make-up’ high school kid, so we weren’t the best of friends.

But something happened when I fell pregnant with my daughter. Maybe I grew up, maybe he did….maybe we both did. In a period that was worrying and scary, he supported me and made me look forward to the future. He gifted me with Leonas moses basket, the first bed she would ever sleep in and a huge bundle of other stuff. He was my first visitor in the hospital right after I had her, his was the first card I received when I had both Leona and Alex. He has been the best Uncle a kid could ask for to my two Littles as they have grown up and always wanted the best for us. I appreciate everything he has done. And this year, he surprised me again. Just as I was getting over what has to be one of the worst months of my life, he sent me a message saying he had booked me and the kids a four day weekend away for June and that he didn’t want any money or thanks, he just wanted us to enjoy it.

I would definitely like to think we enjoyed it. I rarely have the opportunity to do anything like this with the Littles so I appreciated it more than anyone knew. We have been counting down the days til we could go. Spending time away with the two people who light up your life is all you need to fully pick yourself up, dust yourself off and walk on.

We made the most of every minute and I have came home way more exhausted than anyone should do from a holiday but it was worth it!! Even when we decided ….(OK, when I decided….) to walk to the next town up because it only takes a short while on the train but actually takes one hundred and sixty seven days by foot and we were so tired by the time we got to said town that we just hotfooted it on the train back to the town we were staying in straight away!! Every minute was great and worthwhile.

The most important thing of course is that the Littles enjoyed it. These are the moments they will remember as they get older. I hope they look back and say ….”Do you remember that time our Mother made us walk all that way to get to a tiny town with nothing in?”

My children are everything. I know it’s annoying when parents say that but it’s true. They are the future, their children are the future. In fifty years it will be a different world we live in and I only want the best for them.

In case you have been living under a rock, let me fill you in. We have this huge Vote thing coming up on Thursday. Something about an EU referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016. As in tomorrow. Woah again!!

I would say with confidence that this is of course one of the biggest choices we will ever have to make. What we choose, what happens on Thursday will change our futures one way or the other. You will all have your own thoughts on this and I am not going to patronise anyone by saying you should vote. Of course you should vote. You will already know that. You need to have a say in what happens to our country, we all need to have a say.

BUT…..and this is a big but…. I do not take kindly on being pressured which way to vote. After looking up every bit of information I possibly can and how will it affect our future and more importantly my childrens future, I …ON MY OWN….have decided.

This is my choice to make. It is your choice to make. I would never dream of telling anyone how to vote. The only thing I am interested in is that you actually vote, not what you choose. I am sick to death of all my social media timelines telling me how I should vote. Now it is getting closer, people are actually tagging me in posts saying “Vote Remain.” or “Vote Leave.” with reasons why. I didn’t ask to be tagged in any of these posts and they have been removed. I have also seen my friends being tagged in posts that are nothing to do with them. I understand we are in a tense moment right now with such a big vote happening but you honestly are a loon if you think piling people with information and posts is going to influence them in any way. What makes you think that I haven’t done my own research and made up my own mind? Now I have decided, I feel very passionate about my choice….and I do not care to be pressured by anyone. It pisses me off. My close friends and family have asked what I think, and I have told them what way I will be voting, but I never go into why or ask what they are doing. It is not my business. It is not my duty to tell them to choose what I am choosing because it is so huge and so life changing that you have to make up your own mind. I know this a huge rant but it makes me mad! I really try to stay away from ranting on this old internet thing, we have enough doom and gloom in our lives, but come on people!! It is just not OK to ram your opinion down other peoples throats. Not with something like this. However the vote turns out, there is going to be a massive amount of people upset that it didn’t go their way. It is a sensitive and personal decision.

This whole issue is so deep that I am going to leave it at that, but I will just say….don’t pressure other people, it makes you a dick. And do, of course…..VOTE.

On a related note, which I should have mentioned above…. I have voted in everything ever since I became the required age to vote. I literally had an old lady stop me in the street the other day saying “If you are old enough to vote, do it.” While I appreciate her concern, I am thirty this year and I don’t need her telling me to vote. I will. Anyone with a brain will. And I am sure most of the younger population will. Don’t just write them off. Most of them do actually give a damn.

Now I’m off to eat some leftover seaside rock.


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4 thoughts on “Your Choice.”

  1. Woow šŸ‘šŸ˜ you are really good on writing and you have amazing brother it’s just like a wall behind you. I did enjoy reading about your journey specially that long walking distance šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ anyway is healthy šŸ‘šŸ˜‰ and the voting thing it is a big thing and who knows what will happen. I thing will happen what meant to be. I think most English people are tired of foreigners and I do understand them. I am foreigner too but I do respect your country and I treat like it’s my country. I did meet lots of nice people here, I learn the language ( not perfectly but still learning) I learn new things I learn about English culture and traditions. I do really appreciate what I learn here and which experience I got here. Even maybe we have to leave your country I do appreciate more than 9 years being here and learning new things and meeting lots of nice people. Some people was really amazed me ( in a good way). If it’s happen that I have to leave this country I will keep in touch with people who I meet and who become friends. I do apologise for anyone who come to UK and didn’t respect this country that’s a shame. It does make me feel really down and a shame when I heard how sometimes foreigners are behaving here. Really sorry about that. P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes still learning.

  2. Another lovely piece Laura. Always a pleasure to read, and always from the heart. Lovely pics too. Re the referendum – I am much more opinionated than you!

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