The Littles Answer YOUR Questions!

In my eyes, children see things in the simplest form. They comment on how they see it and they have answers for all of the big questions. So I thought it would be fun to do a weekly Q + A with The Littles. It will be great for me to look back on over time and hopefully entertaining for some of you lot.

If you have a burning question to send in, leave me a comment below or get in touch via Facebook/Twitter and you will be featured in the new weekly page!! Of course, you can choose to be anonymous or mentioned by name, just let me know which you would prefer. You can send in any questions from ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ to ‘What should I name my new cat?’ If it’s advice or just answers you are wanting then look no further! Just remember to keep them child friendly.

For this post, I have asked six members of my family to send questions.They all wanted to be anonymous. I have asked the children and recorded the answers on my phone which will be typed up word for word. The Littles had an absolute blast doing this and can’t wait to hear the questions sent in next week!

Q: I have seen my friends dog pooping in the street and the owner not picking it up. What should I do?


Leona: Tell them to always pick up their dog poop unless they want to face the consequences and give them a big load of dog poop bags and then tell them that the next time you see them doing that again then you will phone the people that you phone for doing it so they will have to pay the fine which is like…. a thousand pounds. 

Q: I am very unhappy in my current job but I need the money. What should I do?


Lex: You need to talk to your boss about it and tell your closest friends about it and just to tell the people that are being nice to you and then the people if there are people being nasty to you at work will stop being nasty to you if that’s the problem. Maybe they will treat you differently. 

Q: My best friend has another best friend who doesn’t like me. What can I do?


Leona: Erm….. You could talk to the best friend that doesn’t hate you and ask her and ask her to talk to the best friend that does hate you or not like you, And ask the best friend that does like you if erm what….no….why she dislikes you erm and then …..and then whatever reason she says don’t do it. Like if she says ‘you’re mean’ then try to be nice. If they say something like ‘Oh I hate your hair so i’m not gonna be your friend then you don’t have to change it. If they hate you because they just hate you then…. (shrugs shoulders) you’ve got one less problem and other friends. 

Q: If you could name a book, what would you call it and why?


Lex: Hhhmmmm. What? Erm….. Hhhmmmm. Making a ship. It would be like a cartoon and then it would have, you’d need to find what a person has taken from each room. And then you would do it from each room in the ship, and then if you wanted you could trace and copy pictures. Which is why it would be Making A Ship. Yeah. 

Q: If you could design a T-shirt, what would you draw or write on it?


Leona: Erm…I would probably draw flowers and then write on it ‘Flower power’ because flowers rule. I’d like do some daisies and roses and some daffodils and some bluebells and then write in big bold letters ‘FLOWER POWER’. 

Q: If the story of YOU became a movie, what would happen and how would it end?


Lex: This one’s hard. Um…. Um….. It would be about my life about from when I was born and I would be a footballer in it. It would end with me being a football manager. And us winning the world cup like England did fifty years ago today. Because Grandad told me. 


Be sure to leave a comment if you want a question answered or any advice given to you by a ten and seven year old! Because who wouldn’t want that? We will have more questions up next Saturday but in the meantime, stay tuned for the posts in between! X






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