The alarm always, always goes off in the middle of the best dream. It’s just a fact isn’t it? I can’t even really remember the dream as I am typing this up, aside from the fact I out ran some pirates but then realised one of them was Hugh Jackman and got all excited so then I ate cheese but don’t even really like cheese. You know how dream world is.

Anyway, my alarm went off and the night before was all hot and sticky so I didn’t get much sleep aside from the awesome pirate/Hugh Jackman dream. So I hit snooze, only I thought I hit snooze but I actually just turned it off. Forty minutes later I jumped out of bed realising that it wasn’t so much a snooze I just had as a full on nap and of course it was the Littles last day of school before they move up a year.

I woke them up and we were all worse off for the extra lay in because isn’t that always the way? I put some coffee on pronto and tried to get the sleepy Littles to wake up. I mean, they were awake if awake means half squinting and walking into door frames. But not fully awake so……. Even Leona was done in and she’s always up bright and early. After a little while, the good old ‘Battle of the Breakfasts’ began which goes a little something like this.

Me: “Kids, what do you want for breakfast today?”

Leona: (Completely ignores me because she loves all food and any food and eats like a horse, but for some unknown reason this excludes breakfast. And I’m talking any breakfast. Cereal, Toast….just anything breakfasty. So she usually has fruit which is great and healthy but you know…..)

Lex:”Jam on toast please.”

Me: “Aw we just ran out of jam. How about just toast?”

Lex: *Shakes head*

Me: “Nutella and toast?”

Lex: *Shakes head.*

Me: “Cornflakes?”

Lex: *Shakes head.*

Me: *Lists every breakfast we have while Lex shakes his head at everything.*

I go grab my much needed coffee and return for the ongoing breakfast battle.

Me: “Leona, are you just going to have fruit again? You know you should really eat a good filling breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day blah blah blah…….Why don’t you add toast or yoghurt with your fruit?”

Leona: “No Just fruit. I wish whoever invented breakfasts made chocolate or lasagne a breakfast thing. Ugh.”

She shakes her head as she goes to get blueberries and a banana. Which I know, I know….It is great that she’s so healthy and getting her five a day down her is way too easy. She loves all fruit and veg. But it would also be nice if she ate any other breakfast too!

I turn to my son who has decided that half seven in the morning is the correct time for putting an on demand football match on. It is not.

Me: “Hey Lex, so cornflakes yeah? And turn the TV off. You haven’t got time to watch a match, you need to be getting ready for school.”

Lex: “I don’t want cornflakes.”

Me: “But you ate them yesterday. You love cornflakes.” (Because Lex does actually like ALL types of breakfasts unlike Leona, he is just very unsure about what he wants.)

Lex: “Yeah but today I want toast and jam please.”

Me: “We don’t have jam. I’ll get some at the shops later. What do you want instead?”

Lex: “Fine then, cornflakes please. No. Toast. No wait, do we have any weetabix?”

So off I go to grab his weetabix. For the most part he is self sufficient in getting his own breakfast now. But also, he can be pretty damn lazy. Anyway….breakfast battle is done and it’s time to get ready for school but Leona is engrossed in her new library book and has already read two chapters since waking up and Lex is still watching the football game I told him to turn off.

So with both Littles not in a hurry despite sleeping way past alarms….we got to throw in an extra little ‘Oh bugger, today they get to dress up at school instead of go in normal uniform because somebody is retiring after 25 years and the dress code is ‘dress to impress’ which means finding something nice.’

The news of this does actually make Leona put down her book and go in search of something. Any excuse to dress up.

Me:”Lex, it’s dress to impress…. I’ll go grab those fancy trousers and button up shirt.”

Lex: “No. It’s OK. I’m wearing my football kit.”

Me: “No. Sorry buddy. You wore your footie kit at the last dress up day. This is dress to impress. It has to be smart.”

Lex: “Oh thanks. So you are saying my football kit is horrible.”

Me: “No no no. That’s not what I meant. It’s just sporty. The school wants smart.”

Lex: “OK …. I have loads of other football tops. Why don’t we compromise and I wear jeans with a football top?”

Me: “How about you get to wear jeans but then your smart button up top?”

Leona comes down in a dress that is way too short for her.

Leona: “Oh my god Lex, you can’t wear a football top, it’s dress to impress.”

Lex: “Yeah, who isn’t impressed by football?”

Me: “Leona….You are not wearing that. It’s way too short. Wait a minute, didn’t you have that dress about three years ago, why do we even still have it? ”

Leona shrugs:” I like it. If not, I found this……”

She holds up a dress smaller than the one she has on with a huge rip at the side.

Me: “No you can’t wear that. Go and put on a dress that fits you.”

Leona stomps off while Lex is still sitting there in his PJs, watching football. So I run and get him his button up shirt and jeans. Leona comes down in a dress that fits and I finally think we are getting there. Lex however, continues to argue with me about wearing a football top with pleas of ‘but all my friends will be wearing one’ and ‘The button up will be too hot anyway’ << He has me there. I suggest a cooler polo top but still he wants a football shirt so in the end, I let him have it. Listen folks, it’s not about giving in. It’s about the children having to learn from their own mistakes. If he insists on going in a football shirt when everyone else will be wearing ‘smarter’ clothes then he gets to see that maybe he should have listened. I rarely give in to the Littles…..he would have argued with me but in the end he would have worn the shirt I picked for him. However, as I said above….sometimes it is better they learn. He decided to take the polo shirt in his schoolbag in case he wanted to change which I was fine with….and as it turned out….there were other people wearing footie shirts and such, so it was OK.

Once the outfit drama was done with and I thought we were close to getting out the door, Leona comes to me with a hairband and brush. She is at the age where she has been doing her own hair for a while, but not today.

Leona: “Mum, can you do my hair in a waterfall braid with chunky bits?”

I look at my watch, and the clock on the kitchen wall, hoping she gets the fact we only have two minutes til we have to leave.

Leona: “It’s OK , I know we don’t have much time but it only takes two minutes. It’s a two minute hairstyle, I saw it on youtube.”

The next few minutes is spent with me telling Leona that the youtubers have practiced a ton to be able to do it that quick, while I also search for my keys, nag Lex to brush his teeth and try to compromise with Leona about her hair. We come to an agreement in the end and after another search for keys, my purse and the thank you cards the Littles wrote for their teachers a week ago, we are finally on our way.

Although today was a day where there was no actual job to go to, I spent the school hours doing housework, sorting washing, going to three different shops for something I desperately needed, filling in important forms to be sent away and remembering a family members birthday so ordering online for them and having two miserable attempts at a homemade chocolate cake with buttons on the top. I was actually exhausted by the time the Littles had to be picked up, sometimes work is less tiring!

As usual, Lex doesn’t really say a word about school…he’s just not that much of a talker where as Leona tells me everything about school right down to the fact she noticed a pen mark on a teachers face and that a boy in her class was breathing heavy.

The Littles agree on a film to watch and settle down with their drinks and sweets I had got from the shop as an end of school treat, when I notice Leona looks rather pale. I ask if she’s OK, she says she’s fine. The big clue is when she doesn’t immediately start shoving her sweets down her throat and curls up on the couch in a ball. Leona is someone who is always upright and running around like a little busy bee so at this point I was starting to assume my judgement was right. I knew for sure when she started to shiver.

The heatwave this week has been mad ain’t it folks? I mean….phew. Roasting. So my daughter shivering in this heat was a bit of a giveaway she wasn’t doing too good. I felt her head and she’s burning up and says she’s now got a headache so I grab her some medicine and set her on the couch so she’s comfortable. Then we had a very in depth discussion about what Leona would have for dinner. I am aware there has been a nasty sick bug going round her school so was wary to give her too much dinner in case she was coming down with that. I thought she might be better off with soup or a sandwich, something light….but Leona being Leona and loving all food apart from breakfast food was insistent she could eat what we were eating.

So since then Leona has actually managed two dinners…..some soup and a bit of the dinner I made for Lex and I. There has been exactly five arguments between the siblings about things ranging from ‘He got in my way of the TV when I’m ill’ to ‘She broke one of my toy cars three years ago’ ……..There has also been plenty of washing up, chasing a bee out of the house, someones dog doing a huge crap on our driveway (seriously, a bear could have done it)…There has been a breakage of a glass that slipped when I was washing up….There has been a Leona who very, very rarely cries crying because she feels poorly and there has been a Lex asking if he can watch a football match before bed to which the answer was a no.

So for now, I am starting off the summer holidays with a watchful eye on a poorly, tearful daughter while seeing if the football obsessed son shows any symptoms. Our plans for tomorrow involving a huge picnic in the park with friends has been put on hold because even if Leonas better, she might need the rest and we don’t want to pass it on.

And I thought I would write a blog all about it. If you have read this far you are probably all asking yourselves why you have just read a rather boring daily account of our lives. But there is a reason.

My children are wonderful. Seriously guys, they are polite, well mannered and just gorgeous, gorgeous people. I do get compliments about their behaviour. I have had some Mum friends tell me that they can feel overwhelmed sometimes when their kids are playing up and I don’t seem like I have that trouble so I just wanted to put it out there that this is a typical day. My Littles are gorgeous, brilliant people. They also fight, stress out, stress me out and get poorly like all kids. I was talking to one Mum a while back whose kid is in the first year of school and she was in despair about how many bugs/illnesses her little one keeps picking up. I told her it gets better as they get older and yet, a few days later here I am watching a poorly, feverish daughter. I stand by it though, the kids become more immune to things as they get older and the routine of school is just natural after a while. I hate that so many parents feel overwhelmed. So much of that is down to how much people judge nowadays and how being on social media we can all see their judging. It’s terrible. I honestly would have had a breakdown if Facebook was huge when I first had Leona, everyone has something to say about the way a person parents and it can be soul destroying. You just have to do your best and ignore everyone else. Do what is best for you and the children.

If your kid has a meltdown in front of me, I won’t judge. If my kid wears a football shirt on a dress up day for school, don’t judge me. If your child is shouting they want chocolate cake when you are trying to give them an apple, I won’t bat an eyelid. If my child is nagging at me that she wants to go to the shop because all her friends are going and I’m saying no because she’s ten not thirteen, don’t judge me.

We are all living our days and getting along and I think we are doing OK. So let’s just give a thumbs up and think about the fun we can have tomorrow yes? OK. Good.

On another note, I actually have something fun coming up on the blog very soon. Well, I mean…I think it’s fun. You lot might think it’s bloody awful. Stay tuned and remember your after sun this week!!!




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2 thoughts on “Thursday……”

  1. I’m always late catching up with your stuff, Laura, but it’s always a delight to read. Your children are a credit to you, and it’s clear where your priorities lie. Look forward to the fun blog…..

    1. Hi Liz!
      Thank you for reading again. As always I really appreciate it.
      They really are a credit to me. I love them to pieces. And one day, if they haven’t disowned me for writing about them in blogs, they can look back and laugh 😂😂😂
      Hope you are keeping well xxx

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